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My diary by Maggie

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Dog of the Day!

May 4th 2010 12:02 pm
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I just wanted to thank everyone for all the gifts, messages and friend requests for being Dog of the Day yesterday! It was a great honor. Mom gave me some extra treats last night too. I've been here almost 6 years and I finally got to be famous for a day!

~love from Maggie


The Loveseat Girl.............

September 23rd 2007 11:14 am
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Well, I'm very confused about where I'm supposed to be. One day I'm on my loveseat and the next day I'm LOOKING for my loveseat! What is up with that? Now I'm in a new house and WHERE is my loveseat, huh? I WANT it back now, please. I mean NOW ! Do not mess with my loveseat, it is mine and ONLY mine, thank you. Oh, there's something over there that looks like a new loveseat. Could it be a new one? It has MY name written all over it!! Here I come loveseat. Nap me away.........................


My Tail of Devotion for ~~Maggie~~

July 24th 2006 5:32 am
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My sweet Maggie,
You came into my life when I didn’t know what owning a dog was all about. I quickly learned after seeing your sweet little puppy face for the first time. I fell so in love with you! You are still my little girl after almost six years now. I’ll never forget when you were a puppy coming home one night after you chewed all the throw pillows and you were sitting in the middle of all the stuffing trying your hardest to look so innocent. It’s like you were saying “I really didn’t mean to do it”! That is one of my favorite memories of you as a pup. You also chewed up my expensive leather shoes. I forgave you because I just looked in those sweet, big brown eyes and know you didn’t really know what you were doing. They just tasted good to you. You mean that much to me. You are here with me and I feel so lucky that you are in my life and I’m in yours. When I come home after work everyday you are right there to greet me with that big tail wagging. We have our own language, too. Every word I say to you, you understand. I know I won’t have you in my life forever, but I cherish every moment with you. I hope the rest of our days together are filled with fun, adventure and exciting new things. I’ve tried my best to make you so happy and I’ll continue doing so. I love you sweet baby!

Your Mommie…….

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Today's my Birthday!

September 27th 2005 10:43 am
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Today I'm 5 years old! My mom's been giving me so much extra, special attention today. She's been giving me lots of kisses and treats. She says tonight when she gets home from work she has another treat for me and we'll go for a walk in the park, too! I love trying to chase the squirrels. I can never get them though. Well, off to take a nap! :)


Yes! I get to go in my pool again!

June 9th 2005 10:00 am
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It's been so hot and me being a dog and all and having all this hair, I just had to beg my mom to let me go in the pool! The water was very cold, but boy it felt so good. I just plopped my big old butt right down and enjoyed. Of course, I had to get in and out a few times and shake all over my mom. Then she came and stuck her feet in MY pool! Then I had to splash around a bit and get her wet. After that I got to sit on the porch and dry off and watch everyone go by. My two next treats were great! My mom combed all that loose hair out of me (about 5 pounds) and then I got a big bowl of ice cream!
Life is SO GOOD!


My sis Daisy's back and I'm loving Spring!

May 18th 2005 4:38 pm
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Oh no, my sister Daisy is all recovered from her surgery. I guess she was "fixed". And she's back like a crazy Daisy! Still tormenting me, biting my tail and jumping on my head. What is she possiblly thinking? I beat her up all time, but she still comes back for more. Someday she'll learn how to be a good girl, like ME! I love my sister though. My mom took both of us together for a walk a couple of weeks ago and again last week. I only see my sister on weekends, sadly. When I see Daisy it's an EXTRA special weekend for us! She told us we did GOOD! I love when my mom walks me to the park every night, just her and I. There are just so many trees and bushes to smell! I can't get enough! SPRING!


I MISS my little sister!

April 29th 2005 8:27 pm
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I thought I'd see my little sis and she's not here! Where in the world is she and what is she doing?


Oh boy, did I get in trouble!!

March 16th 2005 8:34 am
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I was a very naughty girl the other day! My mom lets me out in the yard at about 4:00 in the morning when she gets up. Well, I went out of the yard exploring a bit. A BIT TOO MUCH! I was going through all the backyards and sniffing just about everything. I heard my mom calling me and calling me, but I was having too much fun to come back. It was very cold outside though. All of a sudden I was in someone's front yard and I looked down the sidewalk and there was my mom walking towards me and she did not look happy. It might of been because she still had her pajamas on. I just don't know! She called me and I ran to her and she hooked onto my collar and home we went. Needless to say I did not get a treat when I went in the house. I was grounded! I went to lie down on my bed and I stayed there for a long time. Now when she takes me out I get hooked on this rope thing out in the yard so I can't go exploring anymore! :(


OK, Enough with winter, where's my pool?

March 10th 2005 3:43 pm
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Well, Winter has dragged on forever! I love all the snow, but I'm really a beach dog. A water dog, a chasing the ball in the water kind of dog. What's up with this? My mom let me out yesterday morning and I thought I was going to freeze my little toochy off! OH MY GOD! It was really cold. She keeps showing me all the pictures of you great dogs on the beach and in your pools. Then I had to mess with my sister Daisy last night. She was a total maniac. Would not leave me alone. She was all over my head and wanting to bite my tail. I really have to beat her up! She loves that. She still knows I'm bigger though. She's a tough little girl, even though she's HALF my size. OK gotta go nap....:)


Lots & lots of snow!

January 25th 2005 12:58 pm
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WOW! Winter has finally arrived. I'm so excited! I get to run around in my backyard all I want. It's so deep my belly gets cold going through it. I love putting my face under it. My sister Daisy tries to run after me and you can't even see her, the snow is so much higher than her. She's so silly! But there she goes, right behind me, "Miss Fearless." I try to make a path for her so she can keep up to me. My mom got mad at me the other day because I wandered over to the neighbor's yard. I'm not supposed to be there. I just had to though. It was even more snow to go through. I can't resist! I'm just a water and a snow dog! Well, got to go butter my Mom up and see if she'll let me out again!

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