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Riley"s Big Adventure

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October 27th 2009 8:47 am
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I want to thank two very special packs.

Cheyanne, Sasha, Dozer and their Mom have worked very hard on Rosie’s beautiful background. The Rosinator was always Pretty In Pink and once again her page showcases that. This wonderful pack also created my super cool fall theme background and setup the music player on each of our pages.

I also want to thank Tucker, Max, Vayla, Joey and their Mom for creating my, oh so cute, banner. This special pack also created Cookie’s background and banner. The theme is Cookie’s latest adventure story: Sirius Rising.

The background and banner is very cool!!!

If you get a chance, check out the great work my pals did for us. I thank them very much and it means a lot to us.

Don’t forget to follow Cookie’s new adventure and join all the dogs and cats of the bridge in their quest to maintain harmony and tranquility. The adventure has just begun—catch each pupisode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


The most anticipated event of the fall season . . .

October 23rd 2009 5:37 am
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Learn how it all began in Rosie’s Harbinger of Darkness


Join the cherished dogs of the bridge as the winds of hazard sweep through their tranquil and peaceful home, propelling them on a road of adventure that will rule their future.

Catch each PUPISODE every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Sirius Rising
The Cookies In Cream Chronicles


Dad, there's a German Pointer in our backyard

October 18th 2009 1:02 pm
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That's what I said to Dad this morning.

Where we live, we see labs and boxers and beagles and even a mastif. What we don't see are any other english pointers. We occasionally may come across a german shorthaired pointer, but not in our neighbourhood.

So, this morning when I barked to Dad that there was one in our backyard, he thought I was just playing with him. But then he looked out back and there it was. A liver and white german shorthaired pointer. Unlike me, who is mostly white with some liver spots, this german pointer had a solid liver head and lots of liver ticking; much like my pals Spike and Vayla.

Dad opened the door and I ran out. The german pointer looked up at us, barked and took off. Being in a new sub-division, none of us have fences. Dad called me back in and he rushed out the front door to see where it had gone. Knowing that none of our neighbours have a pointer, Dad was concerned.

He found the german pointer at the end of the street on a neighbours property. In the driveway a man was loading his car. Dad asked if the pointer belonged to him. The man replied, "no." Dad tried to call the pointer over but it took off again between two houses.

Nearby is a barn with horses. Mom used to ride there when she was younger. It isn't the barn where Daune lives, even though it is a little closer to us. Dad knows that the owner of the barn has two german pointers and this wandering fella must be his.

Armed with a pocket full of treats and Rosie's braided leash, Dad set out to find the pointer. Two streets over in the newer area where homes are still under construction, Dad came across another pointer. This liver and white boy was wearing a dog blanket to keep warm. Dad called out to the sweet pup. Noticing Dad, the pointer gave a little bark and from around the corner came the original german pointer Dad had spotted in our yard. The treats worked like a charm and both came over to get their fill. Dad placed the braided leash around the one pup's neck and held onto the blanket of the other so it wouldn't get away. The two were very friendly and loving. Dad called Mom and the two of us took off in the car to meet up with Dad. When we pulled up, I was wondering why my Dad was with two other dogs. Mom gave Dad another leash and off they went to the barn to see if indeed they were their pointers. Sure enough they were.

I think Dad would have kept them if he could have.



October 12th 2009 6:42 am
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At the conclusion of Rosie’s Harbinger of Darkness, the disheveled black and white pointer was left broken by the events leading to the discovery of the map known as the Lion’s Path. Her spirit in tatters, the villainous wolf and his henchman, Oberon set off on their quest to find The Collar of the Afterlife.

For years, stories have been told of an ancient Egyptian legend and the everlasting power that a Pharaoh bestowed upon his beloved dog. Armed with the map of the Lion’s Path, the villainous wolf is on the precipice of discovering the Collar of the Afterlife and the power of the Nehebau-kha.

On the rising of Sirius, the dog star, the legend comes to life.

While out on a hunting expedition, Cookie and Stryker find that they are entangled in events surrounding the legend. The time has come for Ibizan Hounds, Mercury and Elvis—ambassadors of the legend—to reveal the truth and set in motion a plan that will maintain balance and harmony.

Join the cherished dogs of the bridge for every exciting pupisode as the winds of hazard sweep through their tranquil and peaceful home, propelling them on a road of adventure that will rule their future.

Sirius Rising
The Cookies In Cream Chronicles

The adventure begins on Monday, October 26th


Tagged for Halloween

October 11th 2009 6:37 am
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Hi Pup Pals,

My pal Jia tagged me for this game and the rules are pretty simple!
In your diary, name 5 things you like about Halloween. and/or this time of year!

1. With the cooler weather and new scents in the air I can run in the big fields for hours without getting tired or running out of things to sniff.

2. As a chill in the air approaches, I snuggle up closer to Dad or Mom. They seem to really like it and I get some warm body heat from them.

3. On Halloween we'll tour around the neighbourhood and say hello to all the kids. I love making new friends. We'll also sit on the porch and wait for the kids to come by so we can give them
treats . . . not dogs treats, although I wish they were.

