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Life & Times of Bonnie Bear

My Family is Moving

May 29th 2009 7:05 pm
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Mys familys is movin to Oklahomas. I have been watching thems froms the bridges and they are packins boxesd and stuff. Daddys sayed he wants to brings mes wit thems...buts Mommys said that I was notted theres anysmores thats I was atted the bridges, she is rights...mys bodys in the grounded in Tennessees but mys spirits will bes wit mys familys in Oklahomas.


I's not alone!

March 15th 2009 12:21 pm
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yesterdays i's gots a news friended at the bridges. little passys that had been livings wit my familys passed over the bridges. Mommys asked thats i's meet hers and I's was theres. Shes is so tiny and I's likes to bees a mommys. She cans stay with mees ats mommy's grandpaed place in heavens. It is a cools places, cows, chickeneds and a grannys that cooks me liver everydays! Passys will be takens care of in heavens I's will maked sured of thats!


Bonnie is gone

December 15th 2008 6:04 pm
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Bonnie got run over tonight by someone who did not even have the decentcy to stop. She was in the drive way when the neighbor found her and come to tell us. She was our baby and we will never be the same without her here in our lives. But we have our memories of our little girl and we will miss her always.


I's a good girl?!

November 1st 2008 3:56 pm
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Mommy and Daddys have beens tellin mes that I's a good girl now. What is thats abouts? I's hasd alweighed beens a goods girls...somhows theyd just noticeded.

Could it bees I's don'ts pees and poopies in the floor much anymore, or thats I's has been actings likes a mommies to the news babys? Whos knows...I's is justs happys they noticeded!


I is nots very nice!

September 23rd 2008 12:51 pm
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I is in troubles, big troubles! I trieded to bites my mommys! I don'ts knows whats I was thinkings, but I's was on the beds with mommy and shes lended overs to kiss mes on the noses and I tried to bite her on the heads. She was reallys madded at mes! She made me gets off the bed and tolds me NO!!! Thens I hads to loves on her to says I was sorried!

Then guessed what! I dids it again, mommys likes to kiss'ed me's and I's growl'ed ats hers agains! Whats was'ed I's thinkings??? She reallys got madd'ed at me's thats time'ed! Buts lasted night I's was nice and lets her kiss'ed me on the snouts! I's learn'ed my lessons! No mores growl'ed at Mommys, NO MORE!!!


H - E - L - L - O !!!

September 16th 2008 12:01 pm
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Mommy says I have to composes a entrys for my diarys...that I is a bigs girls now & has to!

Mommy and Daddy got me's at a yards sale. I was ins the back of a trucks with mys sisters and brothers. Mommy had to take me homes with her. I was going to bes hers dogs but I am mys daddys girl. I luv hims so much...he is mys main squeeze!

Betties is my sisters. I luvs her too...but she steals my treats and growlses at me all the times whens I gets to close to hers food or my daddy. Shes is sos selfishs with daddy and hers food!

I's really likes it at my houses. We have funs with chasings the catses. Buts I's has to herds them, I is a cows dog and theys don't understands I am justs puttings them in they corralls! Catses...they are so dumbs!

Okays, I thinks that is enoughs for my first entrys!

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R.I.P. Bonnie Bear


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