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I'm playing tag, do you want to play?

Tag, you're it!

November 16th 2008 7:22 pm
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I was tagged by Mulligan the "Agility Master."

The object of this game of tag is to learn some more things about your friends. You are supposed to list 7 things about yourself and post it in your diary. Then pick 7 friends to pass it on to and have them do the same thing.

1. I'm a picky eater when it comes to "meal time" but love snacks.

2. I go to work with mom in the athletic office at school where I have all kinds of things to play with.

3. My mom snuck me into a hospital in a shopping bag so I could see my grandma. I curled up with her and made her feel better.

4. I love meeting new people, especially small children.

5. If mom doesn't shut the door I'll sneak in the back bedroom and eat kitty poop. I say "yummy" but mom always says "ick."

6. I've flown so many times I've earned frequent flyer miles.

7. I go to the groomers every 2 wks and get to play with other Bichons while I'm there.

I tag:
Bubu, Sugarbear, Ryu, Coleman, Murphy, Poppy, Delphi

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