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Life is Ruff, but a Doggone Pawsome Time!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24th 2011 8:16 am
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Dear Doggie Diary,

Hey, pups! I know that I haven't written in a while...I'm very sorry about that! I wanted to update you on my life, while I'm here!

Mom made the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Team at school, along with four other girls in her grade. I am so proud of Mom! She has to put in so much work, going to practices almost every day. Mom always practices in her free time, like during Study Hall and at home. Plus, she loves it!

Things with Peanut have been getting easier. As some of you may know, Peanut passed away in late July. Now, whenever we think of him, it's just happy thoughts.

Lastly, happy Thanksgiving, pups! Mom and I are thankful for wonderful family and friends, food to eat and a roof over our heads. Mostly, we are thankful for every single military member or veteran who fights for our freedom every day...especially the military that can't be with their family for Thanksgiving, although they wish to. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of Licks,



Trying to Upload Photos/Random Updates

August 28th 2011 7:12 am
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Dear Doggie Diary,

Hey, pups! Mom and I are trying to upload some new photos, but Dogster keeps saying that it can't read our files. But, we'll keep trying!

I also wanted to share with you some random updates, while I'm at it! On Friday, Mom went to a dance, and then slept over with two of her friends! She said that it was alot of fun, but that she missed me alot! I also had tons of fun on Friday, because I got groomed! I love getting groomed, mostly because I smell so good! Mom says that I always look handsome, though!

Mom, Grandma, and I are going to go to the park today! We were going to go to the Bark Park, but we thought that it would be a little too muddy since it rained so much yesterday. Luckily, all we got from Hurricane Irene was some wind and rain. Good luck to everyone in the path of Irene-prayers go out to you, and your friends and family!

As most of you know, my guinea pig brother, Peanut, passed away last month. Tomorrow, he will have been gone for exactly a month. It's so hard for Mom, and it would mean alot to have us, and Peanut, in your prayers. And, on Wednesday, we would have had Peanut for exactly five years. We love and miss you so much, Peanut.

Peanut: August 31, 2006-July 29, 2011


Emergency Room (ER) Scare

August 5th 2011 12:23 pm
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Dear Doggie Diary,

Hey, pups! Yesterday, Mom had to go to the Emergency Room, after going to a place called Urgent Care. It's okay, though-it's nothing too serious. What happened was that Mom woke up and had a little stomach ache, but she gets those a lot, so she didn't really think much of it.

Then, Mom went to go play two games of laser tag with two of her friends. She had a HUGE headache during the first game. When Mom got home, she took a very, very long nap. Her temperature was over 103!!

So, Mom had to go to Urgent Care, which sent her to the Emergency Room. It turns out that all she has is Strep, which gives her a HUGE headache, stomach ache, and more. Her fever keeps going down, though. Everything will be okay!

Love you, pups!

Lots of Licks,



It's Getting Easier/How to Handle Loss

August 2nd 2011 7:00 am
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Dear Doggie Diary,

As you know, if you read my last diary entry, Mom's guinea pig (and my big brother), Peanut, passed away on Friday. It was very, very sad for our whole family, especially Mom. Mom has had the WORST couple days, because Peanut was her first real pet. If you would like to learn more about Peanut, please read the entry below this, titled 'R.I.P. Peanut'. Thank you.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that it's getting a little easier for Mom to handle her loss of Peanut. Whenever she goes to the grocery store and sees carrots (which were his favorite food) and peanuts, she gets a little teary. But Mom says that I have helped her through it so much. Now, whenever Mom thinks of Peanut, she tries to smile at the happy memories she shared with him, and how happy he made her. The only thing that Mom is sad about, now, (because she knows that Peanut is happy, because he gets to see his guinea pig family and friends) is that, since we buried him in our yard, whenever we move, it's like he's property of whoever buys our house. Mom doesn't like to think about that, but I guess she'll have to when the time comes.

