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Riley"s Big Adventure

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You'll Never Guess

March 8th 2010 5:45 am
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Today, I've written an entry about my grandpa, The Sultan of Swat. He recently went to the bridge. I also included a photo of him on my page. Take a close look at the photo.

Orange and white and a thumb print on the top of his head--remind you of anyone?

If you guessed, Winston, you'd be right!!!

Can you believe it--Winston, Hartie and Abby and I are all related!!!!!!

Abby's farther, and Winston's grandfather is Albelarm's Stinger O'Shoreview.
On my Dad's side, Albelarm's Stinger O'Shoreview is my great grandpa.

Winston's great grandma is Albelarm's Bees Knees.
On my grandma Cookie's side, Albelarm's Bees Knees is my great, great, great grandma.

So you see, Winston and I are almost brothers!!!!


The Sultan of Swat

March 8th 2010 5:31 am
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That's the name of my grandfather on my Dad's side--cool eh!!!!!

Sadly, he passed away the week before last. I've been lucky enough to meet a number of my family members, and of course, I lived with my grandma, Cookie.

I never got to meet The Sultan of Swat, or George as he is more commonly known. I was able to visit the Coralwood Pointers' website and read about his accomplishments and download some photos. I've included one on my page. In it, his eyebrows are grey and his once youthful expression is now wise. I just love seeing the grey in a dog's face. I think it's a sign of a great, long life.

Enjoy the bridge, grandpa. I know you'll find great friends there.


Revenge is a dish best served GOLD!!!!!!!

February 28th 2010 2:59 pm
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Cr osby shot, Dad jumped off the couch and yelled. I followed and barked. The two of us jumped up and down and yelled and barked. I think Dad has lost his voice.

A great game. A great finish.

Canada, as a nation, has 14 gold medals, which sets the mark for most golds by any country in a winter Olympics. This has truly been a great 17 days. Dad and I have watched lots of different events and have enjoyed these games.

Congrats to all of the countries and all of the medal winners.

Oh, and Winston, I'll enjoy that pig's ear. BOL!!!!



February 27th 2010 7:13 am
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It couldn't have been written any better.

Tomorrow, at 3pm ET, Canada and the USA will faceoff in the Gold Medal game.

The USA easily took down the Finns with a very convincing victory. In the first 12 minutes of the game, the US was up 6 to 0.

Canada went up 3 to 0 lead in their semi-final game against Slovakia, but had to hang on for a 3 to 2 victory, thanks to several key saves by Roberto Luongo in the final minutes.

Tomorrow is going to be great game. Gold is on the line, but more importantly, my bet with Winston is on the line.

At the start of the Olympic games, Winston and I made a bet. I took Canada and he took the US. Neither of us at the time could have known that these two teams would also be playing in the Gold Medal game. A perfect story!!

With a pig's ear on the line, of yeah, and a Gold Medal--GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!


Women Win Gold

February 26th 2010 5:13 am
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For the third straight time, the Canadian Women's Hockey Team took home gold, beating the USA last night 2 to 0.

Congrats to all the girls on the team.

Joannie Roucette, also held strong and took home a bronze medal in figure skating. For those not familiar with her story, Joannie lost her mother suddenly at the start of the week. The two were enjoying Vancouver in anticipation of Joannie's short skate when her Mom collapsed. She later died in hospital.

Joannie, determined to make her mother proud, fought on and continued in her quest for an Olympic medal. After turning in a great performance two nights ago in the short skate, Joannie broke down in the arms of her coach. Her skate put her in third place. Last night Joannie came out for the long skate and cemented her placing and took home the bronze medal.

Joannie you have made your Mom proud . . . you have made an entire nation proud.


The Big Red Machine

February 25th 2010 5:00 am
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For those of you who have attended a Bruce Springsteen concert, you are aware of the masterful layering of songs that together create a collective so powerful you'd swear the roof was ready to be ripped off the building.

Last night, Team Canada layered Badlands on top of The Rising as they head towards the final two sets that will result in the roof ripping off of Canada Place in Vancouver.

Team Canada didn't merely come out and control the start of the game, they completely and decidedly destroyed the Russians. If I didn't know better I would have thought I was watching a pro team playing a beer league team. This was the most dominate two periods of hockey I have ever seen. Clearly the Russians didn't know what they were in for and were poorly prepared to face the Canadians.

If there was any doubt whether the chemistry witnessed in the prior game against the Germans was for real, it was quickly erased. After one period, Canada was up 4 to 1. The domination continued in the second period where Canada went out to a 7 to 2 lead.

In the third, Canada shut the Russians down, taking away any chance of them making a comeback, with fine defensive play. The final score was 7 to 3.

