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December 9th 2008 6:18 am
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WHEW ! Is it ever HUMID ! I got rain at my house last night & it THUNDERED ! TOO ! It didn't last long, but I sure got SCARED ! I don't like THUNDER ! I THOUGHT IT WAS WINTER ! It sure doesn't feel like WINTER today or lasterday EITHER !* I got my duties done this morn'n & BARKED at a BIG LEAF ! GOSH ! It was dark in my front yard & that leaf sure looked SCARRY TO ME ! I just Lv my New toys Coca Rose sent to Me & Mojo * They are SO CUTE & WE Lv to play with them * THANK YOU ! Coca Rose ! You are so SWEET TO US ! OOOOOO ! She sent my mommy a BEAUTIFUL Thermos Cup , thingie TOO ! It is SO COOL ! It has My & Mojo's Pictures all around it ! Mommy just LV's it TOO ! She put that cup up on our Computer Desk shelf, She said that was just TOOOOOO SPECIAL to use * It won't be long till SANTA comes * I sure hope he doesn't get HOT in all his clothes coming to TEXAS ! They say in our area we might get SNOW Flakes in the morn'n, BUT ! If we do it is going to have to get COLD & A LOT MORE COLDER ! QUICK ! BUT ! For TEXAS, That shouldn't be a PROBLEM ! Our Weather can go from '80 - to - '25 all in one BREATH ! TEXAS WEATHER ! YOU GOT ' TA LV IT or LEAVE IT ! Barkfast is READY ! later, Sierra



December 7th 2008 3:10 pm
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I'm so HAPPY my house is getting back to NORMAL ! WHEW ! I have had to much company for the past two weeks * Daddy is going back to work tomorrow & mommy is just going to spend SNUGGLE TIME with me & Mojo and of course a GOOD HORROR Movie or two, TOO ! Mommy is really tired & she needs extra Snuggles from Me & Mojo, so she will get a lot of that & LV Lixs TOO ! I laid in the Sun today & played in the leaves * I found a DEAD FROGGIE TOO ! Mommy said it just got to COLD the other night for the 'Lil Froggie & he FROZE ! GO FIGURE ! Its suppose to be 'round 72' tomorrow & FREEZING by the end of the week ! Here we go with this TEXAS WEATHER ! I thought Mr. Winter was already HERE ! I'm Happy I got to nap in the Sun today & that ain't bad for December EITHER ! Its been a Nice Peaceful Sunday afternoon * WELL ! ANYWAY ! I have to go potty with Mojo ! later, Sierra



December 3rd 2008 6:03 am
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YAY ! Now that THANKSGIVING is over CHRISTMAS is only a few days away ! I got STUFFED on turkey THANKSGIVING DAY ! Did all of you get STUFFED TOO ? I was so full I slept most of the DAY ! I hope all of you had a WONDERFUL & SAFE THANKSGIVING DAY * My Grandma passed away the Sunday after Thanksgiving & mommy has been really busy , but things are getting better now * I just can't wait till CHRISTMAS ! GOSH ! I just Lv Winter & I sure hope Santa can bring some Snow to our house this year * I've never seen SNOW ! Mojo says its BEAUTIFUL & a lot of fun to play in * I sure hope I get to play in some SNOW ! Got ' ta go potty ! Barkfast will soon be ready & I do LV to EAT ! later, Sierra



November 22nd 2008 4:53 am
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I GOT " DOGZILLIONS " of LEAVES ! Do you have LEAVES at your house ? WELL ! I sure do ! I LV to play in Leaf Piles & I got a LOT of Piles to play in TOO ! Mommy has been racking for DAYS & DAYS and there are a DOGZILLION Leaves left to Fall ! TOO ! I don't think she will ever get them all racked up ! Me & Mojo just wait till she gets a new pile racked up & here we GO ! We just LV to Run & make the leaves FLY ! Its so much FUN ! BOL ! Mommy doesn't think so , BUT ! We sure do ! I hope we get to go on our walk today * Its been cold & windy so we haven't been in a couple of days * Mojo is going to get out of SHAPE if we don't get back to it SOON ! BOL ! I just Lv to go on my walk * It is fun to see & smell different stuff * Mojo is always ready to go back towards home THO ! He likes to try & cut our walks short if he can * Mommy says he is like a BARN - SOURED HORSE ! BOL ! He takes forever to get where we want to go, BUT ! When we start to go towards home He can get back home in 60 seconds ! BOL ! That BOY is so SILLY ! That's my MOJO ! later, Sierra



November 16th 2008 1:43 pm
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GOSH ! Mommy is really behind on my Diary ! Mojo barked to me that she & Daddy went to a Concert Thursday Night when they were gone & that's why Mommy can't talk right & Daddy is all STOVE - UP ! I no Mommy said they were going " ROCK ' N " ! And I thought Concert was the name for what our driveway is made out of * She always says not to run on the driveway when its wet or there's ice on it , 'cause if we slipped & fell on it , it wood hurt 'cause its hard as a ROCK ! SO ! I just thought they were going to the Concert where Concrete was made ! AFTER ALL ! She said they were going " ROCK ' N " ! OH ! WELL ! I'm just a 'LIL CHI GRRRL & Mojo nose more 'bout that stuff than I do * Mojo says its all 'bout their MUSIC ! I never knew Concrete was made with MUSIC ! I'm going to go dig me up a NAP ! I have got to think 'bout this one ! later, Sierra



