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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

A Doggie’s grasp on back to school

September 9th 2008 7:30 pm
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Oh boy, what a week, it was just awful! I thought it was bad enough that my new mommy made me go to doggie school once a week but last Wednesday was even worst. It started with mommy waking me up really early to eat and do my business on the morning papers, and then my boy and mommy got all dressed up. I wondered what was up but they put me on my leash, and I guessed we were all just taking a walk together.

It all started out well, we walked around the corner and down the road, me peeing and marking everything standing when all of a sudden we stopped. What was going on I thought to myself, I had enough ammo for at least another block or two. Then it happened, this big yellow thing pulled up, mommy said goodbye to our boy, and the squeaky yellow thing swallowed up the kid. I could see him in its stomach, waving his hand for us to save him. I barked and yelled at the thing to let him go but it just ran away with him. Mommy said he had to go to school, then she took me on the rest off my morning walk like nothing was wrong, what a brave mommy. Next we got home, I hopped up in my favorite window to look for my boy and the next thing I knew my mommy grabbed her keys, told me to watch the house and off she went.

I worried about them all day, who would protect them, lick their faces and gurrr their feet or jump on their legs to let them know it was time for their walk. I could barely get in a four or five hours nap that day because I was so distressed. I was just about to jump up and bark a 911 on the phone when at last my mommy came home, and she had the nerve to act like nothing was wrong. An hour or so later my boy must have won his scuffle with the yellow monster because he returned also, looking astonishing happy and unsoiled for his struggle. I kissed his face at least a hundred times to show how happy I was that he made it back to me. But then it happened yet again the next day and the next.

I have started to show my displeasure by sulking on the couch nowadays after my morning walks in protest of this awful phenomenon that happens on the weekdays. I think its working because I heard my daddy tell mommy he thought I was sick the other day when mommy called from this place called work. I may have to try a little harder to convince mommy though because I could here her laughing on the other end of the phone.


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