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a doggie's tale

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today is: tuesday march 27th, 2012

March 27th 2012 10:37 am
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greetings this is: trevors,

well I hope that everyone is doing just great these days and in good health too your parents and family, and friends too.

these days it has been very nice here where me and my sister live, i personnaly love watching tv and movies, and cuddleing too. but sometimes here lately ive to watch my darn sister jasmine.

cause she is a puppy and believe me puppys love to play and get into trouble and thankgoodness for naps too !! cause she can drive me nuts too.

Personnally i think im getting older in my doggie years, cause my mommie says im 10 years old and believe me i feel it too !!

Well around the 1st im probably going to be visiting the vet for a check up and shots and tags. and im not looking forward to it - i dont like going to the doctors at all, but mommie says ive to do it for me health..

by the way happy late st patricks day everyone from jasmine and me and to all the march birthdays i missed and my sister missed too happy late birthdays !! i hope that you had the very best birthdays ever !!!

Well i hope that everyone has a great week this week and have a great day.

take care, cheers

trevors and thank u very very much for everyone that voted for me for diary of the day

God bless everyone


today is: feb 26th,2012 sunday

February 27th 2012 1:38 pm
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greetings, this is: trevors

Today is: finally sundays, and i cant wait untill tonight, cause the grammy's are coming on tv.

well thankgoodness my mommy gave me a bath, here recently cause i was dirty. and i like to be clean.

But what can i say, i love treats too and relaxing !!

and my pet peeve is: i dont like baths or my nails done !!

have a great week,



Today is: saturday feb 4th, 2012

February 4th 2012 4:12 pm
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hello to all my pals,I hope that everyone is in good health these days and your familys.

Well last night mommy said that we had a cold front that moved in our state oklahoma, and gosh today - its cold outside !!

I personnally like to relax these days and watch tv and movies, I love snow, but no snow unfortunnally.

Tomorrow is the puppy bowl-according to my sis, and its also the super bowl !! so knowing me who knows what ill be watching...

tonight i had dog food and a little cheese, i cant wait untill tomorrow who knows maybe treats !!!

Its time for a nap, i need my guy sleep.. this way i wont be cranky.

nighty,night to all my pals, sleep dreams



today is: jan 29th, 2012 sunday

January 29th 2012 5:42 pm
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Hey everyone, was up ? woof woof

This is: miss jasmine, hows everyone doing these days ? well i hope that everyone is in great health these days and doing good.

well as of my mommy,she got up around noon, and then between 1pm and 2pm she left to go work for her friend, she works part time for them- cleaning and doing errands, and watching her friend's dog chewie for his mom lita.

As of me -today i got into trouble,and so i had to be put in time out- for it, which is in the kitchen behind a baby gate. But according to my mommy ill probably have to have a crate unfortunnally. so when mommys gone ill have to be put in it and when she comes back its play time.

tonight, i get to watch my shows and hang out with my mommy,trevors,dad.

have a great night everyone, and thanks for everything !!




today is: jan 29th, 2012 sunday

January 29th 2012 5:22 pm
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greetings everyone,

well today, has been a good day-i woke up around noon, and of course my mommy woke up and got ready for today. She did lots of laundry at her friends house -that she works for part time, she cleans their house and watches chewie sometime for her friend lita. chewie of course is a dog and he is a beagle and about 3 years old.

me -personnally i got to stay around here and watch tv, and watch my sister jasmine. she loves to get in plently of girl puppy trouble when mom's away.. As of me, im the perfect one..

Well tonight on the menu -its dog food with maybe some cheese in it-if mom lets us. And as of her, well she is having, either tuna salad or speghetti for dinner. And cant wait also -because once upon a time comes on abc at 7pm, and my other shows come on too, so its going to be a good night tonight.




greetings this is: trevors, today is: thursday jan- 19th,2012.

January 19th 2012 6:13 pm
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today it sure has been a beautiful day outside,but ive been inside relaxing and taking it easy. my favorite weather is winter- because of the snow !!

well my mommy went out to eat of course, and she brought back some left overs - yeah !!! because usually all me and my sister get to eat is dog chow and of course we get treats at times.

well i hope this week, its going to be nice out. but unfortunnally it can always change,darn weather.

Ive got to go, mommy says its dinner time for us. well i hope that everyone has a great night tonight and great day tomorrow !! heck its almost the weekened -yeah !!!

take cares,

trevors xoxoxo


greetings today is: friday jan12th,2012

January 12th 2012 8:11 pm
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hey this is: trevors,

well here lately it has been quite very cold outside and i personnaly like it at times.

today-my daddy got a new tv, its pretty cool its a hd tv.
as of my mommy -she had arrends to do of course,such as: go to her aunts,dollar general,big lots,walmart and then go eat.

here lately my mommy has been sick with a cough and cold,and her tummy has been hurting, and as of daddy well he hasnt been feeling very well these days. hopefully he will get to feeling better soon and so will mommy.

as of my sister- well she has been doing good, loves to play and bark of course. and me well i love watching tv and sleeping, and occasionally going to petco,walks,playing.

and as of tonight- well its been early bedtime for everybody just about,except mommy.

well i hope everyone has a great night and great day tomorrow.

take care,



happy holidays to all my pals, and God bless everyone

December 17th 2011 3:38 pm
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hey this is: trevors,

gosh have i had a good day today, we did arrends with mom and it was pretty good, we went to see her aunt ann and then go to pizza shuttle, and two other arrends and thats it.

heck me and my sister evan got some treats too and mommy got some ice cream.

well as of last night, she gave me a bath and let me tell you that was ok, but i really dont like baths, heck evan my sister was wanting to check the bathroom out for herself to see what was going on exactly.

gosh i cant wait untill christmas, cause i get presents yeah !!! and so does my sister jasmine.

happy holidays everyone, i hope that everyone has a safe and holiday season.



today is: dec 8th, 2011

December 8th 2011 6:15 pm
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Hey this is: trevors,

well today ive had a good relaxing day, and got to watch tv. gosh it sure has gotten colder these days at night, in some states there getting snow- which i think is pretty cool.

I love snow and also ice cream vanialla and strawberry. I cant wait untill christmas - cause i get to celebrate it with my sister and my family.

well have a great night everyone, take care



greetings, its almost thanksgiving

November 23rd 2011 4:16 pm
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hey this is: trevors,

im very excited cause tomorrow its thanksgiving, and that means food,food and more food and company !!!

plus i get too see my mommys family hopefully and her neices and nephew and that means play company for me and my sister jasmine.

well the weather should be good too thankgoodness.

take care everyone, and i hope that all my friends have a good thanksgiving this year !!!

God bless


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