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Memories of the coolest dog ever

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Another year has passed...

February 7th 2011 1:49 pm
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It is so hard to believe that it has been another year at the bridge. I have been gone from earth now for 4 years..
I just wanted to thank all the pups and their peeps that sent warm wishes to my page and my mom's page. You are all such special people and we can't tell you how much it means that you all understand.
We love you.
Thank you.


3 years ago today

February 6th 2010 11:23 am
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3 years ago today My Mom took off work to be with me when I crossed over to the bridge. It was a sad day and I thought my Mom would never get over it. She still isn't over it- and she has really bad days. But my brothers and my little sister Jia have helped her to be able to cope. Jia has helped alot - who would have known that.
But she still misses me so much and this morning when she logged onto the computer and I had tons of emails from angel friends thinking of me today and celebrating my crossing day - well - it is lets say a mixed emotion day. It is so cool to have pals like mine that remember and celebrate such things as this. But it is a rememberance that I am not there with Mom and that is sad.
We haven't ever shared this but our plan was to release my ashes in Norfork lake because I loved being there more than anything in the world. But so far Mom has not been able to do it. I am with her still and she can't let me go.

Thank you all my pals who have contacted my mom today. We love you so much!! You really make a difference and it helps that someone understands..

Thank you..


Happy Holidays from Above...

December 13th 2009 1:34 pm
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My Mom is having a very sad missing me day..
They flare up now and then.
She knows how much fun I am having at the bridge- but
she misses me so much.
I loved it when she used to smooch my gigantic noggin.. I always made her feel better..

Holiday times can be very depressing/sad times for humans.
Oh, they know the true meaning of Christmas time, but it also is a time some feel sorry for themselves and sometimes lose sight of all the blessings in ones lives..
For my Mom - we pups are her children. She has none. And sometimes she gets very upset.. She really misses me today...
She knows how much I would love the new homestead - she can imagine calling me up the hill and me not wanting to come in...

I am there mom - maybe not in flesh and bone.. I am there.. I'm with you.. Hang in there... I know they aren't the same as me - but give Dylan, Ty and Jia extra kisses...

Love, Roman


Sweet Sixteen...

November 20th 2009 1:16 pm
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Today would have been my sixteenth woofday - if I was still earthbound...But I don't age here anymore..
Mom has thought alot about me today. Not a day goes by i am not thought of our missed. She really loves me...
But - I am having a great time at the bridge waiting for her... My new pals up here - well we are having a great adventure- And even though I can swim now - I prefer to have my floating dog house boat take me on the water where my pals and I want to go... Or - to help fight evil.. hehehe...
And My good pal Logan Ben Wizzen... We hang out a whole lot too.. He is one doggie that is as big as me and we like to wrassle and play.. He really has come out of his shell since he has been here..

Thanks Cookie, Rosie, Crystal and Kelly Ann for the special well wishes today.. It is really cool to have pals like mine!


If I could tell my dog one thing today (from our Humans)

October 2nd 2009 11:54 pm
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My pal Tipper started this thread in the Plus Friendly Forum - and I just loved it. My Mom posted in it for us - and we were so touched - we wanted to share it with our pals. It is nice to know how much my Momma loves us. Feel free to let your Mom hijack your diaries and post their thoughts to you - you may be suprised how cool it is..!!
Love Roman
My Momma posted this in the thread:

Last but not forgotten. Roman - you were my soul mate. The one that was my everything. I still miss you so much as I bawl when I am writing this. Thank you for teaching me what I needed to know. Thank you for being the best dog in the world. It seems like yesterday - and I miss you more than anything. Please watch over us all as I know you are.

Love you my babies - Momma..


Never far away...

August 9th 2009 11:01 pm
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Today it was really hot outside like 96 degrees.
My Mom and Dad's TV antenna needs to be replaced so reception is really bad.
Mom got out the old videos of me and my brother Angel Sam (he don't have a page) and Dylan puppy videos..
And she watched us for hours. Dad was a nervous wreck he knew it would throw Mom into a major Depression and crying for me... More though he thought he would miss me so much he would start crying. But I knew Mom could handle it.

