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Days In the Life of a Non-Herding Herder

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Stummy Update - All Is Well!

May 27th 2010 9:05 am
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Well, I am eating my kibbles just fine again, so Ma thinks it's just one of those phases I go through sometimes. She has been putting small, cooked chunks of venison in our supper kibbles, which is YUMMY! No more puking either. Though she is a little upset because I puked about 10 times on the rug in the living room and she can't get the smell out, so now the pawrents have to get a new one. Whoops!

PS - Does anyfur have any good suggestions for a pet-friendly rug fabric? Callie and I snagged the heck out of the one we have now! BOL!


Stummy Ache...

May 23rd 2010 7:57 am
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Well, pals, I am a little sick. I have a tummy ache, and it isn't so fun. I haven't eaten much kibble since Friday morning, and yesterday morning I started throwing up yellow bile. I hadn't been acting different, but today I'm being kind of lazy and not moving, which isn't like me.

So, Ma boiled me a chicken breast and rice, and I gobbled that all up! (I had to share some with Callie, but I don't thik that was fair! She feels fine!) Ma said we might have to make a vet trip tomorrow if I'm not feeling better. Whose house can I hide at?!


Bear Dog!!!

May 16th 2010 8:53 pm
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So, Ma was visiting her ma with Myles today, so my other grandma and grandpa brought me and Callie running in the field! AND THERE WAS ANOTHER DOG THERE!

Ever since Ma and Dad started taking us out there, other peeps started bringing their doggies there. Callie and I see them from the window sometimes and try to say hello, but they never hear us.

Anywho, BEAR was there today!! Now, I met Bear for the first time when I was a wee pup, walkin' with my ma. Bear is a black lab who, at his LEANEST, weighs 100 lbs. He is a BIG boy. There were only two pups in his litter!

So, we ran, jump, chased, played - sooo fun! Grandma sent Ma a picture and told her Callie and I were very well-behaved. When Ma got home we were VERY mellow and quiet, so Ma knew we must have really had a good time! Hopefully we will meet some more doggies soon!


Ya know what's fun??

May 12th 2010 7:41 pm
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Running out of the fenced in field.

Sniffing ALL over the really BIG field.

Teasing Ma that you're going to come back, then flick your tail and run again.

Running to the neighbor's yard to harrass their dogs.

Then showing up on the back door step like nothing happened.

How was your afternoon? :)


Gimme S'more!!

April 22nd 2010 10:34 am
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Last night the grandpawrents came over for dinner and we had a fire in the yard! It was sooo fun. Dad bought a new fire ring, so they used that. Grandma brought stuff to make s'mores...boy, did those look good!

Callie and I got to be outside for a bit. We were supposed to be taking an "exercise break" yesterday, because Callie has been limping, but we got soooo excited when we saw the field that Ma and Grandma took us over there to run and play with the ChuckIt! We were good and tired after that, so we stayed inside. I kept an eye on things from the sliding door., grandpawrents, and a trip to the field. A few of my favorite things!


Medusa Face!!

March 26th 2010 9:39 am
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Do any of your mom's get that??

My ma had it in a huge way last night. The baby didn't want to finish eating his night bottle before bed, even though she knew he was hungry. He kept playing with it and laughing instead of eating. So, she put him to bed, kinda figuring he would be up later to eat again.

Sure enough, he started making noise at 12:30 AM. Ma flipped over in bed and I think she acutally GROWLED! OMD! I was snoozing in the corner by her bed, where I usually do. Normally I would get up to follow her when she gets up at night, but she looked so scary that I stayed curled up in the bedroom! BOL!

Sometimes it's best to just lay low...


Leprachaun Tag!

March 10th 2010 4:45 pm
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My pal Don Kappuan tagged me, so I'm it!! You can play, too, if you're in the holiday mood!

Q.---Are you Irish?
A.---No, but my mom is a little bit

Q.---Do you and/or your family celebrate St. Patrick's day?

A.---Decorated and Ma wears green

Q.---Will you wear green?

A.---Ma has a green lei that likes to make appearences...

Q.---Do you like corned beef and cabbage?
A.---Never had it, but I bet I would!

Q.---Do you believe in leprechauns?

A.---I have to, because that's who I blame my naughties on. ;)

Q.---What would you like to find at the end of the rainbow?


The Heeling Game

March 1st 2010 9:02 am
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Ma said I should write about what a good walker I have been for the last two days! She was able to get someone to watch the baby, and took Callie and I for a three-mile walk two days in a row!

She was impressed with me because both times for most of the walks, I walked with complete slack in my leash. She said she's not sure if I finally understand "heel" or if it's because I'm worried about ice, but she's happy!

Hopefully we will get to go again today. She might even take the stroller, too!


I Summoned the Vaccuum of Doom!!!

January 23rd 2010 11:19 am
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I got myself into trouble today, and brought on my Biggest Fear! I started trouble with Callie this morning, and we started running around and I decided to use the couch as a spring board. (Ma says I would be really good at fly ball!)

Well, the couch went flying about 3 feet backwards and made a bunch of noise. Ma was trying to get the baby to sleep, so she wasn't so happy. Then she saw all the fur balls...well, more like fur MONSTERS that were uncovered!! She also found some puke spots in the cracks of the couch and more blue ink....*Covers face*

Anyways, Dad came and took the other couch pieces apart so Ma could sweep under them and vaccuum the hair off and clean them - I ran and hid when the vaccuum came out! Ma said maybe I learned my lesson now. No more rough housing or the evil cleaning machine will make an appearance!!



January 9th 2010 4:23 am
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OMD, Callie and I were so happy yesterday - Ma was digging through the hall closet while cleaning, and she discovered the other toys she thought she bought us for Christmas!! She thought she had more stuff, but couldn't remember where she put it. Silly Ma! BOL!

Anywho, there is a canvas toy called a Flippy Floppy and a blue bone thing that is to chew on that is supposed to clean our teeth and freshen our breath. Both are super fun and Callie and I have been running around the house with them!

Ma is so good to us!!

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