I also wanted to share with you some tips on how to handle the loss of a pet, or human. Mom shared these with me, and has had so much support from her friends and family. Thank you so much for supporting us through this, pups.

1. Remember that they are in a better place-Heaven.

2. Remember that they get to see other pets that have passed in your family, as well as the family they knew before coming to live with you.

3. Remember that, no matter what, it wasn't your fault, and everyone has their time to come and go.

4. Try to remember all of the happy memories with your pet-not how sad you were when you found out about the passing.

5. Bury your pet with his/her favorite food or toy, so that they can have an unlimited supply up there.

6. One day, you'll get to see them again, when you pass.

7. Try not to cry too much, because your pet would want you to be happy, just like you were when your pet was around.

8. At the burial, try to give a nice speech. It would mean alot to the pet.

9. Remember that your pet gets to meet God!

10. Don't be afraid to talk to other family members, friends, or pets about it. You are NOT alone.

Mom and I hope that those 10 tips help. And, if a pet or family member or friend passes away, please let me know, and I will be sure to feature him or her in a future diary entry.

Best wishes, pups!

Peanut: August 31, 2006-July 29, 2011.


R.I.P. Peanut

July 31st 2011 10:23 am
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Dear Doggie Diary,

Friday afternoon, Peanut Landoff, my older brother who is a Guinea Pig, passed away. He was four years old, with an amazing spirit. We had the funeral last night, and, if it had been almost another month, he would've had his fifth birthday on August 31st.

Our family will always remember how he squeaked whenever anyone walked into Mom's room, where he stayed, since his cage was there.

Our family will always remember how he flipped over his igloo whenever he felt like having a little more fun.

Our family will always remember how his favorite activity was to cuddle.

Our family will always remember how he was scared of me, but still loved me, anyway.

Our family will always remember, most of all, how his favorite thing to eat was carrots.

Mom remembers how Peanut had the most colors of all of the Guinea Pigs at Petsmart the day they got Peanut. (I wasn't quite alive yet). Peanut just wanted the best for everybody, and wouldn't want anyone to cry over him, especially Mom. He was the best big brother a pup like me could ever, ever ask for. And I love him so much.

Every time we eat carrots or peanuts, or cuddle, or think about igloos or squeaking, we will think of Peanut.

And Mom saw him in the clouds today. She said that he will be looking over us for the rest of our lives, and that he will get to know his family better, and maybe even his brothers and sisters.

So, please just say a quick prayer, or eat a carrot, in memory of the best Guinea Pig in the world. Peanut had carrots as a bedtime treat every night, so Mom is going to give me a carrot every night before bed, because Peanut would want us to enjoy carrots just as much as he did. We buried him with some carrots, so that he can enjoy them in heaven, and maybe even share some with God.

Peanut, we love you so much, and we will NEVER forget you. Ever.

Peanut Landoff G.: August 31, 2006-July 29, 2011.

Lots of Licks,



Camps, Trips, and Lots o' Fun!

July 8th 2011 10:16 am
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Dear Doggie Diary,

Hey, pups! Sorry that I haven't talked to you guys in a couple days. But now I'm going to update you about everything that's going on, so that you'll kind of know why I won't be posting every once in a while for about a week, if that makes sense. BOL! Well, let's get started!

First of all, I just wanted to tell you pups that today, Mom babysat a very little baby named Parker! She said he's adorable, and a very happy baby who never cries. The parents of Parker own two dogs, a Lab, and a Labradoodle. The Labradoodle's name is Dakota, and she LOVES to greet people by jumping. The calm Lab, Campbell, is much more calm. Parker's grandparents have a little Toy Poodle named Candy! She's a sweet little diva! BOL!

Mom is going to volleyball camp for about 4 days, and she says that she is VERY excited, although she really hopes her roommate is nice!