It was so great watching from above - watching her laugh at my antics. Watching her Laugh at my silly fishing in the livewell and my stubber tail going a mile a minute from happiness. It was really fun too watching Jia watch the TV and be all interested - she has only seen my ghost you see...

It did make mom sad and she shed a few tears. But she was more Celebrating and enjoying it today. And I was VERY PROUD OF HER.

Love you MOMMA.

And Jia - if you want to sway Dad to your ways - really enjoy the boat when you go on vacation. I loved the boat so much. I was So INTO it. I Loved it. And Dylan and Tiberius are like "ah whatever" they just lay around and are there because Mom and Dad make them go. But I KNOW if you have fun and really like it - you will move up in his eyes girly so try it... And hang in there- no one liked me at first either they thought I was a big bone head.. BOL..


Pictures of you and your Pawrents...

April 7th 2009 12:25 pm
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Sunny Lee came up with an idea that we should change our main picture to a picture with you and your parent/s - so we could see what each other looks like. Well I changed mine. My Mom looks pretty much the same as this - but her hair is longer now and a little darker- the picture was the middle of summer...


April 1 Rainbow Bridge Day....plant flowers instead of- balloons

April 1st 2009 6:18 am
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Today is Rainbow Bridge Day and all the human bound are supposed to release a balloon in honor of their Rainbow baby with a note saying how much they are missed.

I have begged my MOM not to do that. I know how much she loves me. And although I am going enjoy hanging out with everyone up here and watching the balloons - My mom agreed not to send me one.

Balloons are not safe for the environment and we just feel like hypocrites if we are in P. Nutty's green day contest and are shooting balloons up in the air.

It is the thoughts that count and My Mom loves me so so much. I don't want a balloon to get stuck and eaten by some animal - or left to pollute the shore lines of our lakes, rivers or forests.

So thanks MOMMA for the thought. I am still waiting for you and someday we will see each other again. I check in on you often and I know how much you miss me still.

My Mom is going to plant me some flowers today in my honor so she can remember me every time they bloom!!

Tell Jia she better cut it out - I know your Wrath MOM. I did that once and you were not Happy. Jia is in trouble!! You remember what I mean..

Love and Miss you
Chomp Chomp
Angel Roman


Beautiful Painting

March 5th 2009 2:14 pm
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My Brother Tiberius posted in his diary last week that there was a Post on PLUS FUN that Morgan posted - saying that a talented artist named TERRY STANLEY wanted pictures of pups to paint. She was going to use the pictures evey morning to "warm up" before her sessions. The artist loves dogs and thought it would be fun. She said the picture submitter would get first dibs on the painting and if you didn't want it she was going to sell on ebay for 20 bucks plus shipping.
Well, My mom sent in pics of all of us. But I GOT PICKED!!!

Isn't this picture cool?

It also is a link to Terry's blog and you can see all the pictures she has done so far and her contact info!!

You ought to send her a pic- you can see she does a great job!!!

My Mom can't wait to frame this!

Love from Above...


My Crossing Day..

February 6th 2009 5:38 pm
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Today was my Crossing day 2 years ago. My Mom has been on the verge of tears today -but she held it together pretty good. I have alot of pals up here now - Sheba, Pongo, Logan Ben - and alot of others - I am having fun and biding my time for when all my peeps meet me again.. I am still keeping an eye on things- and watching out for my Earthly Valentine - Savannah.. and my brothers and Mom..

I just wanted to say - thank you to all my pals and Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies Group for all the messages and pressies and stars and rosettes.. You are all so nice. I didn't make a list- so I don't want to list all of you in case I forget someone. But THANK YOU SO MUCH.

On my Mom's day off we will send you each a quick note to give you some thanks.

Love you all - thanks for helping my Mom make it through the day today...

Licks and Wags
Angel Roman

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