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Tales from a really cute Shih Tzu

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My first week....

March 25th 2008 9:34 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] my forever home. I am having such a good time. My new brother and sister have a ton of squeeky toys and I have rounded up each and everyone of them and put them in a big pile in the living room,so when Mom came home from work, she was very surprised and then she started to laugh. I'm so glad she wasn't mad.

I also had to go the the groomer but I didn't mind cause I was uncomfortable with the mats in my hair and I feel better that they are gone.

Tomarrow, I have to go the the vet for a check up. Mom says it's free because she got me from the shelter. She promised that I won't get any shots.

My new sister Jenny is a little set in her ways cause she is older but I think we are getting used to each other. I think she thinks I'm cute. My new brother Milo sort of looks like me. He is much bigger though. He likes to play with me.

I write more later about my visit to the vet.


My vet visit

March 26th 2008 5:10 pm
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I'm healthy!!!!

I went to the dog doctor and I'm healthy. I do have a problem with my eyes but it isn't a big deal. My tear ducts aren't open and my eyes water all the time. So, I am of a special eye drop that hopefully open them.

That's all!!


Walk for the Animals

May 3rd 2008 4:15 pm
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Today, mom took me and Milo to the Humane Society's walk for the animals. Oh my doG, there were hundreds of dogs there. Every breed, every shape and size. I had sooo much fun seeing all the people. You see, I like people more than other dogs. I just said hi to everyone that would pay attention to me and because I am so cute, lots of people said hi to me. Milo too, but he seemed more intrested in smelling the ground and the trash cans and the benches and every where else the other dogs peed.

I can't wait until next year.


I'll eat anything

December 12th 2009 9:45 am
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Mom is very upset with me. You see, my sister Jenny is a terrier and her natural instinct is to hunt rodents and she is very good at it. Well the other day, she brought a mouse in the house, it was already dead so she just left it on the floor. Well, I have never seen one of those mouse things before, so I went over to it, smelled it and picked it up in my mouth. Mom started freaking out and yelled at me to drop it, but instead, I swallowed it whole. Well, Mom started really freaking out but it was too late.

She called my doctor and the doctor told her not to worry, she told Mom that I would probably throw it up, which I did a while later.

Mom says I will eat anything but I don't think I want to try another one of those mouse things.


I came close to dying

February 18th 2010 9:04 am
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I did a really bad thing. I was chewing on a small rawhide bone and all of a sudden I couldn't breath. I started to choke and I ran to mom. I couldn't breath. I was very scared. Thank doG my mom is a nurse, a people nurse, but she knew what to do. She shoved her finger down my throat, she could feel it stuck there but she couldn't reach it with her finger so she shoved it down and I could breath a little better. I didn't mean to bite her so hard but I was so scared and even though mom was bleeding she didn't stop trying to save me.

She scooped me up and drove so fast to my vet and when I got there they rushed me in the back. I felt safe there because I love my vet. They took a picture of me and the bone was in my stomach but it was the whole knot end of the bone. So the vet put a needle in my leg and put medicine in it to make me throw up. I threw up the whole thing.

I'm alive!!!!



The troubles of a little black and white Shih Tzu

June 22nd 2010 6:02 pm
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I am having really bad allergies. Worse than ever before. So, a couple of months ago, Mom took me to see my favorite Vet. At first, I also had a skin infection and I had to every week for a SHOT!!! Then they put me on a pill and I had to go once a week for a medicated bath. But, I was still itchy. So they put me on 2 pills, one is VERY expensive and I still had to go in for baths every week. I guess I was getting better but I am still itchy. Then on top of that, mom noticed that my right eye was red and swollen and draining icky stuff, so back I went to the vet. She looked and put stinging drops in my eye and found a scratch on my cornea. I had to go home with drops in my eye every 2 hours. I didn't like that at all. After 2 days, it wasn't better so back I went. This time my vet looked and looked, the scratch was gone but my eye wasn't better. She couldn't find anything go she gave me a different medicine. I still wasn't getting better, so back I went again. After a little shot I got very sleepy and they did an extensive search looking for a foriegn object and guess what? They found a FOXTAIL in the top corner of my eye barely polking out of my eye under the top eye lid. The vet pulled it out and it was all bloody. My eye is all better now. My allergies are still bad but better.

My mom thinks I cost too much but she loves me.


Today is my Birthday

March 10th 2011 2:41 pm
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I am 5 years old today. My mom bought me a squeeky ball and I have been squeeking it all day long and making mom crazy. I have made her throw it for me about a hundred times. I LOVE IT. Best present ever.


I went to the doggie doctor.....

May 13th 2011 10:15 am
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Mom took me the the doctor yesterday because I am itching something terrible. As usual this time of year. I had to get two shots and some kind of pill for the itchiness. I also had to have a blood test.

Mom seems to think I have stinky breath, she says it smells like I eat poop!!! The doctor thinks so too, so I have to have my teeth cleaned and I might need to have some teeth pulled. That sounds horrible. So on June 1, I have to go to have that done. The thing is, when I am scared, I get a little snappy. I really don't mean to bite but I have to protect myself. I snapped at the doctor when she tried to pick me up, but everyone at the office knows I am really a very sweet dog so they tend to over look it.

Anyway, I will let you all know how it goes.




Not again

June 17th 2011 3:23 pm
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Last night mom noticed that my right eye was draining a lot but she couldn't see anything. She knew it was bothering me and I didn't want her to mess with it, so I snapped at her. She kept trying to look so I bit her. I tried to warn her. This morning when we got up, my eye was swollen shut. Mom knew exactly what it was. I had another foxtail in it. Last summer, I got 2 foxtails in my eye. They stick right in the eyeball like a knife. Mom called the dogtor right away and in we went. Sure enough, there it was. A great big one. My eyeball is scratched really bad too. Now I am getting eye drops for 2 weeks and I hate that. I'll try not to bite mom again but I am not promising anything.


My new sister

July 9th 2011 11:49 am
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OK. I guess it is about time I write a little note about my new sister.

Just over two weeks ago, mom left the house with a leash but there wasn't a dog attached to it. I thought she was going to take me out for a walk but no. Just an empty leash.

Several hours later, she came home and guess what? She came in the house with some little white thing attached to the leash.

Well, Milo and I were very curious. The little white dog acted scared. I don't know why, we were just trying to smell her.

After the initial greeting and smelling, I was bored. I thought she was just visiting, so I went to sleep. When I woke up, she was still here. Hmmmm.

Here it is over 2 weeks later and she is still here. I have gotten used to her and I kind of like her. She plays with me and I like that.

My brother Milo really likes her too but, he has to act like the boss so she understands that this house is ruled by him and she has to mind him, or else. She seems to be a quick learner.

Oh no, mom is going to get the towel and dog shampoo out. It can't be for me, I just went to the groomer yesterday. I know, it's for Luna because she is white, she is going to get a lot of baths. Ha Ha ha!!!

Love Hobo

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