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Black Pearls of Wisdom...

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What WAS that?!!!!

March 6th 2009 6:40 pm
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My wonderful Senka Park has lately been overrun by Thugs with sweet Pit Bulls that are no longer sweet... so very, very sad for those poor dogs. And these DOPES (sorry, just calling it like I see it) don't even have the dogs on leash, and sometimes they don't even have a collar on! Nothing to grab onto if they try and take a piece out of me :(

So, yesterday the Mom and me took a ride in our Jeep :) out to the Nature Preserve in OakLawn (a suburb of Chicago). The Nature Preserve is the ONLY park in OakLawn where you can walk a dog. I really liked riding in the new Jeep. The back windows roll ALL the way down, but the Mom won't do that--she leaves them up a bit for my "safety". She also followed through on her threat. The Mom installed a Cargo Net barrier behind the front seats so I can't jump up and ride "shotgun". But that's ok, I still have the entire back of the Jeep in the cargo position to roam around in, complete with water bowl and dog bed!

Anyway, at the Nature Preserve. It was one of HoneyBunny's favorite walks and LuckyLucy liked it too. LL would have jumped in after the ducks and geese if they'd let her. I have only been there once before, but I recognized it right away. Woooooooo woooooooo arrrrroooooooooo wooooooooooo I yodeled as we pulled up. (Mom is half-convinced I'm part Malamute the way I yodel).

We started our walk and right away met two really nice dogs. Small. On leash. Sniff. Sniff. Polite. No problems. Continued walking. Met two more dogs. One was a pit bull. It was lunging at me. But not to kill me. It was an 8-month old puppy named Roxie who wanted to play with me.

Continued the walk. Met a few more nice dogs. Then, a lady came by with a Pom. As soon as she saw me, she grabbed the Pom up in her arms. Before the Mom could tell her I was friendly to dogs and there was nothing to worry about, the Pom went BALISTIC! Snarling and trying to jump down to get me!!! The Mom just shook her head as they passed me, and I looked back at the Mom as if to say "What WAS that?!!!"


I am Quick!

March 3rd 2009 6:08 pm
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We got a new Dog-Mobile yesterday. While I was at Sam's, the groomer's, having my Day of Beauty, the Mom was out signing her life away. She came to pick me up in a new-to-us 2007 Jeep Liberty with all the bells and whistles.

The Jeep Liberty has back seats that cargo flat, so I have a lot of room to roam around in. The Mom left the 1/3 split seat up so I wouldn't have as far to jump up into the vehicle. After I was in and she took my leash off, the Mom folded the seat into the cargo position. Then she closed the door. Took one step to the left and opened her door, only to find...

Me. In the front passenger seat. Smiling. Tail wagging. Didn't work, though... the Mom said "back seat, Dixie"! She opened the lid on the center console to "block" me from coming up between the front seats. And she drove home with her arm across the gap. I pushed at her arm with my nose, but she wouldn't relent. When we got home, the Mom got out of the car, folded the side mirror in, walked around the car only to find...

Me. In the front seat again. Still smiling. Still wagging my tail. It didn't work, though. The Mom said "the dog barrier is going in this car tomorrow". sigh...


I don't Stink!

February 28th 2009 7:07 pm
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So, the newspaper the Mom and the Dad work for ran an article about Black Dog Syndrome in Friday's paper (delete any spaces in the link and it'll work):,CST-NWS -blackdog27.article

Today, a very nice man that the Mom works with on the weekends was talking to the Mom about it. He's a news editor, and he and his wife are from Japan. He told the Mom that his wife said the reason that the Japanese don't like black dogs in Japan is because they smell--they stink!

Wow! Talk about a conversation killer. The Mom didn't know what to say... all she could think to say was "well, Shiba Inu's are light colored. Maybe because they show the dirt more than black dogs they get washed more than black dogs do in Japan." He said, really? Black dogs don't smell here? The Mom said, "yes, black dogs don't smell here... I have a black dog and she doesn't smell". (Thanks, Mom!)