Mom and Grandma are going to California, too, because we have family there! I even have some doggie cousins, but I've never met them. Mom hopes that I can meet them eventually, though. They get back from California the night before (at about 10:30) Mom starts school back in August! Mom is going to need some sleep! Good luck to Mom, and have safe travels, everypup!

Lots of Licks,



Happy 4th of July!!!

July 4th 2011 7:28 am
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Dear Doggie Diary,

Hey, pups! I wanted to wish you all a very, very happy 4th of July! And a happy woofday to America! YAY! :D :D :D

Do you pups have any plans for today? We don't, but we are going to try and make some later. Maybe I'll get to do some agility stuff! At least, I hope so!

And I also wanted to tell you pups about what Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, and I did yesterday! We went to a drive-in movie theater to watch the movie 'Cars 2.' It was pawsome!!!! There were a couple other dogs out there, too! And they even had concessions, bathrooms, and everything! At the stand where you got tickets, they gave me a Milk Bone! And on the way there and back, Mom read Dog Fancy and showed me all the pictures, since we sat together in the backseats of the Toyota. We didn't finish the June 2011 issue, though, because Mom was reading one of her summer reading books, too. We're really behind on Dog Fancy, Dog World, and Family Dog because of summer reading. But, hopefully, that will change very soon! And we got back at 12:30 last night!!!! That was crazy!

Also, happy woofday to my furiends, Jake, Mattie, Dixie, and Deogie!

One more thing-if you pups can find a place that is an agility class or practice area for agility (where you can practice on your own or with other dogs) in North Carolina, preferably near Fayetteville, that would be PAWSOME, pups! Thanks!

Lots of Licks,



Dogster Answers Request

July 3rd 2011 7:51 am
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Dear Doggie Diary,

Hi, everypup! I just wanted to tell you pups something really quickly.

So, most of you pups have heard of Dogster Answers, right? Well, many pups post their same question more than once, or a similar question more than once. I, and all the other helpers at Dogster Answers, would really appreciate it if you pups would only post your questions once. THe reason being is that some pups have questions that they post that won't be able to be seen, because of those other useless posts!

Thank you so much for reading and listening! I appreciate it!

Lots of Licks,



July Happenings

July 2nd 2011 7:26 pm
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Dear Doggie Diary,

Hey, pups! Tonight, I just wanted to talk to you pups about some stuff that's going on in July, while I had the chance! I hope all of you are having a pawsome summer! Please comment below and tell me what your plans are, and what you've done already. Sound good? Great! Let's get started!

Ok, so Mom just went to a sleepover party at her friend's house, whose name is Rosie. She turned 13 on July 1st! Isn't that exciting?!?!?! YAY! So, happy belated birthday to Rosie!

Also, today is the day that Princess Diana (in England) would've turned 50, although she died in a car crash about 10 years ago. Please look at this link and take a moment to pray for her and her family, or remember her in some other way. I'm sure it would mean a lot to everyone in England. Here's the link: ana-remembered-at-50-as-mom-2505388/#photoViewer=1

Just copy and paste the link into your internet bar, and it should come up. If not, just go to your search box, and type in 'Princess Diana on 50th,' and pray tonight. Thank you.

Mom goes to volleyball camp soon, and she'll probably go shopping and to the pool a couple of times. I hope you are all having a pawsome summer, and thanks for reading!

Catch ya next time, pups! And remember to comment below and tell me what you're doing, and what you've already done this summer! Enjoy!

Lots of Licks,



Today is my THIRD Woofday!!!

June 18th 2011 1:52 pm
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Dear Doggie Diary,

Pups, guess what?!?!?! I'm THREE YEARS OLD! Yep, that's right! I'm finally 3! I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!

And, even better, Mom, Grandpa, and Grandma are at the beach, so I'm celebrating my Woofday at Bed & Biscuits, where I get a golf cart ride, doggie ice cream, a Woofday party with my furiends, and two other treats!!!!!

Thank you guys for being my furiends! Love you all!

Lots of Licks,

Jet, the Woofday Pup

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