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Black Pearls of Wisdom...

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I am home...

January 14th 2013 7:16 pm
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The Mom picked up my ashes today. She and the Dad had a good cry.

The people at St.Francis Pet Funeral Services & Crematory are very special people. They sent the Mom and the Dad a lovely, heartfelt sympathy card through the mail. And today, with my ashes, they included a sweet little St. Francis medal and prayer card.

Alex from Alex in Welderland's Custom Pet Urns is going to put me up onto WINston's couch urn. But, even though the container from St. Francis is just a temporary stop for me, it's a beautiful tin--white with gold trim, a bouquet of flowers on the lid and this printed on the side:

"Herewith are deposited the remains of one
who possessed beauty without vanity,
strength without insolence,
courage without ferocity, and
all the virtues of human beings,
without their vices.
This praise which would be unmeaning
flattery if inscribed over human ashes,
is but a just tribute,
which makes one grateful to now
have the privilege,
of the happy memories left behind,
by this pet."

just as lovely as Dixie...


A Report from the Rainbow Bridge

December 23rd 2012 10:33 am
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Sully & Socks' Mom posted this in the Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party forum:

There was one star brighter than all the others last night guiding home our precious Dixie Black Pearl...the Bridge was very crowded on the far side with all the angels who have gone before shuffling to find a spot to welcome her. Big WINston was front and center, drooling and barking...a beacon in the night. The rest of the Crew and Rocky were keeping an eye on Socks and Jenna as they kept trying to nudge closer to see. Levi & Kubbi, Brandibear,little Cocobear and Buh-ens were wagging their tails excitedly as they saw a beautiful, shiny Black Pearl angel with wings of glittering diamonds racing down the edge of the Rainbow to join all the happy, young angels waiting to greet her.

There were so many of Dixie's old friends there that she let out a howl of joy as she brushed away a tear, sad to leave her earthly family, but knowing that one day they would also cross over the rainbow and once again be all together. As she descended in the most beautiful field of flowers, the angels all barked happily to see their dear friend land in the arms of beautiful young man named Brendan, who kissed her and let her race to join them. The welcoming group had the biggest pawty ever and reminisced long into the night, telling Angel Dixie all about the wonderful sights she's see so clearly now and that her family would always know that she was watching over them, as all the other angels keep watch over their families.

Dixie told them about how she was guided to them by all the beautiful candles lit by her family and friends. She hoped that her family wouldn't cry for too long because she is now whole and happy to be free of pain. As the evening drew to a close, Dixie and all the other beloved angels blew kisses of gratitude to their loved ones left behind, thanking them all for the love and the wonderful times they had shared together over the years.

The angels all slept peacefully, knowing that they had left indelible pawprints in the hearts of their loved ones and would wait patiently to greet them into this paradise at the end of the Rainbow Bridge.


I joined the Chgo Crew of Angels Tonight

December 18th 2012 12:39 pm
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I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.

I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.

I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.


To honor our sweet girl,
please consider donating to:

Humane Society Calumet Area
421 45th Street
Munster, IN 46321


a little bit of this, a little bit of that...

December 4th 2012 10:04 pm
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Dixie took her Pepcid, and while she was waiting for the hour to be up, the Dad reheated his Chinese food from Sunday. Sniff, sniff, sniff... she seemed interested, so the Dad hand-fed her all the chicken chunks. Then he used what little remained of the black bean sauce and coated some hotdog pieces, chicken chunks, etc. Dixie picked the chicken out of her bowl, and took some of the hot dog pieces from the Dad's hand.

Then the picky little missy took her self over to Burt's bowl and chowed down on some of his Beneful Hearty Stew (that the Dad should NOT be giving Burt--he's such an easy touch). So, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, adds up to another SUCCESS!


the hand that got her to eat...

December 4th 2012 1:34 am
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Dixie, sadly, has stopped eating the Blue Buffalo, the Beneful Hearty Meals, the Chicken Teriyaki, the beef summer sausage, the Tyson steak strips,etc. It's a struggle day to day to find things that she'll eat.

We're feeding Dixie different things by hand, sometimes lifting her lip & rubbing the juice/gravy on her teeth so she'll taste what we're holding. Dixie's remaining vision is getting more spotty so she can't see what we're offering her. She can't smell what we're trying to feed her as she has a lot of nasal discharge. Our vet said it's a high possibility the cancer has manifested itself up in Dixie's nasal passages, given how it presented earlier in her eyes.

