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Black Pearls of Wisdom...

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Why Me?

October 10th 2009 4:45 pm
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Ok, I TOTALLY agree that the "Burt Infestation" needs to go to obedience school. But Moi????? I know that the Mom said "this will be a fun thing for us all to do as a family". But seriously, the Dad isn't too excited about the whole thing, so I think the Mom should take Burt and the Dad and I should just stay home for some "Father/Daughter" togetherness. But nooooooooooooo, the Dad is taking his "special little buddy boy" and the Mom is taking ME! And I heard tell that there's HOMEWORK!!!! What's a Diva to do?


Trying to Be Nice

October 6th 2009 4:50 pm
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I'm trying to be nice to my "little brother". But he really knows how to push my buttons. Burt is climbing up onto the Dad's ottoman in front of Dad's chair. That's where I go when I need extra attention. Like when it thunders outside. Or someone shoots off some fireworks. The Dad makes a real big deal about Burt. Calls him his "Buddy Boy Burt". Gives him ears skritches. Rubs his belly.

Ok. Yes. I know. I'm a Momma's Girl. But I still need special attention from the Dad too. Yesterday the Mom was petting me on the couch and the Dad was petting Burt on the ottoman. I started giving Burt the "stink eye" and snorting through my nose. The Mom said "Dixie, Be Good". Hey, I'm being very restrained in my reaction to the "Burt Infestation". What more do they want from me?


I Am Indisposed...

October 2nd 2009 6:39 pm
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I have the Hershey Squirts, aka the poopies. I'm blaming it all on the Burt Infestation. My world is turned upside down. I went from being Queen of All Things to having to share EVERYTHING with a little brother. Sooooooooo not fair! And now, my back end is in overdrive and I am NOT a happy camper!!!!!!!


We Made Room For Burt

October 1st 2009 8:09 pm
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So, the Mom said that I would have to share the bed with Burt. This did not make me happy. But, as a dear bully friend of ours reminded me, last year WINston did his best to make me feel welcome... NOT! Last night I climbed up above the Mom and the Dad and laid on the tops of their pillows, up against the headboard. When Burt jumped up on the bed the Mom warned me to BEHAVE. I was a good girl and "behaved". Burt laid down on the foot of the bed. The Mom and the Dad got what was left in the middle. Usually I get down after a while and lie on the floor. Not last night. I wasn't giving up my primo position for anypup! I am still the Queen of the Pillow Hill!


I Have a New Brother.

September 30th 2009 4:59 pm
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He's a BlackPearl, just like me. In fact, the Mom and the Dad thought the picture on Petfinder was a picture of me. But it wasn't me, it was Burt. We both came from the Humane Society Calumet Area shelter in Munster, Indiana. Burt was born at the shelter, on WINston XXLP's 9th Birthday! How about that for a connection to The Chicago Crew? Burt spent three years with his first family. They returned him in June. I met Burt on Sunday, and yesterday Burt came home with us. Now he's ours and he isn't going anywhere! He has a Dogster page already, #1048888.

Well, last night was ok. Burt was a good boy, but then he tried to come into the bedroom to sleep with the Dad, the Mom and me. We are like three spoons in the bed. But it's a queen size bed. There is NO ROOM for Burt. So I let him know. Just a small grrrrrr. And then I got yelled at. What's up with that?

I have been Queen of All Things around here for the last year. The Mom and the Dad said I will have to "adjust". Personally, I think that Burt should be the one to adjust, not me, 'cuz I was here first. We'll see...


My Gotcha Day!!!

August 26th 2009 3:30 pm
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Today, August 26th, is National Dog Day!!!! And, it's also MY Gotcha Day!!!

One year ago my pawrents adopted me, a stray--not claimed, from the Humane Society Calumet Area in Munster, Indiana. Back in the beginning of February 2008, in the dead of a Midwest winter night, I was dropped off after hours outside of the shelter by person(s) unknown. I spent over six months at the shelter, and slowly learned to trust people again. Then, on August 26th, the lady that came to see me three days earlier came back and took me to my Forever Home!

