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Dental day

August 28th 2008 5:19 pm
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BOL BOL you should see my pearlie whites!! when mom put me and Gracie in the car this morning I had no idea we were headed to the dentist - because our teeth just needed a good cleaning and nothing more serious, we went to a place that cleans and polishes without anaesthetic; they were very nice and Gracie and I are all clean and sweet smelling now.

Mom took the whole day off work so after we got home from the dentist and had some refreshments, she took us for a long walk. This was a good day !!


Schnauzer Meet-up

August 18th 2008 9:13 am
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Yippee! yesterday was our monthly schnauzer walk; once a month on Sunday we meet other schnauzers at one of the local parks for talk and walk - one of our members is Tuvok, his family takes lots of great photos and posts them on our site. You can see our photos here:


I went to the office again

August 15th 2008 7:43 pm
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mom has been off work this week, but today she thought she should go check her desk and email before the weekend - because Lucky is new here and doesnt want to let her out of his sight, she took him with her this morning--I wanted to go, so it was tough staying home and seeing them driving off together.....

but wait!! oh joy! lunch time and they're back - and then after lunch, mom says I can go with her this afternoon, and we'll see how Lucky does staying home with the poo's.

We were just there for a couple of hours this afternoon--I didnt enjoy this visit as much as the first time - mom was making these loud noises at her desk - like stamping stuff, and drawers opening and closing, and I got nervous and started to shiver - that scared mom, she thought I had to potty so she grabbed a plastic bag and took me for a walk - false alarm, but my shivering stopped - I just wanted to get away from those office noises. Soon after we packed up and came home....yay! The weather is so beautiful the back door is open and I can come and go in the yard any time I want.

PS Lucky did fine, but was sure glad to see us...I think he likes me!!


Sadness in the family this past week

August 15th 2008 7:31 pm
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last week my hooman grandma went to Rainbow Bridge; leaving behind her devoted toy poodle named Lucky. Poor Lucky had never been away from his mamma, and he couldnt understand the upheaval that followed.

I could explain what happened next in more detail, but I will leave that for Lucky, when he starts his diary.

Suffice it to say, Lucky came to us two days ago and seems to be doing well. He really likes having a yard again and I think he likes all of us too. Mom says he needs fattening up and she is on a mission to do that !

Also this week brother Jetta passed on to Rainbow Bridge - he had a myriad of health problems, and you can read the details on his page Mom is very sad, she says he was only here two years--but thats what happens when you give an old dog a home in his twilight years. We will always be grateful for those two years.

mom says it is nice to think that gramma and Jetta are looking after each other in heaven while we down here are looking after Lucky.


many blessings

August 10th 2008 7:44 pm
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today mom took me and Gracie to a neat old church out in the country that was founded in 1862. we had a Blessing of the Animals service outside... I was the only schnauzer there. A nice man petted me and because I am small he thought I was still a pup.

mom tells me she has seen ferrets, cats and even a pet rooster at previous events, but today it was all dogs. A bunch of bloodhounds came, boy are they big! I sniffed them all, size doesn't matter. one of them made funny sounds during the singing!

We have a nice souvenir program with Noah's Ark on the cover, mom's going to put it in my scrapbook, and we sang some songs and the lady minister came around to each of us and bestowed a personal blessing, and another lady came around with cheese biscuits. You can see me talking to the minister on my page.

That was a great time, and there was so much to sniff I couldnt hope to even cover 1/10th of it - i hope we go again

"All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all"


Great napkins

August 5th 2008 8:14 pm
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I have to say, mom has great napkins, big cloth things, wonderful for wiping my beard after eating - they come in all colors too, yesterday they were white, today dark blue............I like a fresh napkin every time. what's that mom? They're not napkins? They're actually what? -------- your pants? sorry mom......


I met whipped cream

August 5th 2008 8:09 pm
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Tonight for dessert mom made blueberry shortcake for her and dad, with real whipping cream - then she offered me the beaters to lick. OMD I thought I'd died and gone to heaven - was that ever Good!! Then she scrapped out the bowl with a spatula and handed that around to everyfur, so yummy - I tell ya, I could bury my face in that stuff!! sure hope we have it again soon.


Those poodles

August 5th 2008 8:41 am
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I am slowly getting used to those poodles, I mean they don't look anything like me so I was kinda suspicious you know, but now I've sniffed them all over and observed their routines, I think they'll be ok, no one seems jealous and I kind of slid in with no problem. I think I'm going to play the most with Gracie; she's the most energetic and about my size and we race around the yard together with no problem.

Sometimes I get Gracie mixed up with Liddy, but then I have to remember Liddy can't play, she's too wobbly on her legs. mom told me Liddy couldnt walk for a few months and has just gotten back on her feet, literally. She's a determined pup and I hear she just started doing stairs again after more than a year also.

Well its a nice sunny morning so I've got to go sniff over the yard, BOL at ya later... come on Gracie, let's get out there!!!!!!!!!


Mom went away and all I got was.....

August 5th 2008 8:34 am
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mom went off to Oregon for a couple of days to attend their yearly Schnauzer Walk - she had read about it on some schnauzer lists and always wanted to go so this year she got her chance.

At first I thought I might be going, but then it was decided that the drive was too long, might be too hot, and since I had only been here in my new home for two weeks, it might not be a good idea to take me away just I toughed it out with dad and the poodle pack, it really wasn't bad, nothing changed except that mom was absent....

After two sleeps we got a phone call that she was back, and would be pulling into the driveway shortly, oh joy! I rushed to the gate to await her arrival, and when she opened the gate I was so excited I ran right past her and down the driveway toward the street - mom said it was a heart stopping moment, but she called my name as if nothing was wrong and, oh thank doG sez mom, I turned around and ran right to her !!

Check my page, do you see the schnauzer tea set she brought me, isn't it cute!! of course I can't play with it, mom has put it on display already, and maybe we won't even use it, but it sure beats getting one of those T-shirts that sez "my mom went to XXX and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" Don't you agree?

Life is good, mom is back, I slept on her head last night, weeeeee!!


I'm a healthy girl

July 28th 2008 4:26 pm
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the dogtor phoned today and said my blood work is all normal, ain't that grand !!!!!! Guess I'm looking at a dental now !!

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