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Confessions of an Obsessed Food-a-holic (Or I Can Do BAD All By Myself)

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The Trip to the Bridge

May 19th 2011 7:44 am
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Last Wednesday morning I knew something was up. I just didn't feel the same. I didn't feel my back legs. Nana was beside herself. Aunt Margie called the Vet because Mum was in school giving those stupid math tests. I barked a bit - but didn't move. Nana brought me water. And then Nana offered me a piece of toast. I didn't take it. And to Nana? That was NOT GOOD.
She brought me Johnny's blanket from his room, and having that near me made me feel better.
I did manage to partake in a Begging Strip - Come on - I DON'T care how bad you feel - it's a BEGGING STRIP for Cripes sake! BOL!
That afternoon I was at the vet's. Dr. P was very upset, Aunt Margie was crying, and I was staying to get some IV's of steriods and antibiotics. I kissed everyone.
I felt a bit better then. On Wednesday night when I went to sleep? I saw a beautiful Being - telling me "Don't worry - soon you'll be Home with Me. I won't ask you to come sooner than you are ready to, I know there's one person you are waiting to see....."
On Thursday morning I woke up feeling a bit better. I even sat up and ate! And I waited for the one person I needed to see, to say "Good-bye for now, I love you" In the late morning the door opened and there was my Johnny - my boy who came and picked me up when he was twelve years old - now he is twenty-four! - He came to me and we talked, he told me how much he loved me - and I told him the same. When he left, I knew I could relax. Thursday night, I drifted off to sleep - and there was that Beautiful Being again in my dreams, this time saying - "Okay Trustina - you can come on up anytime you feel like it, we have someone special waiting for you" So on Friday morning, before I woke up, I followed the light and left.......followed it all the way up - to a place of such breathtaking beauty.....I couldn't believe it. And there waiting for me? Exactly who I knew would be there! My Rems!
So please Nana, Mum, Aunt Margie, and Johnny and Kylie, OL, Duds, and baby Anne - while I know you are sad that I am not with you? I am here, with Rems, and Bailey and Jamie Marie and Stolyi and so many others - watching over you - and showering you with love.



March 11th 2011 9:38 am
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that there's a container of potatoes and whole wheat toastie in the fridge. It's been there for TWO days now - it is MINE and I WANT IT NOW!


What the Crap?

March 6th 2011 8:22 am
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Hey - Anne's birthday was YESTERDAY - and we are NOT having cake and ice cream until today? WHAT THE CRAP IS UP WITH THAT!
Who cares that people had things to do yesterday and didn't get home until late afternoon and were "too tired" to do the whole celebration thing? WHO CARES?
All I care about are TWO THINGS - CAKE and ICE CREAM!


What a lovely Christmas Surprise!

December 26th 2010 12:30 pm
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Holy Milkbones! I was THE Diary of the Day - yesterday! Christmas Day! Wish my Aunt Marg hadn't been so busy and gone on-line and seen this YESTERDAY! Sigh, oh well - it scored me some extra doggie cookies today - and it even made Johnny feel a bit better! And today? SNOWSTORM! And one thing I L-O-V-E Love to do? Is go outside at bark at snow! And I just did! Now I have to go lay down and get cozy! Hey Nana! Did I tell you I was Diary of the Day yesterday on Dogster? Don't you think that means you should share that biscotti with me? BOL!


The boy

December 21st 2010 8:17 am
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Well I have some sad news to report. The boy - my boy who picked me out as a puppina, in who's eyes I can do NO WRONG - my Johnny - is back in the hospital, with an abscess (ableit a small one) on his intestine again. He is not happy, my Mom (his Mom) is not happy, Aunt Margie, not happy and Nana (aka "Crash) not happy either. He will be sprung out for the Christmas holiday and then have to go back in for surgery before the New Year. He is extremely pissed off. Wants this done and over with because A) He cannot eat anything right now and B) he has plans to take the Grad School SATS in early January and wants to go to see Boston College and a school in Bowling Green, Ohio because they are two of his Grad school picks. Sighhhhh This has affected my life negatively in the following ways:
1. Without him home? If I do something "wrong" there is no one there to defend me and say that I am "PERFECT"

2. Even worse than Number 1? The fact that since he can't eat, Nana has decided to forgo making her FAMOUS MOLLASSES cookies - GASP! THE HORROR of this!

