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The Joy of Pepsi

It Had Been Such A Good Day.

July 15th 2008 9:28 am
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When Daddy got me up Sunday morning, he let me outside to go potty. I did my business, and then found a great spot in the middle of the yard to roll around in. I spent about 10 minutes getting all perfumed. It was lovely. I wanted to smell especially nice when we went to the dog park. When we got there we met Georgie and Jackson, Duffy, Gilbert and Buster and a bunch of other dogs there, too. We spend about 3 hours there on Sunday when the weather is nice and this Sunday it was beeooooteful!!!!Not a cloud in the sky, a nice breeze and the temperature was in the low 8o's. Everybody was camped out under my tree in the middle of the small dog area! It was ok, I'm getting used to everypup. We are becoming a pack. I even met a Beagle named Bentley. He's bigger than me, but he didn't scare me. He's a Beagle! After the dog park, we went to lunch and I laid down under the bench that Mommy and Daddy were sitting on. I was tired! Then we went to Petsmart to get me some more food, but they were out of the 5 lb bag of Blue Buffalo Small Bites. Good thing I had enough for Monday morning! We went home after that and we all took a nap. That's when the day went wrong.

Mommy had moved some stuff on the kitchen counter. I thought she was cleaning the kitchen, but nooooooooo. Next thing I knew, Daddy picked me up and I suddenly found myself in the SINK! Mommy had water running and a sprayer! She was making me all wet!!!!!!!! And soaping me up!!!!!!!!! Oh Dog, I was getting a BATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! And after I had so carefully perfumed myself, too. The nerve! All those nice smells getting washed down the sink. Humans just don't appreciate nice doggy smells. Mommy said it was so I wouldn't itch so much. Yeah, right. I still itch........a little. Ok, maybe it did help, but she still washed off all my nice perfume! Now I have to start all over. Sheesh.

Monday, we went to visit a doggy hotel called Happy Tails. There is a large playroom with beds around the perimeter and a door that leads to an outside play area. The door to the outside is closed and locked at 10 pm and then open it again at 6 am. It's doggy playtime all the time! Dogs are only crated for mealtimes and time out. You can request that your dog is crated at night. One person watches over 15 to 20 dogs, so if there are more than 2o dogs in the area at a time there are more people to watch over them. They're open 24/7/365 and have 80 people on staff with vets. They're the only ones in the country that do this and it works very well. We were there for something called orientation. It was to see how I did with a bunch of dogs. It's a good thing I've been going to the dog park and to training classes. I would have cowered in a corner if I had seen all those dogs before. I was still a little overwhelmed, but I think I could eventually get used to it. I think we were just visiting, but I heard something about Mommy and Daddy going on a vacation, whatever that is. I guess I'll find out.

Bark at you later!

Pepsi kisses


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