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Becoming Taysia Blue

Quirks and a bit of a soap box

March 19th 2009 9:36 pm
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So the dog fighting has mostly ended, but I still end up annoying Badger or Jambalaya. I take their toys, but I don't know what to do with them because for 9 years no one played with me or taught me to play. I didn't know what toys were.

I sometimes try to steal their food and they get really mad. I'm full and have put on weight, but what if I don't have food tomorrow? I used to have to worry about that. I have a condition that causes me to regurgitate my food. My new parents make sure that I eat standing on 2 paws vertically so it gets to my stomach. No one did that to me before so it was hit or miss that I got nutrition.

Because I regurgitated all the time, I've irritated my larynx so I cough all the time. Mom calls me Darth Tay sometimes and does really bad James Earl Jones imitations and talks about "Luke" Whatever.... silly mom.

I still regurgitate from time to time - I just can't help it. It's mostly water, but mom calls it jelly fish because it doesn't clean up as easy as water.

I do throw up mucus many times a day which is also due to complications from the Mega E. Mom and dad just clean it up. I flinch thinking maybe this time they'll hit me, but they never do. I guess memories from my other owner won't ever go away.

Mom hugs me and cries over my first 9 years of so called life. I don't care, I'm getting loved now...

I don't like the phone... Dad owns his own business and works from home and is on it a lot. I get really upset and start coughing and eventually might throw up over it. It's a mystery to my mom and dad why this would be... what happened in my life that makes me get so upset when someone's on the phone? If I had a better memory, I'd tell you...

My mom travels too much. That upsets me too. Dad says I have bad days when mom's gone. I just miss her and get upset and throw up more than usual.

I lived 9 years and never realized that there were other dogs out there - and that they were fun to play with!!! I used to want to eat other dogs and was what mom called unsocialized. That's not true anymore and mom just bought me a half year of daycamp and I get to go with Badger and Jambalaya every Wednesday! I love day camp!!

I've had a hard life up until I finally found a family to call my own. I look into mom's eyes and try to tell her that "I know" I try to let her know that I am so thankful everyday for the lovies, the walks, the patience, the treats, the healthy food, the vet care...

I just want to thank everyone of my pals who have adopted or rescued an animal - bless you. I want to thank everyone who has volunteered in a shelter or rescue group, anyone who has given time or money- bless you.

Most of all, I'm thankful to the friendships mom has found here... If it weren't for you, she wouldn't have volunteered, wouldn't have found me and I'd be a distant forgotten dog someone once had. Through dogster pals, mom has heeded hours of advice on behavior and health problems and she's learned to focus on what's most important. You know who you are... thank you. I owe you my life.


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