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A day in Jenna's life

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3 years already

May 21st 2015 6:04 pm
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You left us for better days. The Big C took you away.You, gave us amazing years as a companion, a friend,our girl.
Mom and Dad will never forget, sweetheart.You sent us Maiyah. She does not replace you. She makes it bearable.
Maiyah is different even if also A Golden
A vigil candle is lit in front of your picture,
Mom and Dad


Almost 3 weeks now...

November 17th 2012 6:00 pm
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Hi there,
A week ago, we went out of town to pick up our little Maiyah Sahara.
We made it safely and without car sickness with our bundle of joy.Very demanding, training on all fronts. But, there is always a but, Maiyah turns out to be very fast learner, and a sweetheart.We already see a bit of a difference in her hight, her facial features and attitude.She eats well and is a happy girl (looks like).A clown, a real clown. Makes us laugh and cry of joy. Thank you Jenna for helping us.
Thanks to all from Buhens . Without your support, it would have been a nightmare,
Anna, Claude, Maiyah and Jenna


Time moves ever so slowly.....

May 28th 2012 7:06 pm
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It was a week ago that Jenna went to the Rainbow Bridge.She is greatly missed and will never be forgotten.Sunday, yesterday, we felt that so many signs came our way???Jenna saying she is OK...? Met a lady at the park where we went for a walk. Somehow, we had to backtrack because of a closed pathway and that put that lady on our path. She was walking a 8 year old Golden Retriever female.Needless to say, that we kinda went to see the furr that looked like she knew.Mom broke down crying and the lady figure about what had happened.So, she offered a shoulder and we walked together for a while.
It was a bit of a therapy.We made the lady promise to her girl.
Furr now, we are taking small steps at healing, with the help of our friends, here, at Buhens.
Thank you again, our family,
Anna, Claude, and yes, Jenna


Rainbow Bridge

May 21st 2012 6:32 pm
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It had to happen.We wished and wished with your help, all of you but today, Jenna ask us for one more favor, to let her go. To stop her suffering, specially today where things went totally out of control, poor Jenn could not even get up.Black stools (we know what that means)heart rate way off, could not even keep water in.
6 years, 6 beautiful (too short) years.
Jenna, we will NEVER FORGET
We will always love you for, you changed our lives.For us, (sorry),no greater Golden (or dog)could exist.
Mom and Dad and family with you furrever.
We decided for a individual cremation and will be keeping the ashes.
We shall continue to come around to share, partake and simply be with friends,
Mom, Dad, and yes, Jenna


Monday is grooming day

May 8th 2012 6:37 pm
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Went to see my lady "hair dresser"...Was in desperate need of a trim and the wash felt good also.Dad said that I look like a million bucks, whatever that means.
On the scale again. I put on 2 more pounds.I will have to slow down and get to 60 max at a sslowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww pace. I do look much better than 3 weeks ago. Dad says tha I looked a bit scary booooooo.
Fuller at the face makes me look more like me (???)
Thats it furr now and regards and thanks to all my here friends, hoomans and paws,


My health updates,

April 29th 2012 5:39 pm
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Hi guys,
Last Thursday, we went back to the Vet Hospital. Blood tests came back very good, I managed to put on a pound, not much but for me, it is a lot.The doc put me on chemo pills, tiny little things. Hope I dont go all off track.
My mood is better than expected, but, we try to go day by day. Lets not get carried away.
Sunday, Mom, Dad and I went to abig park near home. It is an island off Montreal. Saw duckies, cardinals, robins, etc.We all had a great walk, fresh air and Mom, back home, made a succulent supper of gnoccis with tomato sauce, baguette, marinated olives and a tad of red vino...(not for moi)Cool nite, shall sleep well,
Jenna and pack



April 10th 2012 6:38 pm
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April 2012.
What a way to start a page. Jenna has been off track for a few months but, nobody could tell what.... Now we know. That freakin disease.I may be around for 3 to 6 months. Mom and son and Dad are devastated.But, a great friend suggested that we smile at Jenna, make her feel positive. Furrs feel when you are negs.
Cant concentrate for now. Be back eventualy.
Dad for Jenna
Always in our hearts
And today, the next day, we can say this...Thank You all. You all are being such comforting friends,


Hip number 2...

September 9th 2010 1:10 pm
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Sept 17 th is just around the corner. Dad is going for his pre-opp tomorrow and that will bring him to a week from the next surgery.Dad's worry is that he hopes that it works just as well as the firs opp...Would be nice to be able to walk around normally, give Mom the big break that she deserves and, further down the road, maybe finally, get some time off for both of them, alone. A simple week-end would be a great start.
We want to thank everybody for the support and understanding given.And to a very special lady, Big Hugs and Merci.
She will know who she is lol


Surgery number 2

August 12th 2010 1:16 pm
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A few months after Dad's first hip replacement, he is doing much better with that hip/leg. Now, the other hip is also "gone" and the opp is on Sept 17th. We mall wish for Dad to have no more pain after that second surgery.I, Jenna, can't wait to go for a nice walk with Dad, I miss those moments that we shared specially on Sunday morning, where, there is no rush, hope for a sunny day, sit in the park and enjoy the sounds (birds) and just be with Dad.
Mom told me that she misses going with Dad and I, like a happy family, the 3 of us. That's it for now. I love Dad and wish him the best and, again, Thanks to Auntie Pam for her support and understanding.


Dad's new parts...

April 17th 2010 1:32 pm
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On April 21st, my Dad will be undergoing surgery. Will have the left hip replaced.Too much wear and tear. He has bee in pain for a while but now, after the opp, will be a new pain but a pain that will eventually disappear. Friday, at the hospital, for the pre-op day, Dad had tons of questions and now, is happy to go get "fixed"...
Mom will get her "helper" back and I shall get my Daddy back for those nice strolls in the morning. Go Dad Go

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