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Tails from A Yellow LabbyTrieber

Summer Fun

August 7th 2005 8:12 am
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Deer Diary,

It habs ben a gud summer, cept for da heat here in Mitchigan. We dont hab air conditionin' an it gets reely, reely hot in da house wen mom an dad boff go to wurk at da same time (ownley on Wed. an Fri., fank gudness).

My fend Callie jus sent me an my bruvver, Foydee, each a skeemin' munkey in da mail. I lubs doze skeemin' munkeys! I bites dem an dey skeems, so I bite dem sum more, an dey skeems sum more! Too much fun.

I am goin wiff mom to Lancaster, PA dis weekend to da "Summer Geyhound Festibal." We are going to hep Aunt Cara sell her geyhound stuff der. I usually stay in da vendor boof all day an nap. I am going to by my lubly feeansay, Lady Lilac, sumpfin der, too. She canna go to da Festibal dis year.

I hab lost almos 20 pounds since Januwary on my cancer diet ob Chicky an Bejables an Bitamins. Eberybuddy says I's lookin' bery "svelte." I doan no what dat means, but I fink it means I's lookin' piddy gud now. I sure do feel bedder. I ken hop up in da car a lot eazier, dats fer shur.

Welp, gotta go take a nap wiff my munkey. Hope all my fends an Pup Pals is habin' a gud summer too!

Knight Brownie


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