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Christmas Wishes!

December 24th 2013 3:21 pm
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I just wanted to Wish all my furry friends a Magical Christmas & New Year! I have made it my job to make Mummy's New year's resolutions BOL!!!

#1 Make time fur Dogster!!!.....Come on! This is pretty much top priority, I have missed all my pals sooo much and miss playing in my favourite groups!
#2 Give me any un-wanted food!!! Now every January Mummy does this thing called a "Diet" in which she doesn't eat as much food! Pffft well now if there is ANY food in the house, I want it!
#3 Make time fur Dogster! ;)

I hope you all have a Lovely day filled with lots of Turkey & presents, even if it's just to shred the wrapping paper! hehe
See you around soon!
Teddy xxx


5 Years old!

January 30th 2013 3:38 pm
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Yep I turned 5 years old today! OMD Mummy can't believe how fast time has flown by, she remembers when I was a 12 week old puppy like it was yesturday!

I REALLY want to Thank all my wonderfur furiends who have sent Birthday wishes, pmails, gifts and pictures. It means so much to have furiends like you! It's pretty late here in the UK, so Im afraid it's beddytimes fur me ;) I had such a fun filled day, a mini photoshoot, cake, opening pawsome presents, Birthday walk with Missy & Tyler, more cake! It's about time I get some Zzzzzzzz! You know Im a big boy now and they need their rest hehe

Thanks Again
Teddy xxxx


Long Time, No Bark!

July 4th 2012 2:02 pm
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It's been a while since I've been around Dogster, I hope all my pals are doing well, I have lots of catching up to do BOL!

Not much is new with me apart from something horrible! Me has really bad allergies :( I went to the Vets two weeks ago fur a blood test to help determine what the cause is, plus Im on a diet of JUST my din-dins, NO treats or human food :( Grrrr! Im such a foodie (Mummy even calls me a greedy piggie) So this is really tough. At least Im making Mummy feel bad, If i see her eating me will stand in front of her and perform lots of tricks, oh and the puppy dog eyes hehe ;)

Hope to see you around :)

Teddy xxx


4 Years Old!

January 31st 2012 7:56 am
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Yep that's right, I turned 4 years old yesterday! I feel like such a big boy and had a pawtastic day filled with cake, presents and of course a pawsome Barkday walk hehe

I just wanna say a HUGE THANKYOU to my pals here on Dogster fur the gifts, Pmails & Barkday wishes! I have been missing from Dogster fur about 2 months so i had expected everyfur to have furgotten about lil old me! BOL
I can always count on my furiends!

The day started off with lots of fuss from Mummy, Then i had my annual "Birthday Photo Shoot" where i was allowed some of my cake! It sure was deeeeelish! hehe
After the photo's came the Birthday Walk!!! We met up with Auntie Louise & Tyler (Missy was sleeping around, so already with us) We had a blast on my walk, i even had a special visitor come especially fur me, a big horse who trotted by in our field ;) BOL!

I played with my Chuck It launcher, running back and forth sooooo many times, Once we got home i was pooped out! How could i sleep though when so much was going on! Mummy let me open my prezzie's!!!!!

OMD I got some amazing presents, A whole Hamper of toys from Mummy, Including squeaky tennis balls with Happy Birthday written on, A Birthday Hat filled with mini toys, A Panda, A Lobster, A pawsome racoon.......the list is endless! BOL
Then from Nanny i got a lovely loofa dog which i napped on straight away after having a little play hehe
Thn Auntie Louise bought me a really cool HUGE ostrich which i love already :) I have been playing with all my toys non stop hehe
I also have a new collar & lead due to be delivered tomorrow, so the prezzie's haven't stopped yet BOL

Then there was the second cake! Me, Missy & Tyler chowed down on our Victoria Sponge cake and the day was pretty much over.

Mummy cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by, she has had such amazing memories these last 4 years and hopes fur loads to come :)

Teddy xxx


A sudden Change?

November 18th 2011 12:50 pm
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Well last time i wrote in my diary i mentioned i had started barking at other dogs when Im on lead. Well it still continues and Mummy though what better way to nip it in the bud then get someone professional straight away! I now have my own behaviourist who is helping Mummy become more of a leader, the Lady says Im extremely stressed when outside which could be due to all my ear/ skin infections. Im also scared of big dogs, I will be fine fur the first meeting off lead and then I iniciate play but when the big doggies start getting too playful i will run away screaming.
Does anyfur have any advice?

Well fur about 2-3 weeks Mummy has been working really hard with the action plan from the Lady and last week I met 2 brown labs (i seem particularly scared of these) who came running and bounding over to me, there owners were on where in sight. I let out a few yelps but not my usual screaming & flight so Mummy is extremely proud, hopefully Im on the path to more confidence & leaving behind my insecurites.

