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Days In the Life of a Non-Herding Herder

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June 2nd 2008 12:35 pm
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Well, Mommy and Daddy took me out to this place called The Shack yesterday, and boy did I have a FUN TIME!!! Grandma and Grandpa were there with my fur-cousins and we had so much fun playin'! I ran all over the yard and sniffed all kinds of new smells and played in the water (but I couldn't get the stuff at the bottom. Whenever I tried I got water up my nose!) There were so many TREES to SNIFF!

I also found a yummy partridge foot to chew on for a bit, but Mommy caught me and took it away. Boo. Then I found a porkchop bone, and Grandma took THAT away from me. Why do they take away the treasures I find in the woods??? They were so tasty....

On the other paw, I found lots of real good STICKS!! I LOVE sticks! So I got to chew on those, and Mommy threw a bouy thing for me for awhile. It was a FUN day! I was soooo tired by the end that I fell asleep on the car-ride home! I want to go again!


Hmm, paint?

May 19th 2008 2:46 pm
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Sometimes humans are so weird. All weekend my grandmommy and mommy were at my house, but no one was paying enough attention to me! They were "painting"...looked like they were coloring on the walls to me. They had big towers with steps they were standing on and buckets of stuff I tried to sniff, but mommy got pretty mad when I did that. They wouldn't let me drink out of the bucket of water (kept saying "icky, no suds!") Then, I was trying to herd grandma (she looks like she needs direction) and she yelled at me, so I tried to drag her into my kennel to stay put for awhile. Then I got in BIG trouble and I had to go into the kennel. Boo on them!

They did let me play with a big rag towel and that was fun - and oo oo! I almost forgot. There was PLASTIC all over the floors...oh, boy was that ever tons of fun! But don't try to eat it, you'll get yelled at. I had fun running all over it with my duck toy and making it crackle! I guess I can't complain too much cuz that was fun, plus mommy still took my on my walks AND I got to go run in the FIELD! (That was quickly followed by a tick check which was a little weird, but again, humans are weird!)

But now mommy is very happy and excited because the walls are pretty! Hopefully stuff will get back to normal now!


Oh, Boy!

May 5th 2008 10:27 am
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I am so excited and happy! Mommy brought me home my own room this week! She calls in my "kennel". Either way, I love it! She also bought me a big, comfy bed that is in my room. I like to sit in it and play with my toys - plus, I can hide from the kitty in there when she is chasing me! (I will get her one day, just you wait!) Mom is very happy because I can sit and lay down. She takes me on walks twice a day and sometimes we get to go play in the field across from our new house! I try herding her, but she doesn't always go where I want her to...we'll have to work on that. I really like our new house because it has lots of room inside to run and play - and Daddy put a rope outside for me to be on when I want to go out! I played outside for half an hour yesterday! I do love the sun. Mommy brought me back inside because I started to dig holes...apparently she doesn't like that. I just thought I smelled something good in there! Anyway, I am soooo happy that I picked this family. They love me so much!



April 16th 2008 4:01 pm
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I went to see the puppy doctor today and he said I am in good shape!! He said I am a little big for a puppy my age but in good shape! I got two shots which weren't too bad - I have to go back next month for another one though. I got to go see mommy at work today and there are some nice ladies that work there! I even did "sit" for them and they gave me lots of cuddles and "good girls". I had lots of fun! Now it's time for another nap.


Hello, Ev-furr-body!

April 13th 2008 7:09 pm
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Hi! My name is Shula and I just got to my new furever home yesterday! I came from a farm an hour south of Babbitt, and I am excited to meet the world outside of the barn! I kind of miss the cows, though. My mommy and daddy say I am sooo friendly and loving and docile. I love them sooo much! I picked my daddy out right away - as soon as they came into the barn, I ran up to him and flopped on my back. Then he picked me up and I started dozing away! I new this was my family. My first car ride was really fun and everybody is so happy when I potty outside! I also have a really fun kitty-sister to play with. Mom says we put quarters into eachother. We definately like to run and chase! Today I got to meet my grandparents and their pets - two shih-tzus at mommy's parent's house and three kitties and daddy's parent's. It was so fun! I love meeting new fur-friends! Hopefully I will meet all of you soon! Mommy will update my page after we get to know eachother a little better and I can tell her what to say.

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