November 10th 2008 12:40 pm
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GOSH ! It's cold as the ice box out this morn'n * The wind makes it feel like there is SNOW in the air * I sure wish it wood snow for THANKSGIVING * Its raining & cold and I can't go outside , I won't potty outside in weather like this * SO, mommy puts down our pads so Mojo & I can go potty in the warm house * Ya'no ! Sometimes that can be a 'lil CONFUSING , but I wood rather go potty in the warm than outside when that wind is blowing 25 MPH straight out of the NORTH * My tail is TINY & NARROW , So that makes for no wind break at ALL to my 'lil REAR ! Mojo's tail is wide as a car & he has a LOT of meat on his BONES * Me, I'm just a LEAN 'lil GRRRL & I get cold right to my 'lil BONES ! Mommy better get our coats fixed SOON ! I need mine today ! Got ' ta RUN ! Mojo's chasing my 'lil lean tail ! later, Sierra



November 5th 2008 6:18 pm
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OMD ! This morn'n before daylight it was really SCARY ! Mommy saw a BIG TIMBER WOLF on our DECK ! YEP ! Right outside our backdoor ! Me & Mojo was BARKING like RABID DAWGS ! Mommy was so worried 'bout getting Daddy off to work on time, that she just ran through the house with his coffee * Its a wonder she didn't just throw his cup of coffee at him ! When she came back to the kitchen she told me & Mojo that she wood see what we were BARKING at in just a minute * We just kept on BARKING like RABID DAWGS ! She told daddy to turn the property lights on & see what was outside * He said he wood as soon as he got his clothes on * BUT ! Mommy was wanting to no NOW ! SO ! She went to throw the switch on the lights & WOW ! ALL of a sudden all kinds of racket went on out on our deck * SHE SAW THE BIG BAD WOLF ! She SCREAMED for daddy to get the GUN ! One of Daddy's guns shoots BIG Salt Pellets , they just burn, BUT ! They don't KILL * He ran out the front and around our house to the back & saw the WOLF standing beside the tree * He said he was DAZED from falling off the deck * Just as daddy was going to SHOOT ! The WOLF ran & jumped our back fence that is 'bout 7 ft. high * GOSH ! I'm sure glad I could only smell him, 'cause I'm AFRAID of those BIG BAD WOLVES ! I got ' ta go potty before it gets DARK ! later, Sierra



November 4th 2008 5:38 am
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GOSH ! He FINALLY DID IT ! I'm SO VERY " PROUD " of him ! Mommy even called Daddy at work to tell him TOO ! She called him lasterday when I got " Daily Diary Pick of the Day" , BUT ! Mojo was asleep deep under his quilt & he didn't no 'bout the call to Daddy , 'bout me * DON'T TELL HIM THO ! I want him to think it was a " SPECIAL CALL " just for his "SPECIAL DIARY HONOR TODAY " ! After ALL ! I WUV HIM & HE'z my BOY ! Got ' ta go BARK it up with Mojo ! This is his " SPOTLIGHT DAY " ! OMD ! Mommy is getting the WENNIE'S OUT ! YAY ! HEY ! Mojo !!!!! later, Sierra



November 3rd 2008 5:13 am
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OMD ! What an " HONOR " THANK YOU ! SO - ooooo MUCH DOGSTER !
I have to go BARK IT UP ! WITH Mojo !!!!!!!!!!
I got ' ta go BARK IT UP ! later, Sierra



November 1st 2008 9:09 am
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OMD ! What a MESS ! The company came last night for Howl'oween & the Big Bon - Fire was a BLAZE ! Me & Mojo greeted all the Guests with LOTS of Lv Licks & hit the ground looking for WENNIES ! It wasn't long till I found one & mommy made me share it with Mojo * GOSH ! I FOUND IT ! HE'S ON A DANG DIET ! ANYWAY ! HECK ! You wood of thought he wood of found the first one to hit the ground, BUT ! NO ! He waits for a GRRRL to find one for him ! DARN ! That's NOT FARE ! I was going to look for another one & hide behind the tree & eat it ALL BY MYSELF, BUT , mommy took us inside where it was warmer & LOTS more QUITE * I just wonder how many WENNIES was BURNT ! I no there was a DOGZILLION of them & there was enough Marshmellows to float a BIG BOAT TOO ! Gosh ! I'm sure glad I don't have to help with all the clean up today ! Daddy said there wasn't much to clean up 'cause everything was all BURNT up ! I sure hope our 'Lil Country Town is still here , surely they didn't burn it DOWN TOO ! I got ' ta go sniff'in around the fire area with Mojo * There might be a WENNIE left behind ! I just hope if there is, its not BURNT ! later, Sierra

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