4. The Provincial park that we back onto has a special Halloween 1 mile race for kids. For two years, Cookie ran the race with my niece. Last year, after Cookie's passing, I took over and won a medal for being first dog. I made Cookie proud, because in the previous two years she also won first dog. The race is coming up in a few weeks and I can't wait to defend my title.

5. All the new TV shows have started. I love to lay on the couch next to Dad and watch them with him. Although Lost doesn't start until the new year, Dad has chosen Thursday to be our pizza night. He gives me the pepperoni.

I want to wish every pup a happy autumn and enjoy your Halloween. BTW, if you cruise by my page you'll see that I have an awesome new background and a wonderful banner at the top. I want to thank Cheyanne, Dozer and Sasha's Mom for doing my background and setting up my music. I also want to thank Tucker, Max, Vayla and Joey's Mom for designing my banner and putting it on my page. Two great Moms--thank you so much!!!


POTP needed for my pal, Dozer

September 27th 2009 9:10 pm
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Hi Pup Pals,

I have witnessed the power all of us have. I have also witnessed what we can do when we all send out Power of the Paw.

My pal, Dozer needs a big dose of the Power. Many of you know his Mom, Cheyanne, through Cookie's Chroncles and Rosie's recent tale. Dozer's fursis, Sasha, has also recently helped to design Rosie's page for her, adding a beautiful background and music. Dozer and his pack are wonderful friends.

Please join me in sending out the power of the paw.



September 26th 2009 3:16 pm
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I've been tagged by my pal Tucker.

1. What color is your collar?
I used to wear a brown leather collar, but I recently broke it. The collar I’m currently wearing is camouflaged.

2. What kind of food do you eat?
Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice with warm oatmeal . In the morning I also get a scoop of peanut butter with it.

3. What are your favourite treats?
Pig’s ears! – Did you see the one that Sunny Lee sent me?

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other?
No. Dad says I’m single, wild and free, just like George Clooney.

5. Do you get table scraps?
Yes!!!!! I also share pepperoni with Dad when he orders a pizza. I also get chicken when we order Swiss Chalet. In fact, Mom once ordered a chicken just for me. I love to have whatever Dad is eating and he always shares.

6. What is your favourite toy?
I have so many. I love my skinned fox and rabbit and my durable Frisbee.

7. When is your birthday?
May 6, 2006

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?

9. Do you have a favourite colour?
Magenta! Dad told me to say that, I don’t even know what magenta is.

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
For sure.


The Winners Circle

September 17th 2009 6:44 am
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Hey Pup Pals,

The first five answers are in.

Those in the Winners Circle are:


The answer was California Condor.

Each winner will be receiving a winners rosette shortly.

Please feel free to start your own Noun Hound game. I know that Saphira has one going right now.

Thanks for playing pals!!


Noun Hound Game

September 16th 2009 6:44 pm
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I recently played a great new game in Saphira’s, Bodhi’s and Zaidie’s diaries. The game is called the Noun Hound. Here’s how it works: Below are five clues to the secret animal. If you know the answer, pawmail me. The first five pals to answer correctly will win.

1. I am the only surviving member of the Gymnogyps.
2. As of April 2009 there are only 322 of us in the world.
3. I have a lifespan of up to 50 years.
4. I have a bald head with skin colour ranging from yellowish to bright red.
5. My middle toe is greatly elongated.

Have fun!!! Let the game begin!!!


Ride'm Cowboy

September 10th 2009 9:50 am
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Today I am bestowed with the honour of being one of Dogster’s diaries of the day. Sharing in this honour is my Texan pal, Maxwell.

This got me to thinkin’. How far can Texas really be? I can run like the wind and with a cool breeze at my back I could be in Texas in no time. But wait! Texas is the lone star state; the state of cowboys and horses.

Perfect, I got me self a horse and she’s ready for adventure. As Mom got ready to head to the barn, I went outside and stood next to the car door. When she was ready, out she came and into the backseat—or as I like to call it, “my office”—I jumped.

When we arrived at the barn, Daune greeted us with her head out over her stall gate. We gave each other a little sniff and I whispered my plan to her. She gave out a little winnie, acknowledging her agreement. I waited patiently as Mom groomed her and saddled her up.

When Daune was ready, Mom led her out of her stall and into the field. I sensed my opportunity. With a little running start I headed towards her. I leapt up into the air and landed on the saddle, steadying myself and taking the reins by my paws, I let out a triumphant “whaoooooo”. Daune galloped down the path, over the ridge and out towards the line of trees that outline the edge of the property. I bounced up and down on her back with each stride. The wind flowed freely causing my ears to flop in unison with her canter. Ahead of us was open field as adventure awaited us.

Daune turned her head and said, “My little friend, which direction should we be heading in?”

It was at that moment I realized I had forgotten the most critical part of my plan—a GPS!!!

Daune held up before we disappeared out of sight and decided to turn and head back to where Mom stood in shock and awe. As we approached, I dismounted from Daune’s back, a series of actions that where just as graceful as how I had mounted her. I’m certain I have some cowboy in me. Mom took me by the collar and Daune by the halter and led us back into the barn.

I’m so sorry Maxwell that I can’t join you in celebration of us being selected as diaries of the day. I wish you congratulations, and I thank my pals so very much for the rosettes and messages. Maybe with better planning I will be able to ride through the countryside and visit all my pals.

Your cowboy, Riley

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