3. Aunt Margie has said that she won't bake as many cookies as she had planned on either - again another HUGE HORROR!

Sighhhhhhh - I can't wait for this ordeal to be over with - get better fast my boy!


Oh Nana!

December 7th 2010 11:32 am
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Well, my poor Nana has gone and done it again. She took quite a spill. And I fear it is all my fault. I took a bag of brown sugar off the counter on Friday - right after Aunt Marge left to meet Mom and pick out a Christmas tree.
It was in the dining room and when Annie saw the bag of it she started crying and Nana came in and went to pick it up. The floors were very clean, and thus slippery. She was only wearing socks. And, sadly, she fell - on her face and her knee. Very HARD. She banged herself so hard we all went running. She was bleeding and crying and I felt so bad. She finally got herself up and called both Aunt Marge and Mom. Aunt Marge came home first and was beside herself. Then Mom came home and immediately took Nana to the ER. She was told she was very lucky - she didn't break anything. But she doesn't look like herself at all! She is all BLACK and BLUE - around her eyes and her nose. And yesterday she left the house wearing these big Movie Star Sunglasses. And when she came home she told us that the doctor said it will get worse before it gets better! Aii Yii Yii! All from me taking that damn bag off the counter! I am so sorry Nana! Please get better fast!


Sorry Margie!

December 1st 2010 4:35 am
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My Aunt Marg takes her lunch to work every day. She has been pretty smart lately - putting it waaaaaaay back on the counter where I can't reach it - because she learned the "hard way" that I am on the prowl at 5:00 AM and WILL take ANYTHING I can get my PAWS on.

So, yesterday morning it was quite a surprise and treat for me to see that lunch bag within easy reach! And, of course, me being me, I WENT FOR IT! And got it! And got caught by my Mom with it. Unbeknownst to Mom? I already took the one and a half burgers that were the main portion of this lovely lunch and enjoyed them.

So, imagine the surprise when Aunt Marge got to work and was putting her lunch away - only to realize THERE WERE NO BURGERS! BOL! Sorry, Margie! But they were good!

And - then on top of that? I found out I was a Daily Diary Pick! Woo-hoo! What a way to see out the month of November! YAY!


My love of bread

November 24th 2010 9:07 am
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I love me some bread. There's nothing better than a beautiful loaf of Italian bread all new and sitting on the table - and me stalking it - and getting it - and taking it into the living room and unwrapping it and EATING it - without GETTING CAUGHT! BOL!
Last Sunday - I saw a nice looking yam on the counter - and even though Aunt Margie and Nana were in the kitchen baking? I decided to go for it - sometimes they are so pre-occupied they don't notice - but they did and Nana yelled at me.
Then I went for it again - and got it all the way in the living room before my mother came and took it away from me - that was okay though because I prefer my yams cooked and CANDIED! BOL!


When you say Pizza - you should mean Pizza!~

September 14th 2010 5:08 pm
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Sunday my Aunt Marg was at her annual Frenchie picnic - Mom decided to take out some dough and make pizza - this is usually an Aunt Margene task.
She took it out and I watched her put it into a bowl and cover it with a towel.
Then she put it on the counter and said "come one, let's go see Nana" So I went with her. I overheard her say to Nana - "I just took out the pizza dough" - my ears perked up - Whooooaaaa - did she say PIZZA? I need to get me some of that!
So I slipped out of the bedroom and went back to the kitchen. Took that bowl off the counter, looked at it, and gee it didn't look like pizza to me. However, I know that looks can be deceiving so I took this mound of "pizza" into the living room and tasted it. Hmmm - didn't really taste like pizza. But who goes by the first taste? So I took another. Nope - still not feeling the pizza vibe here. So I took another. And another. Kept waiting to get the pizza feeling. But, lo and behold - after it was all finished? All I felt was CHEATED! Then I get discovered! And what does she say? That DOUGH was for pizza! Why didn't she say that in the first place! That it was DOUGH! Crap! Now I have an intense craving for pizza! Maybe I can get Aunt Margene to get it for me!


What's better than Trader Joe's Graham Crackers?

August 24th 2010 7:50 pm
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Crumbled up ones with Dark Chocolate covered almonds crushed up in them - also from Trader Joe's - I got myself that baggie off the counter this afternoon - and before you start barking at me about the badness of chocolate - there was a very SMALL amount in there - sigh - they used this as a topping for their ice cream last night!

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