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Riley"s Big Adventure

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I Had a Dream

October 14th 2011 1:08 pm
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A deep, continuous roar echoed that caused the windows to shake and the floor to tremble.

I jumped up onto the bed, did a quick circle and dropped down next to Dad. His arm stretched out and draped across my side, his hand reaching under my foreleg. He could feel the waves of fear cascading through me. This was all new.

This spring, at the age of five, I started to show storm fears. Prior to this spring, the change in weather and loud banging never bothered me in the least. My attitude was similar to that of Caileigh's. Like her, I paid very little attention.

One would think that if I were to develop fears, it would have happened years ago after watching the terrified and frenzied behaviour that used to overtake Rosie. Maybe in my older years, I've come to realize that loud noises and vibrating floors are something that should be feared.

On this night I was in full panic; the only thing that could bring comfort—the warm embrace of my Dad. Snuggled in his arms, I fell asleep.

Away I soared to the land of hopes and dreams. You pups know that place. It's where the grass is green, the rabbits are plentiful and we're always wagging our tails non-stop. The place looked the same as it has always looked, but there was something different this time.

I found myself on a high hill. On one side of the hill, the countryside stretched out, open and wild for as far as I could see. On the other side of the hill was a farmer's field, the crops growing high. A dense forest lined the edge of the field and at one end were several farmhouses.

It was then that I spotted it, a white tail standing tall and erect from out of the crop. I crouched down and turned on my hunting eyes. My body went stiff, my paws light as a feather, readying to take flight.

A voice broke the silence, "Rosie."

I heard it repeated several times. With the third cry, I broke my stare and looked in the direction from which the voice came. On the porch of the grandest of the farmhouses stood a large, black lab.

The lab called again, "Rosie, time for breakfast."

I looked back into the field where I had spotted the tail. It was gone. My left leg shivered, a signal to me to give chase. Instead, I just watched. From the field emerged a white and black figure. The movement of the dog was smooth and fluid, but there was an ever so slight glitch in its gait, likely the result of a sore hip.

The dog approached the black lab and began to rub its head against the lab's chest. Back and forth it lovingly stroked its head. The lab bent done and returned the gesture.

At that moment, I realized what I was watching. The memory of that intimate embrace came flooding back to me. Although I had heard the name that was being called, I never thought that this could be her . . . not until now. The white and black dog was my dear Rosie, and this was her home at the Bridge.

From around the corner of the farmhouse came an Australian Cattle Dog and close behind a Beagle. I knew these two energetic pups to be Jack a Roo and Flopsy, two of Rosie's best pals. As I looked around the farm, I watched activity spring up all around.

From my spot on the hill I saw, Daisy, the yellow lab that has become Rosie's best friend. In the distance, there were others; her new family. Those special pups, such as Cleo, Cheyanne, Autumn, and Magnum; The Pointer pack, Trusty and Rems selling their coffee and baked goods; Rinky, Ernie George, Pongo, Elvis, Tinsleigh and Abby, and the Gossip-Hound, Daisy; Brutus, Lucas, Sadie Mae, Roman and Sam. I also saw kitties Tuffy, Galahad, Maxwell, Lucy Kitty, Buff and new arrival Furby. The four catateers were also there.

A sense of love came over me in waves, replacing the fear I once had because of the thunder. This love flowed through me, around me. I watched as Rosie greeted her friends. She finally belonged. She was finally loved.

It was then that I realized that on this day, three years ago, we had travelled to Indiana to rescue Rosie. On this day, three years ago, Rosie took those first steps towards finding a family, not just on earth, but her family at the Bridge.

I woke from my dream . . . knowing that Rosie is loved.


Goodbye, dear friend

October 25th 2011 10:39 am
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A few years ago I received my first Christmas card. At least the first one that was addressed just to me.

I received many that year and have in the years that have past. It's always that first one that sticks out in your mind, brings you back to that place and time.

My first card was from my Dobie pal, Jarvis Davis. The two of us sharing, what Dad's thinks, is a striking resemblance to each other.

Sure, we're different colours, but just the same, we look very much alike. The way our ears fall, the look in our eyes, our height and weight.

That Christmas many years it ago, Dad and I enjoyed reading our first Christmas card. We placed on our mantle. Just other day, we looked at it again. Time does go by so very fast, especially in the life of a dog.

