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"Haven Fun on Dogster"

August 18th 2008 3:50 pm
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Hey guys it's been a couple of days since i wrote in my diary that's because i have been busy busy busy yet again i made two more friends that also love my page and joined some more groups that are really awesome. I'm supposed to go for a walk pretty soon maybe this evening i don't know yet. My mom has been busy with errands and things alot lately so it's hard to get time to play or go for a walk with everything going on so that's all for now peace out home dogs.


"Doggie Tune up"

August 11th 2008 5:02 pm
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My mom was really proud of me today cause i remembered my new trick that i learned the other day that i mentioned in one of my diary entry's. It was the one where my mom say's come and i come and she didn't even have to remind me to do that i just did it on my own. I am so proud of myself too because i accomplished something today. And you know how i mentioned a couple of days ago in one of my diary entry's where i had an itch that drove me nuts because it was in the middle of my back and my owner got a brush to scratch it for me well it just happens i don't have worry about that no more because today my owner came outside with some spray and i was not sure what it was at the time so i had this look on my face and my mom said it's okay it's flea and tick repellent it will stop my itching so i was like OH BOY, THAT'S GOOD so that was a relieve for me i was sure wanting to get rid of them pesky flies.


"Play Time"

August 9th 2008 2:52 pm
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My owner finally got things done around the house yesterday and i finally got a chance to go out and play for a little while and this time there were no distractions such as people making noise driving up the street. It seemed alot more quit yesterday which was a good thing. I normally handle noises but that was a loud bagging noise and music when i didn't realize it because normally if i see it happening i can concentrate on other things and be able to do number 2 when i need to and also i done a few tricks yesterday and got treats which is awesome. My owner told me she got me some yummy pedigree which i love very much and she gave me some yesterday. So today is a good day i have been relaxing on the lawn the usual stuff so that's all the excitement i have had for one day i will write later but until then stay cool buddy's.


"Dog Days of Summer"

August 8th 2008 2:45 pm
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I have been outside for the most part today relaxing on the lawn and what not. I'm supposed to play with my owner this evening so i can learn more tricks and play fetch to earn treats which is what i love to do but first my owner says she has to get some things down around the house then we can play. I seem to hear a noise and it is my dad mowing the lawn i don't like the more so i bark at it constantly because it hurts my ears it's too loud and then what i don't like is my mouth gets dried up and i have to get a drink of water cause i bark at it too much. Other than that things have been good.


"Doggie Distractions"

August 7th 2008 5:33 pm
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My owner and i go outside to get some exercise this evening since it was cooler than earlier today and this is what ticked me off i was running up and down the fence and i kept hearing a noise and my owner did to and i was trying to figure out where it was coming from and come to find out it was someone in a car driving up the road making noise talking and screaming in their car with the radio full blast. I needed to go and do number 2 and everytime i tried to something made a noise and threw off my concentration and then i had to hold it until later cause it scared me and made me get in my house. Then, i had an itch which drove me nuts because i could not reach it because it was in the middle of my back i hinted to my owner and she got the brush and scratched it for me and then i was sitting in my house scratching and making noise trying to find a good enough spot to lay down in which seemed to make my mommy laugh because i peped my head out everytime i scratched. I figured out a new trick today when my owner says come i will come and when she says stay i will stay which is awesome because i got a treat in return and you guessed it a yummy juicy hot dog which is my favorite how can you not resist.


"Doggie Detective Work"

August 4th 2008 12:01 pm
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Well it's been a month and a half now since i been on Dogster and enjoying every minute of it. I have been getting special gifts from my pals and been giving out special gifts in return to my pup pals. For some reason, or another i seemed to be hunting around for my bone that i had last week or maybe two weeks ago in the back yard and cannot seemed to put my paw on it i covered it up with dirt and you guessed it got my nose dirty in the process and then my owner comes out and says "what is it" cause i had that look on as if i'm up to something and then i got an idea as to where it was and i went around my house and started digging and there it was shish that was a close one.
Yesterday my owner feed me and boy was it hot outside and it made me not want to eat i just stood there for a moment looking at it and my mommy says "go ahead and eat your food" and i wouldn't i just kept walking around it and laid down next to it but i eventually ate it cause my owner said there's a milkbone in it for me and you know how i like milkbones and also cause it was cooler in the evening but over all things have been good for me still making friends and what not life's been good.


"Another Day"

July 26th 2008 5:25 pm
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Hey pals, it's been a couple of days since i have typed a new diary entry and well that's because i have been busy busy busy on dogster exploring new things and still getting familiarized with everything. I have also made two new friends which is awesome for me and expect to make even more. Man is hot outside or what, i have been outside today and it was like an oven it can almost cook ya if you stayed out in the hot sun very long because it would make me very hot but unfortuntly i have plenty of shade and Air conditioning most of the time. Well stay cool my home dogs and TTYL.


"Hey pals"

July 22nd 2008 1:37 pm
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I managed to make another buddie today and still hope to make more and it's the seventh day i have been on dogster. One of my pup pals liked my slide show that i have created recently and since i'm such a smart and nice dog on dogster which my owner also says i am too i managed to help them create one for themselfs. So i have had my snack today and i have eaten earlier today. It sure has been a hot day and yesterday was even hottier for me and i have been stayen cool by drinking plenty of water and ice cream which i love especially when it's hot outside. Well that's all the excitement i've had for one day so TTYL.


"Hey Buddies"

July 21st 2008 1:40 pm
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I have been on Dogster for six days now and been haven fun ever since then. I have five friends now and made two new friends these past two days and hope to make more. To all the dogs out there Your all invited to come hangout and be pals and have fun with me just send me a request. You doggies are always welcome.
Ah, i am sure tired, me and my owner was playing fetch and i sure got hot and had to laydown for a while. I'm kind of hungry now because my owner hasn't fed me yet because i don't like to eat when it's hot outside but i sure could use a snack because i usually don't eat until evening but i have yummy goody snacks for lunch from my owner which i love very much and my mommy too. Well i will talked to you guys later for now peace home dogs.


"New Snack"

July 19th 2008 12:04 pm
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I seemed to have found a new snack today it is the color of a tennis ball but a little bit smaller and tastes like a candy apple and is hard like a candy apple. My owner told me it is a green apple and i have a hard time biting it into little pieces and my owner doesn't want me to have it because there afraid i could get chocked on it or swallow it hole so instead i just play fetch with it if you haven't noticed i have a photo of this being done. I am outside for the most part again today it is very hot and my owner tried to spray me again with the hose pipe and got me when i thought it was save to come out and no body was looking.
Well that's all the adventures i have had for today so i will write later when i have more for now Be good buddies and take care.

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