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Days In the Life of a Non-Herding Herder

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Poor Pitiful Paw

April 14th 2014 7:22 am
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Well, a couple weeks ago, Ma and Dad noticed a cut on my front right ankle. It seemed to be healing so they left it alone to see what it looked like in a couple of days. I wouldn't leave it alone, so the first cut healed, but another one opened up from me chewing on it! Dad took me to the vet on Friday and now I have antibiotics and some anti-itch pills and spray. I try to be good and take the pills, but I'm never happy about it. After Ma puts the spray on me I usually go hide in a corner for a few minutes. BOL!


Bird's the Word

July 22nd 2013 8:32 am
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I caught me a bird yesterday!! I was in our backyard with Dad and the boys and we were runnin' around and playing. There were two little robins under the benches by our fire pit, and they took off to fly somewhere. Well, I was standing close enough to snatch one out of the air! Dad managed to get it from me, but birdie went to The Bridge. Ma told me no more of those shenanigans and Myles kept telling her about the "broken bird".

I guess the bird dog in me came out to play a little!


Fence, Glorious Fence!!

June 11th 2013 2:17 pm
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Oooh, yeah, Ma and Dad got the backyard fenced in for me and the kids! It's a present for Grandma and Grandpa. It's sooooo nice! No more rope needed when I want to go out. Free roam of the yard. I can run and play with the boys and other doggies!!

Cousin Lillie has come over to play a couple of times. She likes the sandbox. Sometimes I still just sit on the back steps like I'm tied up, but it's a good spot to watch everything! Ma thinks I must have been chatting with Mom Tessy because I've been helping her do some gardening, too.

So, doggie = happy. Kids = happy. Pawrents = happy.


Happy (Almost?) Spring?

April 5th 2013 10:01 am
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We still have snow in the forecast, so I don't know! BOL!

Not too much new around our house lately: I stay very busy watch the three skin-sibs. I've been snuggling in bed with Ma most nights when she reads and going out on the lake to run around when Dad goes fishing. Cousin Lillie has been at our house a few times, too, which is always fun!! She does play with all my toys, though...


A Camping We Will Go!

July 12th 2012 10:20 am
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So, the pawrents bought a 5th Wheel camper this spring, and we've gone out in it a couple times now. We went for the whole weekend last week, and it was so fun! We rented out a group camp site and had a bunch of people we know out there. It was set off by itself, so I was able to just run around free. Ma and Dad were very impressed by how well-behaved I was - I stayed close to camp and hardly barked at all. They say I must be calming down as I age. BOL!

There were LOTS of good eats around there, too. And lucky me, since I was roaming and there were so many people, I got lots of snitches because Ma wasn't there to patrol me. BOL! Well, most of the people asked if it was ok first. And I cleaned up the ground around the cooking area! There were a lot of times I kept barking to get into the camper though. *embarrassed* Ma says I've gotten to be a pampered inside dog and that we need to go to the shack more often.

They are going again in two weekends, but I won't be able to since the camp sites are too close to other people. They figure I'll be happier hanging out with Grandpa anyway!


Potty Training + Me = Big Mess

February 27th 2012 7:55 pm
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So, Ma and Dad have been getting Myles into potty training mode for awhile. Myles spent the night and Dad's parents last night, and they decided to try some potty-training boot camp on him today. He did really well running around without a diaper on and was going on the potty. So, after his nap, Ma decided to let him do that at our house. She kept reminding him to tell her when he had to go, and he sat on the potty three times but never went. Then Ayden started fussing about something so Ma went to pick him up and tend to him. As soon as she got distracted, Myles went running into his room. Well, by the time she put Ayden back down and ran to follow him, it was too late. He had pooped and peed on the floor and he was very upset about it.

Well, Ma grabbed Myles and ran to the toilet in case he had to go more, then cleaned him up. While that was going on, Grandma walked in. After I greeted her, I slipped into the bedroom and I rolled. I rolled all over that poop and mashed it all in my hair and all over Myles' play mat. Then I went running around the house.

It was a good thing Grandma was there cuz she took care of the kids and I got hauled to the basement shower for a bath. Ma didn't really yell or act mad, but I could sense she was about to snap so I was REALLY good during my bath. She got everything and everyone cleaned up and happy, and is very tired.

I am now snoozing on her bed, smelling all perfumy. Blech.


What a wonderful Birthday Week!

February 23rd 2012 10:18 am
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First, I must thank all my pals again for the rosettes, pawties in my groups, pictures, and pmails! I had such a fun day and week!

I got to spend TONS of time with the fam last weekend, and boy, was I tired come Monday! On Saturday, the pawrents, boys and I traveled to the city Ma is from (where the grandpawrents live) which is nearby. They all went to the North American Bear Center to look around and learn about bears. The boys had a great time! I had to stay in the truck, but it was nice out and I had fun watching critters run around.

Next, we went out to Grandpa's fish house. There was another dog from the house next door running around, so I got to play with her while the humans visited. Dad and Ma were happy because I stayed close and was well-behaved! After that, we went to the grandpawrents' house and visited for the rest of the evening. I tried to play with Al, but he hides from me. *shrug*

On Sunday, we went out ice fishing on the lake! We met up with some friends and had our own little "camp" in a bay. There were kids and dogs everywhere! Cousin Lillie came out to play, there was another Golden Retriever puppy named Hazel, THREE Golden Labs named Kovoo, JD, and Maya, and a Wire-Haired Pointer named Paula. We were all running and wrestling and fetching toys! We dogs kept a close eye on all the kids, too, so we stayed busy. The whole family was pretty wiped out when we got home!

So, for my birthday I was pretty zonked and we all just stayed home and hung out as a family. I got some yummy treats and lots of play time! It was good fun!


Looking for advice!

December 30th 2011 9:17 pm
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So, tonight I started having these weird convulsions/twitches. I would be walking, then all of a sudden my head would bob and I would get twitchy, then walk really fast. It happened on and off for about 15 minutes, and seems to have stopped now.

It was like I was prancing or couldn't sit still. Ma and Dad did some research and it seems like maybe I had sensory overload. Ma had put on some lemon lotion and after that I started.

Have any of you experienced that at all?


Oh, the usual!

December 16th 2011 10:51 am
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Oh, it's been so looooong! Ma has been so busy with the boys that sometimes she can't help me type. Nothing too much new going on around our house. We've been getting ready for Christmas - my stocking is on display, waiting for Santa to fill it with treats! Ma and I aren't out and about as much as we used to be, but she's trying. I do miss our walk times, but I know it's hard for her with the boys. And she does take me whenever she can!

Ma is bringing me and the boys to Grandma's house this weekend to bake cookies! That should be fun. I bet I'll get a sample or two, too. A couple are bound to break! BOL!


Storm Shelter!

August 3rd 2011 5:38 am
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We had a really big storm on Monday night - LOTS of thunder, some lightening, high winds, and it rained for hours! (dad says the sod is happy.) Our power went out at some point, too.

Ma kept waking up during the night, and one of the times she realized the power had gone out so she was resetting clocks. She did her walk around the house and noticed I was nowhere to be found. Then she checked my new favorite hidey-hole when there's storms - the bathroom! Sure enough, I was curled up on the bath mat in front of the tub. The problem was, she needed to use the facilities and I was in the way.

Well, she weaseled in there, but she does always say that a man designed our bathroom because the TP roll is on the wall ACROSS from the toilet. It isn't short-women friendly! She managed, but she said between her giant belly and the Border Collie obstacle, it was the hardest she's worked for toilet paper. BOL!

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