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Riley"s Big Adventure

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The Hunt . . . and I don't mean for Easter Eggs

April 25th 2011 9:22 am
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Hey pals,

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Ours was very eventful. Our dog-cuz, Bailey, came to visit. Caileigh was really happy about that. The two of them really like to play together.

On Friday we went on an Easter egg hunt. Some of you might remember my photos from previous years. This year, Caileigh and Bailey also joined me. Caileigh has some photos that she's going to post.

The real hunt for me came yesterday while out in the big fields. I came across this one spot and there was a very special scent in the air. I sniffed and sniffed and finally I found just the right spot. My paws started digging and digging and . . . BINGO, the prize I was searching for!!!

I scooped up the vole into my mouth and began to parade around. Caileigh sniffed at my mouth, but there was no way I was giving up my prize.

Dad tried to get me to drop it, but I would have none of that. We started back home, all the while Dad was telling me to drop it. Finally I decided that it was time. I gently let it fall from my mouth. You can see it at my feet in my new profile photo.

Crazy Caileigh was too busy watching the birds, she didn't even see me drop it.

It was a great end to a wonderful weekend.

Dad!!! Where are the leftovers? Riley wants himself some turkey.


Caileigh's a diary pick!

April 26th 2011 12:33 pm
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I'm really excited for her.

What's best about today is any special treats or food she gets, I'll get too. It's almost like I'm a diary pick as well.


My 5th Birthday

May 6th 2011 11:23 am
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Hey pals,

Time sure does go quickly.

This morning Dad woke up and cuddled with me. We often cuddle. He gets his face right up close to mine and gives me kisses right on my snout. We press each of our foreheads together and hold the embrace.

This morning, Dad wished me a happy 5th birthday. He told me that I'd grown into such a big boy. A far cry from the little runt I was when my folks brought me home. Back then I was trouble. I ate shoes, chewed on the kitchen chairs, escaped from my harness, and I cried and cried when I was left in my crate.

Back then I had a good teacher. My grandma, Cookie. She was a model of goodness. No, the model of greatness. I thought there was no way I would ever be able to live up to the standards she had set.

This morning, Dad told me that Cookie would be so proud of me, proud of the dog have become. I guess I've done just fine living up to her standards. Maybe I've even set a few standards of my own.

Today, I'm the teacher. Little Caileigh has so much to learn, so much growing to do. It goes by fast, real fast.


Thank you to the BEST pals a guy could ask for

May 9th 2011 12:18 pm
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Hey Pals,

I want to thank all my pals for the wonderful birthday messages, rosettes and special graphics.

It really means a lot to me and my family.

Dogster and the friends we've made here has helped to make this big world a little smaller. Through diaries and photos we've learned so much about our pals. We've even had the pleasure of meeting a few and we hope to meet many more.

I guess what I'm trying to bark is, thank you so very much for being such great pups.

Belly rubs for every pup!!


Counter-Surfing Legend

May 15th 2011 6:37 am
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Sweet Trustine Fabuso

What can an obsessed Food-a-holic do? My dear friend, Trusty, has always taken his obsession into his own paws. From a young age he's used his height—those gorgeously long, ginger-coloured legs that bestow a Golden Retriever—to perfect the counter surf.

Tales of his thievery have become legend. Stories of lunches that have gone missing, loaves of bread disappearing, pizza being eaten (even the dough before the pizza was made), and a jar of Honey Roasted Smooth and Creamy Skippy peanut butter being devoured have graced the pages of his diaries.

His stealth, cunning and instincts can't be taught or replicated. He's a natural thief. Sure, he has tried to teach his other pack members the art of counter-surfing; he has spent a great deal of time with the youngest, sweet Anne Marie. She has shown promise, but the likelihood of the student surpassing the master is slim.

His strategy is remarkably simple. In an April 6th, 2010 entry, Trusty shared with his friends one of his proven techniques. It begins in the hallway just outside of the kitchen. He gets a running start that helps to build up the momentum he needs to propel him upwards just as he reaches the stove. On this day his target was Rosemary Potatoes that his Nana had made.

Back in 2010, Trusty developed an obsession with Mayonnaise. He described it as "Jonesing" for the popular spread. During this time, no sandwich was safe.

