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My first year

December 22nd 2008 10:09 am
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2008 was a year filled with new experiences and memories. Humom says I challenged and tested her while she gained patience, exercised more, learned about the benefits of consistency in applied leadership, and saw how a strong bond can be formed by supportive teaching. It was such fun-packed year, we thought we'd jot a few notes to remember 2008. So here it goes...

Lilliana's list for 2008:

I was the first pick of the litter and flew in an airplane.

I tried to smell a cholla cactus arm. Too painful to discuss!

I tried to smell a bee and was stung on the lip.

I had my share of puppy diarrhea.

I ate lots of bully sticks.

I checked things out by trying to eat them and mostly lost interest in rocks.

My barking decreased, but I can rev it up when I'm excited.

I went on a roadtrip and ran in a mountain stream.

I hiked in the mountains and walked in the woods.

I jumped off of a deck that was supposed to be too high for me.

I experienced horses, fish, sheep, deer, bees, mosquitos, flies, birds (my FAVORITE), owls, dogs, rabbits, chipmunks, lizards, snakes, scorpions, cats, bobcats, javalina, children, cars, trucks, motorcycles, different sounds, watched agility trials, babies, strollers, bicycles, and met many different people.

I don't have the urge to chase vehicles like I did as a young puppy.

I learned to share my house with two puppies that were saved from the county pound (Jet and Koda) and each have found their forever homes.

I had puppy play dates.

I learned many commands.

I passed three separate herding instinct tests (what a treat!).

I passed my Canine Good Citizen test from AKC.

I took six (6) training classes, including puppy class, obedience, Rally-O and agility. I didn't like Rally-O. I was bored, bored... zzzz. I like my agility lessons. I ran a practice course straight through on two different occasions. I am pretty fearless, too, and didn't blink when I ran off the end of the teeter before it settled to the ground (not recommended).

I beeline it to the door when the doorbell rings and announce everyone's arrival. Something to work on for 2009...

I don't like being left in a crate in public places and sometimes fuss at home too. Something else to work on for 2009!

I have a piercing bark - good if I were to get lost, not good if it's not the place and time to bark. Add minimizing barking to 2009's to do list too.

I was spayed and microchipped. As of December 22, I am nearly furless on my underside. Brrrr...

I am a good watchdog and send verbal alerts when necessary!

I communicate with my eyes, ears and voice and I am sweet and affectionate.

I am enthusiastic about life, playtime, walks, and training classes.
My favorite place is to nap at my humom's feet when she works on the computer.

I have a home, a family, food, shelter, exercise and mental stimulation. My heart is full. I am loved.

My wish for 2009:
¡¡¡ʞɔɐq ɹnɟ ʎןןǝq ʎɯ ʇuɐʍ ı

I want my belly fur back!


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