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A day in Jenna's life

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Boring rainy day.

November 8th 2008 4:50 pm
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Saturday. A day were Mom is home and makes noise cleaning the house.
First, I must go out to the potty corner. It's raining, yuck. So, I do this quick, I don't feel like staying out. Come home and have a great meal (kibbles and Merrick canned).By 10h00 AM, I decide to go take a nap and Mom is organizing the cupboards. At least , she don't make too much noise now.I come back downstairs around lunch and we go for a walk.Lots of leaves on the ground, makes it hard to sniff the grass. Then, surprise, I get tagged. Alexandria, my BFF got me good.I need a diary, oi, Dad...could you start typing? But Dad is at work... Email. OK Jenna, I will do it tonite.Now,I am a bit stuck, this is a first. Be it, I will tag Geena. She is a good friend and will probably play.Better hurry, Dad wants to go watch hockey.(Nov 8, 2008)


Another gray rainy day but, not so

November 9th 2008 7:31 pm
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Sunday, Nov 9, 2008
Pitiful day that turned out great on Dogster. I entered to play the Hidden pic game and was told that I had to request OK to post an answer by Bonzer. So, I did. I guessed the answer and won but, Bonzer had given me his guess . So. I posted again saying that Bonzer deserved the prize.Bonzer posted that no, the prize was mine. The prize is not what matters here,Bonzer is a true friend and showed class. Thank you Bonzer.I also had plenty pets from visiting family and played a lot with the kids.Going to bed now, it's passed 10h00 P.M.


Typical Monday

November 10th 2008 11:37 am
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Monday and Mom's at work. Dad is off on this day and is working outside preparing the rose bushes for winter.Why aren't they furry like covering.Catching up on my beauty sleep. Week-ends are a killer. So much action around specially when we have visitors.Ah well, c'est la vie.Later, I am going to see Grandma and probably get some Italian treats...I love pasta.


A little something special

November 12th 2008 12:44 pm
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I am so happy today cuz Dad has done something to one of my pictures and it looks so good...Thanks Dad. It's also more seasonal...Hope we go to the dog park tonite, I got to run some to stretch my muscles...


Sunday, Nov 16,08

November 16th 2008 6:20 pm
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Been absent for a few days. Had a good time playing games on Dogster Group. Nice k9s and felines.Zoe's Mom doing a bit better. Wish her well.Dad had to work today so, no big walk for me. Tomorrow's another day .These week-ends kill me. Everybody's at home and I don't get to sleep as



November 18th 2008 10:24 am
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Mondays and Tuesdays is when I catch my sleep back. After the week-end, I am always tired cuz, Mom and Dad are at home and we go to the park.I had a good run and played with a black Lab. Muddy grounds, dirty paws...
Went to Grandma and of course had some pasta...Home alone today. Peace and quiet


Tuesday, part 2

November 18th 2008 1:54 pm
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Well, Dad did a great job at making my page look a little more crazy, till I get new pics of Mom and Dad are kinda nuts about me.I wonder who trained who?


My new Dogster Plus page.

November 19th 2008 6:48 am
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I am so happy today. Someone offered me a great gift. A Dogster Plus page.
I do not know why but, it is very much appreciated. I just don't know how to thank my friend for being so generous. I have to start looking into this or maybe better to just appreciate and say Thank You...


Taged by Bridget

November 20th 2008 7:48 pm
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Some facts about me,
1. I was a rescue and waited three weeks before my now Mom came in.
2. At 7 months of age, I joined my now family, furrever.
3. Being a good girl, took only 2 weeks to ask for the door.
4. Mom and Dad are totally crazy about me.
5. Mom bakes great cakes and cookies, dogie style.
6. Dad calls me an angel with a fur coat.
7. I'm the most gorgeous Golden on my street, being the only one.


Sunday, Simcha and Erick' s day

November 25th 2008 5:28 pm
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Sunday, Nov 23, 2008
This was a very special day. Dad's family came over to meet Erick's (Dad's son) future wife (Simcha). Such a pretty girl.... smart too. Mom made a scrumptious orange spice cake. Erick made an unusual bread pudding that had dark chocolate and whipping cream in it, plus mini choco croissants. Everybody enjoyed themselves and I got so many Then, Mom serve her homemade pizza, everybody went ooh, ahh. Was a long day. I did not get to sleep much but, between the kids and the adults, it was fantastic. A day to remember.

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