So, after one year, I am still a "work in progress". But very, very, very happy. And very, very, very loved. What more can a pup ask for? National Dog Day AND my Gotcha Day! Let's PAWTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooo arrrrrooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!


Six week Trial...

August 20th 2009 6:20 pm
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Well, we're gonna do it. My ears keep flaring up, so it's the six week allergy trial for me. No TREATS !!! or people food of any kind. Nothing but the Z/D UltraAllergin prescrip food. The canned prescription dog food looks like RUBBER!! And the dry is BIG kibble. I'm a delicate little flower...I like small bites.

Oh my oh my...this is gonna be really hard on the Mom and the Dad. I have VERY expressive puppy-dog eyes and have the art of begging a bite down to a SCIENCE! The Dad especially likes to sneak me bits of whatever he's eating/making. When the Mom told him about no people-food he said "we're gonna have to eat in the bedroom with the door closed!!!"

On the way home from Dr. Mulling's, the Mom and I went through the Drive Thru. Even though we were hungry all she got was a soda. The Mom laughed when I started nosing around looking for the fast food bag. I KNOW what Drive Thru means!!! Or meant...

I also went home with some Remicin for my ears as I have yeast and bacteria way down in the canals (which is a new development). And I gained 1 pound, but Dr. M put down that I was 5 to 10 lbs overweight!!!! The nerve...

No treats or people food for six weeks???? I'm gonna waste away. :(


This is a con...

August 11th 2009 3:32 pm
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...and I'm surprised that 60 Minutes doesn't realize it! This just in:

(CBS) Former pro-football star Michael Vick speaks to CBS Sports NFL Today Anchor James Brown on 60 Minutes in his first interview since he admitted two years ago to running a dogfighting ring - a crime that landed him in federal prison for 18 months and got him suspended from the NFL.

The interview, conducted Monday, Aug. 10 in Virginia, will be broadcast on 60 Minutes this Sunday, Aug. 16 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

The ex-Atlanta Falcon's quarterback was conditionally re-instated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on July 27, a week after he was released from federal custody. If a team is interested in him, Vick could be playing again in a regular league game by the sixth week of the NFL season.

The segment will also include interviews with Wayne Pacelle, head of the Humane Society of the U.S., the country's largest organization dedicated to the protection of animals. Tony Dungy, the former NFL coach who will be a special advisor to Vick, will also be interviewed.


Again, this is a con by Vick and his handlers to get him back into the NFL--to get the gravy train rolling again. When will the national media realize this? Again, HSUS, and now 60 Minutes, loses all credibility with me by giving this "animal" a forum.


Hey, HSUS... how about using BONAFIDE role models...

August 5th 2009 7:11 pm
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...instead of that soulless, morally bankrupt Vick? If the HSUS needs an NFL star to reach out to children that are exposed to dogfighting in their daily lives, why wouldn’t you choose someone who can set a GOOD example through his past and present actions?

Jarrod Cooper of the Oakland Raiders and other Raiders players are helping fund a initiative called “Code 597,” after the penal code violation for animal abuse. The goal is to educate the public on better care and to fund dog shelters.

Cooper volunteers almost daily at a shelter. And he's worked with some of the Vick dogs rescued by Bad Rap. Check out this picture of Jarrod and his buddy Hector (a former vick dog) :

We have taken vacation days from work, traveled by train and paid for hotel rooms to participated in HSUS Humane Legislation Day at our state capital. We have supported the HSUS with our time and our money. We have defended the HSUS when people sought to lump them in with radical animal rights groups like PETA. We will no longer do ANY of this, and will boycott any and ALL NFL sponsors if Vick plays.


Our PLUS came back...

July 26th 2009 6:16 pm
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...and we're SO happy that everything is still on the system.




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