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I'm a Mommy - NINE times today!!!

i'm a momma again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 6th 2006 10:57 am
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today is April 6th, 2006

i'm having puppies today ;)

so far i have two boys and two girls. the boys are both sable like me, one of the girls is too, the other girl is black and red like her daddy Mako.

i think i'm going to have some more....

be back later



I think i'm in labor...

April 3rd 2006 7:35 pm
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Well, my temperature dropped, it's day 63....

My human is pacing... So is Mako....

I hope they're coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at my picture... I'm as big as a house!


My puppies' pictures are up!

October 25th 2004 1:13 pm
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My human made a web page for me and my puppies!

the address is:

if you click on 'puppies' there are pictures of my babies up there. My puppies are two weeks old today. My human is taking more pictures tonight and she says she'll put them up.

There are pictures of my boyfriend up there too :)


Monday, Oct 11th, 2004

October 15th 2004 9:25 am
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Well, today at about 2:20am I became a mother again. My human had me wait two years to make sure all my other babies were doing well. Since they are, I got to be a mommy again.

My human's have been taking my temperature all week and thought the puppies were going to come over the weekend. I wanted to wait until this morning. This is how it went. Labor this time was pretty easy. Mom feeds me really well and gives me supplements to help with pregnancy and delivery so it was a piece of cake. I have good humans.

2:20 a.m. : Female puppy, black/red color, red collar
2:47 a.m. : Female puppy, black/red color, blue collar
2:58 a.m. : Female puppy, sable color, green collar
3:20 a.m. : Female puppy, black/red color, orange collar
3:40 a.m. : Male puppy, black/red color, red collar
4:16 a.m. : Female puppy, black/red color, green collar
5:34 a.m. : Female puppy, black/red color, red&blue collar
5:44 a.m. : Male puppy, black/red color, blue collar
6:08 a.m. : Male puppy, sable color, green collar

I don't know why my human puts collars on them. I know which one is which. They're all big and fat and healthy. I had nine puppies in about 4 hours. My human is jealous. She's going to have a puppy next year. She says it takes a lot longer than four hours for a human to have one puppy and i had nine.

Well, i'm going to sleep now. After a short nap it's puppy duty again. And breakfast, and lunch and dinner :) Did i mention that i love having puppies because my human feeds me a lot? I love food.

My human says she'll put pictures of my babies up on my page. Let me know if you think they're as cute as i do!

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