Today, my dear friend, Jarvis Davis, went to the Bridge. We'll miss him very much. We'll take comfort in knowing that he had a great life, and we'll also take comfort in knowing that he'll be surrounded by wonderful friends at the Bridge.

Our deepest sympathies go out to his family. Today, we all share in your sadness.

Goodbye, my dear friend.


I'm not much of a swimmer. I've never been adopted.

October 31st 2011 10:41 am
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I'm not much of a swimmer. It seems that English Pointers do not have the same love of water as their cousins, the German Shorthair Pointer.

I've never been adopted. I've been lucky enough to be with my Mom and Dad since I was 10 weeks old. I know that being adopted is a great thing. Going from a difficult situation to one of pure love. My adopted sis, Rosie, told me all about how wonderful it is.

Like I said, I'm not much of a swimmer. My friend, Gypsy Belle, a beautiful German Shepherd, at one time wasn't much of a swimmer either. A few years back she suffered a back injury and swimming became part of her therapy. She has many diaries describing how she went from being a little timid and scared around the water to absolutely loving it. She even has videos on her page of her in the water. What an inspiration, not only in regards to maybe one day I, too, could build up the courage to swim, but through her determination and drive to work hard at therapy and begin to strengthen her back.

You already know that I've never been adopted. I've never had to join a new pack as an adult, learn new rules, make new friends and build trust and earn the love of a new family. That's what my friend, Molly, did. The sweet Boxer girl was adopted a few months back. Not only was she joining a new pack, one that had only a short time earlier seen a beloved member go to the Bridge, but she was fighting a few health issues. This sweet girl fit in wonderfully and stole the heart of her Mom. A little healing for Mollie and a lot of healing for Mom, that's how magical an adopted pup at just the right time can be.

This weekend, my inspiring friend, Gypsy Belle, made her journey to the Bridge. At the tender age of five, Cancer came out of nowhere to take her away from her Mom and bro, Magic Man. The shock and heartbreak is felt by her family and extended Dogster family. Dad and I are deeply saddened.

This weekend, Molly's work was completed. Her Mom's heart has been healed. Molly made her journey to the Bridge. One might think that her passing would bring a new series of sorrow and pain, and without a doubt it does just that, but this time her Mom confronts this sadness with the knowledge that she delivered Molly from a bad situation and showed her tenderness, acceptance and pure love. In return, Molly taught Mom that love rules all and through hardships and sadness that love will also raise to the surface, engulf us in our time of need and ensure that we can carry on.

My two friends . . . different breeds, different lifestyles, different parts of the country . . . gave their families and mine precious gifts. One showed us that courage can be summoned and out of fear can emerge a love. The other showed us that hardships can be put behind you and from trust, love can grow.

I'm not much of a swimmer. I've never been adopted.

I will miss my friends.


A visit from Mr. Jack Freckles

November 7th 2011 7:59 am
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Hey pals,

We had a super cool weekend. On Saturday, Dad loaded me and Caileigh into my Bachelor Pad and we headed up north. Mom and Dad went on horseback riding at a lodge.

Of course, this wasn't a big deal for Mom, since she visits my horse sister, Daune, everyday but she doesn't ride Daune much anymore on account of Daune being 27.

It was a nice trail ride for Mom and Dad.

Then we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast on the property. That's right, me and Caileigh got to stay as well.

When we got home yesterday our pal, Mr. Jack Freckles visited us with his Growlmy.

We headed out on the trails around our house and even went to the big fields. Freckles stayed on leash, but Caileigh and I ran enough for all three of us. Freckles was okay with staying on leash and close to his Growlmy. He really enjoyed the trails and fields.

When we got home, Freckles put on a show for us. He's just like those Super Dogs. He and his Growlmy did a few awesome tricks. Freckles is a true entertainer!!!

I was very tired after everything and crashed hard on the couch.



November 25th 2011 12:22 pm
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Hey pals,

I've been barking at Dad to get us onto dogster so I can give a big bark-out to my pals. Caileigh, Dad and I want to wish all our pals and their families a great thanksgiving and thanksgiving weekend.

We celebrated our thanksgiving back in October, but normally Mom's sister comes up to visit from Michigan, so we get double turkey and double thanksgiving fun. This year she had other plans.

