Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Rtvr.
Picture of Cocopuff, a female Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Rtvr.

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Age: 9 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Miss Puffy Pants

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May 1st 2006

Going for ice cream with Dad

Not being able to go with Dad

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Ice cream

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Highly developed communication skills

Arrival Story:
Cocopuff came to our shelter, a 2 mo. old pup that had been pulled out of the interstate on a 105+ degree day. Fell in love with her and the rest is history.

Coco is a true alpha, always in charge and sometimes a bit of a challenge even for a seasoned veteran like myself. She is incredibly intelligent and has attained a high degree of communication (both expressive and receptive) with me. She is the founding member and leader of the notorious "Butterfly Gang" and she and her friends will spend hours chasing butterflies (or their shadows) around our yard and shelter. She has an adopted "puppy" (Lil Puff) who is her best friend and second in command. Lil came to our shelter a VERY sick little puppy dying from a combination of Parvo and pneumonia (very common around here in the springtime) and although we have a better than average success rate on saving them, unfortunately we lose a good number as well. One look at Lil told you that she would not be one of the lucky ones but, of course we tried our best anyway and fell in love with her in the process. She was a fighter and, against all odds, started to slowly recover and we promised her that if she made it, she would have a forever home with us, told her about all of the fun things that she could do with me and Cocopuff. As she began to take her first wobbly steps in over a month, my Coco took her under wing and, to this day, Lil Puff is the only dog here that cocopuff does not boss, treats her as an equal. We were terrified that Lil would always be a weak and sickly dog but she has matured into a healthy, robust, sweet, loving girl. She and Coco are inseparably and it's a thing of beauty to watch them race through the woods and cotton fields glued together in a wild quest to find something new to sniff out and explore. Scary thing is, she even looks more and more like Cocopuff every day and it's gotten to the point that I'll by lying in bed watching tv with them and petting Lil only to find out that it's actually Coco or the other way around. We may be a little crazy but they both have their own nonsense bedtime songs and really seem to enjoy this. Miss Ccocpuff is also the official Spokesdog for our shelter and has her own web page where she and I speak out about quality of life, humane and ethical issues with regard to companion animals. You can see her there by going to and clicking on the link to Ccocpuff's Corner.

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Miss Puffy Pants

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July 11th 2008 More than 6 years!

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The Cocopuff Chronicles

Cocopuff has a boyfriend!

September 28th 2008 4:42 pm
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Yes, my Cocopuff has a boyfriend. This may not seem particularly noteworthy unless you know Miss Cocopuff. In her little mind, most dogs fall into three categories: Those not worthy of her attention--she basically ignores them (not a lot of dogs in this category, but a few), Enemies-even fewer of those but there are a couple of dogs she definitely dislikes, Subordinates--most dogs fall into this category. Fortunately, Coco is on very friendly terms with her lessers but the relationship is not one I'd be inclined to call friendship. She has reserved true friendship, up until now, for 'Lil Puff. They are pals. They are equals. They are thick as thieves and together they rule (at least as much as I'm willing to let them). We have a young Golden mix at the shelter who was very sick when he came in. Having nursed him back to health, we've pretty much let him have the run of the shelter and I've been occasionally letting him out with me and the girls when I'm working around here. I was watching him and Cocopuff play and realized that she treats him much the same as she does 'Lil. Jesse is every bit as much of a high-energy dog as my Cocopuff and they wrestle and chase each other until they're exhausted. In all of this, I don't see any of the dominance thing she puts on her subordinates but seems to accept him as an equal. Maybe it's a retriever thing. I'll be interested to see how they interact out on the trails but it's deer season right now so I'll have to wait a few months for that. Unfortunately, Jesse is up for adoption. I'd love to see him get a good home but I hope Coco isn't heartbroken when he does. Keeping him myself is out of the question I've got all that I can keep up with already.


A day at the Beach

July 26th 2008 5:08 pm
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I'd recently taken a week off from work and had promised the girls, Cocopuff and 'Lil Puff, a day at the beach. I managed to get sick on the first day of my vacation and went back to work still so sick that I had no business being there. When I finally got another day off, I took my girls to Edisto State Park Beach in Carolina. It's a bit of a drive but worth it as there are no hour restrictions as to what times they can be on the beach. They do have to be on a leash which upset Coco consideraby as she is used to Forest at Hilton Head where she can roam free under voice control. As it was Lil's first time,a
leash was no issue, she stayed glued to me with a slack lead lying across my hand. Funny, her response to the ocean was exactly the same as Cocopuff's first time-oh wow,water! crap, it moves! They both enjoy snuffling along the beach more than swimming in the ocean seeming to prefer to save their swimming for our local ponds and such. Cocopuff spent the day on a retractible lead and didn't seem to mind that so much.
Cocopuff did something that really set me to wondering. As I say, she prefers to wander the beach sniffing at everything and checking out anything that moves. She'll go in the water with me but would generally prefer not to. As we were walking, she spotted something sticking up a bit as each wave receded. She waded out to investigate, batted at it a couple of times with her paw and picked it up and brought it to me. Turned out to be a really nice shell. What's weird, Cocopuff NEVER spontaneously picks stuff up to bring to me. If you toss something, she'll fetch all day long but she brought me this shell with no expectation of me tossing it for her. To reflect on this, I can't go the the beach without picking stuff up, examining it and discarding or pocketing it. I can only guess that Coco is mimicking my behavior. This sounds a little strange, but I've had her since she was a pup and have developed with her an incredibly strong bond of communication. Her communication attempts have always been reinforced and she always is confident that they will get a response.
The mimicking isn't quite as outlandish a notion as some might think. Scientists say that a dog's "smile" is not in the behavioral repetoir of wild Canids and the theory is that it's purely and simply something they've learned to mimick in human behavior. Anyway, Coco's shell now rests on the mantle with our other treasures.
We got home around 10 P.M., the girls exhausted and covered with sand. 'Lil was very happy I'd taken her and Coco didn't seem to mind that our 1 on 1 time now included another personality. If it had been anyone other than her 'Lil Puff, it probably wouldn't have worked as well.

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