Earlier in the day, Team USA defeated the Swiss 2 to 0 on the back of another great performance from goalie Ryan Miller.

Both Team USA and Canada advance to the semi-finals.


Bring on Russia

February 24th 2010 5:21 am
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Playing a qualifying game wasn't the worst thing that could have happened. In fact, it might just have been the best thing.


Last night's game gave Canada another opportunity to gel, to come together as a complete unit, to find chemistry. Canada's top line of Sydney Crosby, Eric Staal and Jerome Iginla used the game to come to life. Other key members of Canada's team hit the score sheet, helping to bulld confidence moving forward.

It also helps when you're playing a team that's goalie isn't named Ryan Miller. Once again Canada dominated the game, controlling the puck and running up their shots on goal. Unlike the game against the US, Canada was able to make good on a number of scoring chances and came away with an 8 to 2 win. Defenceman Shea Weber made it 2 to 0 in the second period when his slapshot from the point went right through the meshing of the net. Play continued and when the whistle finally blew, they went upstairs to review the tape.

In the end, last nights game will prove to be the defining moment for Canada in this tournament. It will be the game in which they all came together as a complete unit and the chemistry they were looking for was finally found.

We won't have long to ponder this, as Canada will take on Russia tonight in the quarter finals.

From here on, it's win, win, win.

Oh, and the loss to the US, set up the dream scenerio. If the US and Canada win their quarter final and semi-final games, they will meet for gold in the finals.

Let's go USA!!! Let's go Canada!!!


Ryan Miller and Brian Rafalski Sink Canada

February 21st 2010 7:29 pm
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In the stillness of night, I could hear what started as a faint bark grow louder and louder as the minutes and hours passed. In the end, it was an echoing roar that traveled up from the Buffalo/Niagara Falls border and pounded on my door over and over.

On the back of 42 saves, German Shorthaired Pointer pals, Will and Dexter rallied behind their local boy, goalie Ryan Miller as he led Team USA to a victory over Canada and first place in Group A.

Team USA will advance to the quarter-finals, while Canada now has to play a qualifying game against Germany on Tuesday; lose and Canada is out.

The USA came out flying and their hunger for victory was evident when they opened the scoring just 42 seconds into the game. Defenceman Brian Rafalski scored twice and added an assist to lead Team USA offensively.

Canada controlled much of the play, out-shooting the US, but their lack of finish cost them the game, as it did the tournament back in 2006 in Turin. Coming into the Olympics, many Canadians were worried that this entry would also have trouble scoring goals, and the last two games have confirmed that fear.

As the night slips away, a continued howl knocks on my front door and rattles the windows. On the winds of victory, I hear Sunny Lee and Winston join Will and Dexter in their celebration. Like any good optimist, I look to the future, namely Tuesday's game where Canada will rise up and defeat Germany and use this loss tonight to fuel their desire to take home the gold.


USA 2-0, Canada 2-0

February 19th 2010 5:11 am
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Yesterday afternoon, Team USA defeated Norway 6 to 1 in Olympic hockey. The game was closer than the score suggested, but the US made good on their chances and ran the score up.

Last night, the story was a little different. Team Canada dominated much of the game, but Swiss goalie, Jonas Hiller stood tall in goal. Canada's past problems with finishing off their scoring chances came back to visit last night. In past Olympics, the team's lack of scoring did them in, both in 1998 and again in 2006. To be successful this year, their big scorers will have to bury the puck when they get the chance.

It took a shootout for Team Canada to prevail. Superstar Sydney Crosby made good on his second attempt and Canada won 3 to 2.

This victory sets up Sunday's match-up against the US. The winner Sunday, will finish first in Group A.

This has been the Rye Rye Report. GO CANADA GO!!!!



February 17th 2010 5:13 am
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Yesterday marked the start of Olympic hockey. Being a Canadian dog, my Dad tells me that I must eat, sleep and romp hockey. I find this very strange, since Mom tells Dad to change the channel every time he's watching hockey.

Well, Dad told Mom that things would be different for the Olympics.

So last night we sat down to watch the game . . . until 9:00 pm anyway. That's when Lost started and Dad said not even hockey can get in the way of watching Lost.

That was okay, since Canada had the game in hand. It ended 8 to 0 and was a great start for Canada, especially since our top scorers hit the score sheet.

The U.S. won earlier in the day 3 to 1. Why am I mentioning the U.S. game? Well, I have a bet with my buddy Winston. He took the U.S., I took Canada and a pig's ear is on the line.

Don't worry O-Man, we PVRed, Idol.

So bring on the competition, Gold is ours and I'll be enjoying a mighty fine pig's ear.

In closing, I want to wish my pal Winston, good luck.

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