A top-notch day for Trusty would consist of an early morning theft of bread; maybe a cupcake or two at lunch and some roasted chicken in the evening. To finish off the day, just before bed, the flinch of an Atkins bar from Aunt Margie's bag hit the spot.

On May 13th, Trusty made his journey to the Bridge. His legacy now rests with Oliver Louis, Dudley, Kylie and Anne Marie.

His thievery is truly that of legend.

My dear, sweet Trusty, your greatest theft of all—the hearts of those that love you.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

May 27th 2011 7:54 am
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Caileigh and I would like to wish all of our American pals a very happy Memorial Day weekend.

Mom's sister is coming to visit with the boys this weekend, but Bailey is staying at home with his Dad.

We love having the boys around, so this will be a fun weekend.

On Sunday, Caileigh and I are going to Elmira for a Guide Dog Walk. We'll be visiting our pals Spike, Drake and Mollie.

We'll be sure to post photos of the event.

Have a great long weekend pals!!!


Rockin' Good Day

May 30th 2011 10:32 am
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Like my good pal, Zaidie would say, "not dis day, but yest'day" was a rockin' good time!

Not only did Caileigh and I visit Drake, Spike and Mollie, but we also stopped in on Zaidie Pup.

Zaidie and I have met before, but we had to play as though we hadn't. A few weeks back, Zaidie hosted a MEATZ party while his folks were away.

BTW Z-Pup, you got the house looking good after we nearly tore it down.

It was one great day, pals.

It started off with a walk for Guide Dogs. At the walk we strolled some wonderful trails with Drake (Spike's little brudder) and Mollie. There were some great sniffs and sights.

Back at Drake's place, his brudder, Spike (who I had met a few months back), hosted the after walk pawty. There were toys and ice cream and treats. They even brought in birds just for Caileigh!

While Mollie, Drake, Spike and I mingled with the humans, Caileigh just watched the birds in the backyard. One could say she has a little fixation problem, but you didn't hear that from me. I'm supposed to be supportive.

Okay, maybe I joined her in cries of excitement when the two squirrels showed up to eat from the feeder, but I didn't ignored the rest of us for long periods of time.

To be honest, Spike was a little disappointed in us. Despite his 14 years, he was ready to have a good time. As it turns out, the rest of us were ready for a nap. At one point Spike was trying to get us up and into the kitchen for some afternoon snacks, but we were snoring away . . . well, Mollie was doing most of the snoring.

Later in the afternoon we stopped by Zaidie's place. Upon arrival Caileigh and I explored the house . . . come on folks, My Mom is a Realtor and I can't help but enjoy a nice home when I see it.

Zaidie was a great host, sharing his toys, his water, some treats, his couch and the affections of his Mom and Dad. Zaidie showed Caileigh the view from his window where he also likes to watch the birds. Good thing there weren't any or we wouldn't have been able to pull Caileigh away. I enjoyed looking through Zaidie's toy box. He's got some great toys.

We really had a great time, visiting with Spike, Drake, Mollie and Zaidie.

We have great dogster friends and we're very thankful that we got to spend a day with a few of them.


My Pals are in the Spotlight

June 2nd 2011 8:40 am
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Hey pals,

I wanted to give a big bark-out to a few of my pals that find themselves in the Dogster spotlight.

Firstly, my pal Demon Flash Bandit is the Dog of the Week. I've had the pleasure of meeting DFB in person back in December. He's a super cool Husky. If you're not pals with him, you need to be. Congrats DFB on this great honour.

Secondly, sweet Izzy B is the Dog of the Day. She's had her paws full since the arrival of Bacon and Beanie. Today is all about her. Congrats Izzy and enjoy your day in the spotlight.

Lastly, my pals Roxy, Rudy and Izzy are all diaries of the day. Dad has a special place in his heart for Rudy and Izzy. They're from Newfoundland, Canada. My Dad's Mom and and Dad are from there and Dad has visited this beautiful part of the country several times. Congrats Roxy, Rudy and Izzy and I know that you'll have a great day.

To all of my other pals, I hope you're all well. One pal, Logan, isn't feeling well today. So let's send lots of love and POTP Logan's way.