When she told the Dad about this, he said the Mom should have said "all dogs smell... they have noses, right?" *insert rim shot*


Poopies, Day Five

February 20th 2009 2:49 pm
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The Dad cannot resist me... he gave me cheese last night...
I had the trots at 3:30 a.m. The Mom had to get up.
The Dad just slept through it... He's on the Mom's "list" now.
Being on "the list" sounds bad. Glad it's him and not me...
Oh well, bring on the rice...


Poopies, Day Four

February 19th 2009 7:50 pm
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Houston... we have LOGS!!!!

Thank D*g for rice!


Poopies, Day Two.

February 17th 2009 6:27 pm
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I have not been fed in 24 hours. It is called a Fast. I do not like this Fast. This afternoon the Mom made me rice and hamburger to eat. I ate the hamburger. I left the rice. ;)


I have Poopies :(

February 16th 2009 3:28 pm
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Ok, so the other day the Dad and the Mom took me for a ride to PetSmart. It was the day after my Gotcha Barkday. We were almost there, stopped at a red light, when I started wooo wooing, chirping my chirp bark, and going in circles in the back of the Dog-mobile station wagon. The Mom thought I was getting excited because I recognized that I was almost at PetSmart.

THEN the Mom saw me try to jump out the window!!! She rolled it up right quick. She couldn't believe I would try to jump out... but I really, really needed to get out of that car NOW!!!!

So, I had no choice but to poop in the car! And not just poop... almost the Hershey Squirts! The Mom pulled into a parking lot and got me out of the car while the Dad cleaned up. They were pretty cool about the whole thing--they knew I tried to get outside first.

I've been having bad poopies on and off all week now. The Dad has been adding rice to my food. He tried adding pumpkin, but I wasn't digging that too much. We thought we had everything back to normal, then I pooped out a small mucus-covered soft pile today.

Now they are talking FAST... what is this fast? I heard the Mom tell the Dad they are going to fast me until tomorrow, and then try rice and hamburger. Hey, I'm all for hamburger... that's one of my FAVS!!
But what's a "fast"? My Spidey-senses are tingling... don't think I'm gonna like this "fast" thing...


It's my Birthday!

February 11th 2009 5:34 am
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They say it's your Birthday... na na na na NA na... It's MY Birthday too, yah...
I received this awesome PawMail this morning:

Dear Dixie BlackPearl,

Woof woof!
We want to wish you a very Happy Birthday full of love and joy and tail wagging. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate it with you!

Dixie BlackPearl will be profiled today with other birthday doggies on Dogster's special Birthday Stroll.

Since it's your birthday we want to give you something special, so we have given you 25 Dogster bones and one vote of 5 Paws! Dogster loves you!

Your Friends at Dogster

-------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

See, I was dumped at the Humane Society Calumet Area shelter a year ago today, so the shelter people gave me February 10th as my "Gotcha Day". They estimated last year that I was 5, so today I turn 6! As the late, great Remo the Red would say "woooooooooooooooooo wooooooo!!!"


And we Ran!

January 24th 2009 12:05 am
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The Mom has been sick all week. She barks a lot. But calls it a "cough". Sounds like a bark to me. So we haven't been going on our walks. I do not like that.

Yesterday afternoon, the Brother said "go for a walk, Dixie?" I didn't know what to do. I have never gone on a walk with the Brother before.

The Brother didn't do such a bad job on the walk. He let me sniff when I wanted to sniff. And he let me walk where I wanted to walk. But then I stopped walking when I realized we were going back home. Then the Brother said "Dixie, wanna run?" And we Ran! I like walks with the Brother. He did good.


Mark your Calendar!

January 16th 2009 1:50 pm
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Save the date for a pawty Sunday afternoon, January 25th, for my good buddy Levi PAWS the Invincible! It's happening hours BEFORE Spy's pawty, so you can make Both of them!!!

Here's your personal invite:

Levi s Birthday Invitation

Here's the link that will whisk you right to the pawty!

LEVIs Birthday Party at Buhens

Hope to see you all there!!!!!
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