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The Life and Times of Cheyenne

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I have been Love Tagged

July 18th 2007 11:32 am
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Thank you Poncho for tagging me with love. You know we think the world of you too.

Once tagged, please tag three other pooches and write why you love them in your diary

I'm tagging...Stormie cous. He and his pack are amazing and funny too! They are always there to lend and ear or a virtual hug....I love them to pieces

Then of course Talker....He loves me for me...even if I am a little snarky. He and his pack are wonderful and I'm so grateful to call them friends!

I'll keep this all in the Basenji family...

My last tag is for the tallest basenji I know....Patan. And I mean tall! He's HUGE. He and his pack keep me barooing and you gotta love that! I'm so happy to know them!


Support a Good Cause

March 5th 2007 11:54 am
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My friends Lexi and Miles signed up for the Pet Fiesta Day at Reston Town Center....... (for those in DC, you've gotta get in on this!). They've also signed up to help homeless doggies find loving homes. Being that Miles was once homeless, he knows how much they need us!! Please visit to support thm!! or donate from my page...on the right hand side...


My First Kill

January 22nd 2007 5:48 pm
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I have exciting news! It's taken me a couple days to calm down enough to write this. I made my first big kill the other day! Yep, got me a pigeon! I had SO much fun but for some reason Mom didn't seem impressed. I guess she was a little shocked to see the yard covered in feathers and finding that bird leg while cleaning up. But the most shocking for her was evidently finding me sitting on their bed with my prize. I just wanted to show them what a good little hunter I was.... we'll never go hungry with me in the house! Mom didn't see it that way. She made me get off the bed and she took my prize and threw it in that big black box in the yard. I guess I'll just have to get myself another one!


I'm 3 Today

December 14th 2006 12:22 pm
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It seems like just yesterday I left Momma Stella's on a journey to my new home and yet it's been almost three years. Wow...time sure does go fast!
I'm a lucky pup...I have a mom and dad that love me to guy, Talker, who loves me even though I'm pudgy and snarky, my Cousin Stormie, a great basenji and a guy who always cracks me up..pals that number so many I wouldn't know where to all know you are and I luv you all..... and two brothers that although a pain sometimes are really great dogs. I was even lucky enough to have a guru for a angel brother Dakota...he taught me alot in the short time we were togeather....I miss him still alot sometimes..... Well, I'm off to pawty.............


Missing my little brother

October 30th 2006 5:41 am
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WOW, who would have thought? I know it suprised me! Mom took Little A away from us this weekend. I missed Mom...that's a given, but I REALLY missed that little brother of mine. THAT took me by suprise! Marlowe and I had Dad all to ourselves and it was nice and quiet...maybe just too quiet.
There was no one to help me chase the squirrel out of the yard and no one to pester. Marlowe was here but it's not the same!
Was I ever suprised when, in the early morning hours while it was still dark, the front door opened and I heard the pitter patter of those unmistakable little paws! I shot out of bed and there he was...APACHE!!!!! I missed him SOOOO much! I kept running at him real fast and jumping on his back and wagging my springy little tail!
We're all togeather again and all is right with the world.


I'm not really fat

September 18th 2006 4:35 pm
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Ok, I am fat, but it isn't because I've been overeating. Seems I have something called hypothyroidism...that's right, I can't help but be fat. I bet Mom is feeling really bad right about now for cutting my food back to next to nothing and not giving me all those yummy treats! So, as it turns out, I have to take some tiny pills twice a day and will have to for the rest of my life....that's ok though, I'll be getting them in Velveeta or Liverwurst...YUUUUUMMMMY!


My pUpdate

September 15th 2006 11:18 am
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Well, I have to tell you about the fun Apache and I had on our last trip to the desert house. BUNNIES!!!!!! We knew they were sneaking into our yard by the yummy deposits they leave, so in the middle of the night Apache and I would wake Mom up so we could go chase them.
Mom didn't really enjoy it too much and we could have done it by ourselves but the neighbor has been seeing some coyotes around so Mom decided she needed to be out with us.
Bunny chasing is by far the most fun thing I have ever done. The squirrels are ok but they run up and we can't follow...bunnies on the hand stay on the ground.
One night in particular we had an amazing time and even Mom had fun. You see, there was this bunny that decided not to run out of the yard right away. Apache and I chased it round and round until it took off past Mom and out the gate on the other side of the yard. Mom said it was amazing to watch us running full speed and she says if it didn't leave when it did we surely would have caught it. I think that would have been fun, but Mom says if she would have had to wake Dad up at that time the fun would have been over.
I can't wait to get back there again.



August 7th 2006 8:16 am
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Mom says somewhere along the line I've gotten fat! Imagine that. So, yes, I like to eat. I like to push Apache and Marlowe away from their food and chow down from their bowls. I like treats...Heck I just like food. Ok, so I guess I have put on a few pounds. BUT A DIET????? That's cruel. Treats are down to the bare minimum. I get a couple Charlee Bears a day. I'm closely watched and not allowed ANYWHERE near the other food bowls. Mom takes me out running...which is fun, but then I'M STARVING!!!
Last night we all got a bully stick. I'm sure if there was a way I wouldn't even have gotten that. Marlowe took his into the other room and hid it. After everyone went to sleep for the night, I snuck out into the living room and found where he stashed it. Oh, it was heavenly, and much bigger than the one I had gotten to chew. So, here I am alone, enjoying Marlowe's bully stick and the front door opens....uh oh...BUSTED!!! Who knew Teri hadn't come in for the night yet?!?!?! What's with these young kids staying out into the wee hours. Needless to say that was the end of my night time treat. Next time I may have to go out in the one will find me there.



June 26th 2006 4:29 pm
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I haven' t written in a while here. Not much is going on with me. I have become the middle child and it's not bad. I have also found I prefer the comforts of home rather than the silly running around Apache does with Mom. She tried taking me to the dog park and I cried and asked to be picked up and taken home I went. I like our walks in the hood and even like going to the other house...but other than that I prefer my yards to the big outside world. hives are back!!! It's been a looooong time since I had the itchy bumps and here they are all over again. Mom's sneaking those pills she gives me into liverwurst or velveeta and since I like both those things I swallow it down with no problem. The itchies leave then and the hives go down. We just don't know what is making it happen and I know Momma hates to see me like this...heck, I don't like it either.
AND...last night was really strange. The sky was lighting up and making big loud rumbling noises. I don't think I've ever seen or heard that here. Apache and I ran outside and kept looking at the sky. Mom made us come in and then we got real loud rain. Mom said she thought it was something called hail but it was really just super-sized raindrops...then it went away and we went back to bed...then Marlowe showed up...he had dissappeared somewhere.


From my Valentine

February 10th 2006 1:01 pm
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Boy, I'm one lucky guy Talker wrote me this beautiful Haiku

Chey butterfly love
Wild child a gift from above
Be my Valentine


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