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Tibbys not so perfect life


September 19th 2008 3:22 pm
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i forgot to tell you who sabrina is!!!! whoops! she is my twelve year old mommy! i really love her! she is also the one who manages all of our pages!!!! isen't she pretty good at making them look nice? well except for chico and ridgies page cause she doesn't have any good pictures of them. but i know that she will fix THAT soon!!!!
gtg bye bye!


poor me!

September 19th 2008 3:17 pm
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a little while ago i went to go get spayed (dog darnet!) and when we were there we had to take a look at my teeth, one just fell out when they were about to pull it!! there is something really wrong with my teeth they found out, that is why i snort all the time! it really sucks!
well now I have to take antibiotics that sabrina has to squeeze into my mouth! i really don't like it! AND we have to brush my teeth now! i have special toothpaste (seafood flavored) and a special animal toothbrush! (its really wierd lookin!)
but we have run out of antibiotics and have to get a refill but we haven't gotten it yet, sabrina promises that we will soon, which is a good thing cause when i start taking them again i will, eventually, stop snorting!!! yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!


beggin' for corn!

September 16th 2008 4:23 pm
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Today sabrina came back from school a little late. But she brought back a BIG bag of kettle corn!!!! I looooooooove kettle corn!!! she started to feed it to me as a treat!! I would jump up really high to get the kettle corn, but, it was worth it!!!

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