Teddy xxx


A Trip to the Vets :(

October 5th 2011 4:28 pm
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Tuesday Mummy took me off to the Vets to chat about what to do next with my skin/ear allergies. For a good few months i have been itching my ears until they are raw. Mummy & the Vets have tried alot of things but nothing seems to be helping but now i have been put on an expensive diet of home cooked Venision (im excited to try it) for 4 weeks.
They took samples of my skin/fur and looked at it under a micro-scope and confirmed it wasn't any sort of mites, and also tried to looked at my ears- They couldn't even see past into the tubes because i have such a thick growth of hair actually inside my ears BOL! I was a very good boy and was itching away in there arms as they were trying to see inside my ear, they said it must be really irritating and stressful to have :( It sure is!

The Vets said if the diet doesn't help then i will have to go on stronger steroid medication :( Mum is really hoping that this new diet is the miracle i need so badly!

Teddy xxx


Back from another holiday!

September 29th 2011 12:19 pm
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BOL We have been away this year quite alot of times, Im getting used to riding in the car fur long travels hehe

I had such a pawtastic time in Wales! I have been hearing lots of talk that we are returning next year so im very excited about that! The location & cottage were so beautiful, secluded in courtyside with beautiful beaches close by. Im definitely missing those BOL!
Mummy took lots of photo's as always hehe Check them out on my Flickr Page if you like ;)

Something horrible happened on holiday though, I barked & growled at 2 dogs walking close to me (which is very unlike me) Mum is quite worried that it might turn into a problem now, so far since i've come back home i have been fine with dogs....only seen 1 small one anyway.
She is keeping an eye on that though, and also now im back home Im off to the vets for some conclusions on my ear/skin infections. For the past several months (At the same time as my fur-cousin Tyler's) i have had an incredibly itchy ear, the Vets have tried everything, but now have suggested that i have a full blown skin test which is extremely expensive! Im really distressed by it though so those needles will be worth it!

One positive note though is that im going back to Agility classes, we stopped them a while back due to Mummy's bad leg but she feels like it's all healed now, so im really looking furward to that, it's SO much fun!

Hope all my pals are doing well, Im sorry im not around as much these days :(

Teddy xxx


Guess who's Back?....

June 28th 2011 8:14 am
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Teddy's Back!! ;)

BOL! Yep we arrived back home from Vacation this weekend, and OMD im already missing Scotland! Everyday i could lounge around the huge garden and smell all the interesting smells left behind by the Bunnies, We also had a beach just down the road and i sure loved our trips there, as soon as my tootsie's hit that sand i was running around like a crazy pup, we even met a furiend who was a giant compared to me BOL He was a very happy Labradoodle, we didn't get time to play though as he stole Missy's tennis ball so the owner had to return that before it was lost hehe!

We had a trip to Loch Lomond (No Loch Ness there though) Pfftt i was hoping to keep my eyes peeled fur that hehe ....Anyway our 2 weeks holiday was amazing and The cottage itself was Beautiful, Me & Mummy both wish we were back there BOL As always she took lots of piccies and if anyfur is interested in taking a look of them here is our Flickr Page

I sure hope all my furiends have been having lots of fun, and i have noticed a few changes here on Dogster! new emoticons hehe Pawsome HQ!

Teddy xxx


Beach Me Up!

June 10th 2011 7:11 am
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We are off on holiday tonight, Im super duper excited and looking furward to hitting those Beaches, they had better be ready hehe ;)

We're staying at Doonbank Cottage which is situated in a lovely country feel village, Im sure a pub meal might on the cards and plenty of LONG walks full of wildlife, we even have our own 4 acre woodland attatched to the garden. Im so looking furward to exploring that! hehe

I hope you all have a lovely 2 weeks whilst Im away, I'll miss you furiends :)

Teddy xx


Pawwwwty Time!

January 30th 2011 4:34 pm
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Today i turned 3 years old! I feel like such a big boy hehe
My day started off with a long walk around the park where i met & played with several new friends i made ;) 3 makes you much more sociable BOL I had a blast running around and truly tired myself out!

As soon as we got back home, Mummy let me un-wrap ALL my pawsome gifts, I had a big wicker hamper full of my favorite treats and a few toys too! I was in heaven, plus with a Barkday photo-shoot in hand, i was a very happy pup posing, playing & eating hehe

Yet again i had no time to rest as Mummy wizzed me off into the car fur a ride where we met up with Auntie Louise, with My cousins Missy & Tyler! She brang along my presents which included a new stripey t-shirt which Mum says makes me look very handsome and a new toy which actually gives me kisses!!
I was SO happy to see them all! I even made a few Guinea sounds ;) hehe *Blushes* As soon as we were off lead all three of us were running, and playing ball! I soon started having little breaks by pretending to chew on sticks though BOL!
We then all headed back to my house fur my PAWTY! I had a yummy Cake, Cuppycakes, and E-Claws. A feast fit fur the most pampered pups around :D hehe
Later in the night i finally had a long rest and was far away dreaming, back at the park with all my goodies & furiends :)

Thankyou all so much who wished my a happy Barkday in pmails and gifts, you furs mean the world to me!
Teddy xxx

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