Thank you so very, very much for the continued prayers and PotP. Dixie's made it so much farther than they thought she would. We are very blessed.

a happy update:

I got her to eat almost 2 whole cheese hot dogs at around 5:15am, and Lar got her to eat 2 more around 9am. Before anyone weighs in about the dangers of nitrates and preservatives in hot dogs, you're missing the BIG POINT--SHE ATE SOMETHING!


side effects & some really good walks

November 19th 2012 2:53 pm
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well, the Prednisone did cause some GI tract problems. We increased the Pepcid and today the pile glop of #2 looked like it had NO BLOOD in it! Hurray!

Dixie seems to like Blue Buffalo stews. She eating almost everything we put out, so the Pred has improved her appetite. Still not doing too well with the dry kibble. Oh well, can't have eveything.

Had a nice couple of walks at the park over the weekend. Dixie's energy level on the walks seemed better than last week. (of course, we still walk a couple of steps, sniff, walk a couple of steps, sniff, sniff). BOL

Burt "watered" Dixie's head when they were both sniffing along the one of the park's baseball diamond backstops. Thank D*g we had brought some wipes with us. Came in handy on the opposite end from where we thought they'd be needed.

Burt continues to clean up Dixie's food bowl. He's doing better on the Blue Buffalo we picked up for him. Burt's shape is still very "burrito" looking... our Burt-ito! LOL


Blue Buffalo Wilderness

November 14th 2012 1:16 pm
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has that high protein, low carb mix that cancer hates. We are trying that with Dixie Doodlebug. This morning she ate her whole bowl and looked for more. A good sign.

Today, an empty bowl means joy. Tomorrow, bad test results, sorrow. We have been blessed with four years of love and will focus, hard, on the joy that is our Dixie.


all that love can do, will be done...

November 12th 2012 3:21 pm
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Dixie's staples came out 1-2-3... so much easier to remove than stitches! We took Burt with for moral support (and because he wigs out whenever Dixie goes without him). He was whining & carrying on so very much at Dr. Jackie's office Dixie was worried about HIM!

The plan is to continue the Prednisolone drops in Dixie's remaining eye. Her pressure today was 14, and the eye itself wasn't inflamed. Dixie still has particulate matter inside the eye (lymphoma cells) causing cloudiness and reduced vision.

Starting today we began the Prednisone series. 1-20 mg tab twice daily for 7 days, then 1 tab once a day for 7 days, then 1 tab every other day until the supply of 30 tabs is gone. Additionally we started a Pepcid regimen to try and alleviate any side effects of the Pred.

The Prednisone will increase her appetite, decrease her calcium level, and increase her thirst. Possible side effects other than digestive upset include Hot Flashes!!! (I feel ya, baby girl, I feel ya) BOL

On the way home we stopped for chicken. Lar had the idea of getting some gizzards. Bought a 1/4 lb bag and Dixie ATE THEM ALL (minus the breading, of course)!!! And we had really good luck again this morning with the Beneful prepared meal--ate over half of it.

People are already weighing in left and right on how we should proceed with Dixie. Please be respectful of our decisions. They are very hard to make, and are made with love.

All that love can do, will be done.


she ate something...

November 11th 2012 4:12 pm
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Dixie ate all the chicken from my Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich from Subway this afternoon. And we found some soft no corn, no wheat Bacon flavored training bits she seems to like.

In her current condition, Dixie is not a candidate for Chemotherapy. So, we are going to go ahead with the Prednisone, which will increase her appetite and lower her calcium levels, 2 very good things.

Picked up some little doggie diners--chicken stew, beef stew, etc. to try and tempt her to eat. At this point we are so not going to worry about food allergies. And if she doesn't eat them, Burt will.

That will become more of a problem... Burt's already big, and Lar's been giving him whatever Dixie doesn't eat. Being a lab mix, Burt has a big fat ol' Lab body and these skinny little legs and head. He's beginning to look like a Burrito. LOL

Will let you know how the staple removal goes tomorrow afternoon.

Much love to you all...


quality of life...

November 10th 2012 1:01 pm
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As we read everything we can lay our hands on about lymphoma, one thing keeps coming up, time and time again. This is a darn sneaky disease, that can be going full steam in a dog but the dog acts like nothing is wrong. Only after things have gotten so very bad, when organs are involved (like Dixie's eye) do you realize something is wrong.

As we wait for the results, b-cell or t-cell cancer, we begin to feel it's too late. Last month when Dixie had that diarrhea she couldn't shake, that could have been the tipping point into systemic illness. Already she doesn't eat in the morning, and it's becoming harder and harder to find something she will eat.

We feel cheated. We should of had 5 more years. Now maybe we have weeks. It's hard to celebrate each day of life when each day becomes a struggle to live.

I listen to her as she breathes. In and out, so loud, as if she ran a marathon. And maybe that's what these last weeks/months will be like. A grueling marathon, finish line in sight, but oh, we wish we could just keep running...

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