Bark at you later!


On The Mend

June 7th 2011 10:26 am
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For a few hours on Sunday, Dad was very worried.

Let me start at the beginning.

When we all woke on Sunday morning, the sun was shinning and a nice breeze was blowing--perfect for a walk on the trails and in the big fields.

Dad got me and Caileigh suited up. When ready, Mom joined us and the four of us set out on the trails. It was awesome!!!

When we reached the big fields, Dad let me and Caileigh go and the two of us ran and ran and ran. We traversed the fields, hitting all of the good smells in search of critters.

On the way back, someone had left the gate open that separates the fields from the trails. Caileigh and I ventured through the gate and ran into the woods. Dad called to us to return, when we emerged I was holding my back right leg up. Dad inspected it, gave it a little rub and told me that it was fine. Dad knows best, so I trotted ahead, now on leash, without any indication of an injury.

By this time, both Caileigh and I were tired, so we gingerly walked home.

Mom and Dad had open houses to host. They got ready and left Caileigh and I home to take an afternoon nap.

When Dad returned I greeted him at the door. To his surprise and sadness, I was holding my back right leg up and I couldn't put any weight on it at all. I had my sad face on, looking to Dad to make me better.

Dad inspected my leg again and couldn't detect anything out of the ordinary. He got me to lay down and then let Caileigh out of her crate. I wanted to join them outside in the backyard so I followed the two of them, but the only difference was I was doing it on three legs. My right leg dangled to the side.

I found a nice sunny spot and I laid down again. Dad stroked my head and gave me kisses while he examined me thoroughly. He feared that I had hurt my ACL. Quickly Dad facebooked our friend Sophie Claire's Mom.

Sophie Claire had ACL surgery a few years ago and Dad wanted to know if there was anything he should be looking for right now. My knee wasn't swollen at all, and Dad knew that if I had hurt it that it would not only be swollen but sore to the touch. I let Dad rub it and move it without pulling away or showing any signs of discomfort.

Sophie Claire's Mom gave Dad some info. Dad just couldn't get the worst outcome out of his head. When Mom arrived home, she took a look at me. At this point I was licking my paw and lower portion of my leg. Dad had noted me doing that earlier and thought that maybe the injury wasn't to my knee at all. It was at this point that Mom pointed out that my paw was swollen. So worried about my knee, Dad hadn't noticed the size of my paw. What are you blind? I thought.

Mom inspected my paw, this time I pulled away. Bingo! Here's where the problem is. Mom calmed me and took a closer look. There wasn't anything she could see wedged between my toes or stuck in my pads.

Dad got some ice and placed it on my paw. Oh, that felt good. Dad also got my dinner and feed me while I rested. I soon fell asleep, which Dad saw as a good sign. If I was in pain, I likely wouldn't have gone to sleep.

That night, Mom slept with me downstairs. In the morning when Dad came down to check on us, I jumped to my paws and rushed over to greet him. Dad was so happy to see me placing weight on all four paws. I was also happy as could be that my paw no longer hurt. The swelling was gone and I was back to normal.

The only thing Dad can think of is that when I was running in the woods, I got stung or bitten by something and my paw had a reaction. As fast as it had come on, it now was gone.

So pals, no worries, The Rye Rye is on the mend and as good as new!!


My Pal Spike

June 13th 2011 7:49 am
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Two weeks ago, I got to visit with my German Shorthair Pointer pal, Spike. He hosted the after Dog Guide Walk pawty.

He was his happy self, enjoying some ice cream and encouraging all of us sleepy heads to get our pawty on. His seal-like bark echoed throughout the house.

Spike is one of a few Dogster pals that I have had the honour of meeting personally. Dad, Caileigh and I are very thankful for that chance.

On Friday, after 14 wonderful years, Spike made his journey to the Bridge. Despite his age, it took us by surprise.

Our thoughts are with his bro, Drake and his Mom, Deb.

We know that Spike was greeted at the Bridge by many wonderful pups and cats. The Pointer Pack got a new member on Friday, and the girls of the Bridge got themselves a new hunky man.

We will miss you Spike. You are a sweet, loving soul and now you'll be watching over us from the Bridge.

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