I barked and barked at Dad to have a turkey anyway, but that didn't happen. No worries, we had some chicken last night.

Enjoy spending time with your families.


Camping out for new house release

November 26th 2011 1:05 pm
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Hey pals,

I can't believe that Dad and I didn't update our pals about the new house release.

Dad was blogging on Facebook, but a few pals are only on dogster.

So pals, Dad camped out from Tuesday until Saturday in front of the new home sales office. You all know that I spent Tuesday night with him in the Bachelor Pad. The other nights, Dad hired a teenage girl and her friend from the barn to spend the night. By this time a big tent with heat had been set up, so the girls were in from the cold.

Caileigh and I visited Dad during the day a few times from Wednesday to Friday.

Guess what, pals? Dad was first in line (50 people on the list in total) and we got the lot we wanted!!!

It sides and backs onto greenspace rather than another house. Caileigh girl is really going to love it--you know how bird crazy she is.

The developer sold out all 43 lots in a few hours.

We just have to wait until next November before it will be built. You know what that means? We'll be visiting the site as they build it. Caileigh doesn't know what that's like, but this is the third time we've done this in my short five year life.

I'll be sure to keep you all posted on how things go. Last week Caileigh and I were running around in the dirt of our future home.

We can't wait until we move!!!


My Friend Dozer

December 13th 2011 7:46 am
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Friendship is a lasting union.

No distance can change true friendship.

When I first joined Dogster, one of my first friends was a white GSD. His name is Dozer. Since that time, we've been friends.

Dozer is from Illionis, near Chicago. That's a long way away from me, but no distance can change true friendship.

Last night, Dozer made his journey to the Bridge. He joined his Mom Dog, Cheyanne, brother, Bob and best kitty pal, Lucy Kitty.

To find you, my friend, I only need to look within. My heart connects us, bounds us.

The Bridge is a long way away, but no distance can change true friendship.



December 29th 2011 8:49 am
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The night before last, we were all watching Marley and Me. Near the end, when Marley is ready to make his journey to the Bridge, the voice-over in the film nicely captures the interplay of love that takes place between a dog and his or her human.

"A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his."

Today, a dear friend made his journey to the Bridge. Bootsie Bear had gone through a rough patch in his life and as a result carried with him emotional scars. His capacity to love was tested, but despite the hardships he never wavered.

With his new family, Bootsie learned to trust again. It was through his love for his family that he found peace and happiness where he once didn't have any.

Boots is living proof that love is as simple as the line from the movie. So simple yet so powerful, so enduring.

Give him your heart and he will give you his.


Happy Belated New Year!!!

January 5th 2012 7:49 am
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Hey pals!!!

My family and I would like to wish every pup and family a happy new year.

This holiday season has been a busy one. Caileigh and I have received so many wonderful Christmas cards and gifts.

Our Secret Santa sent us lots of toys (Caileigh hasn't stopped playing with them), treats and even a book for Dad.

We also received huge bully sticks from Ty, Dylan and Jia. Dad put them away after we opened the package. He wanted us to save them for Christmas. Caileigh, always the smart girl, watched where Dad put them. The next morning she sat next to the cupboard and used her powers on Mom. Needless to say those bully sticks were polished off in no time.

Ty, Dylan and Jia's family also sent us beautiful ornaments. Each has a photo of me and Caileigh. They're so cool.

I can't forget that Dad also received a special package. His pal, Magoo, sent him tasty treats from Louisiana. Can you believe that Dad didn't share any of those treats with us?

Well, yesterday, Dad brought home a package that also came from Magoo and his family. This time, the treats were just for me and Caileigh . . . and we didn't share with Dad, although he did give them a good sniff.

Thanks pals for all of the wonderful cards and gifts. We love this time of year so much. Normally Dad never checks the mail, but over the last few weeks the two of us hurry out to the mail box to see what we've received.

I told Dad that we need to set up a photo of me and Caileigh with our cards, so we'll try and do that.

We wish every pup and family the very best in 2012!!!

Lots of love from me, Caileigh and Dad.


Valentine's Day

February 14th 2012 8:05 am
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Hey Ladies!!!

I want to wish all of you a very happy Valentine's Day!!

You all are hold a special place in my heart.

Big kisses

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