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April 28th 2008 8:37 am
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woof ! it is a pretty day, but i didn't want to do my duty outside this morn'n ' cause it is COLD ! to me ! mommy had my sweatshirt on me , BUT ! woof ! it is a bit CHILLY out there ! so i just used my pad instead * i have gott'en over those 'ol mean shots now and Me & Mojo have been playing chase this morn'n in the house * woof ! those shots are really mean to me and i don't like them at ALL ! do you get mean shots TOO ! woof ! and i have to have more next month TOO ! POO ! i watched Mojo do his duties from my window and i cried a 'lil for him to come back in, but i wasn 't 'bout to go out there in the cold & wet grass* i am going to watch a movie and when it warms up outside i am going on a walk with Mojo & mommy* we got to get Mojo into shape for his next Dogter Appt. or he is going to be in "DEEP POO" ! the Dogter says its DIET TIME for him for a while, BUT ! i can eat all i want ! BUT ! i have been eating GREEN BEANS with him so he wont feel bad 'bout being on the DIET ! BOL ! I LV MY MOJO ! and that's what SISSY CHI' s do for their BUBBA CHI's ! got'ta go potty ! later, Sierra



April 27th 2008 5:37 pm
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woof ! lasterday was some kind of day ! poo ! i got my shots and my heart worm meds. all going TOO ! i got'ta go back in a month and get some more shots and Mojo has to be weighed once a month for a while * he barked at me that he has to go on a DIET and i hope he won't have to leave home to go on it * i didn't no what that is, THO ! but he doesn't sound excitied 'bout it, i can hear it in his bark ! every thing turned out GOOD for me and i can eat regular food just like Mojo does * my Dogter says it will be good for me 'cause i was the runt and it will be better than my Baby - Food * YAY ! i'm on BIG DAWG FOOD NOW !! BUT ! those SHOTS ! POO ! those things are POO ! i had and aspirin TOO ! that was if the shots made me have a fever* i came home and all Me & Mojo done was sleep all day! woof ! i was wore out TOO ! my new Dr. Vet is so sweet ! i just Lv her, she gave me & Mojo so many kissies and said we were the BEST 'lil sweeties ! got'ta go potty ! later, Sierra



April 26th 2008 4:41 am
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woof ! i got to go to my Dr. Vet today TOO ! poo ! i have to get my shots and heart worm meds. TOO ! poo ! i am going to be snuggled up with Mojo while we get over our shots for the day and maybe twomorrow i can go outside and play some more if it doesn't rain AGAIN ! i sure want to hunt me up a frog ! got'ta go potty ! later, Sierra



April 25th 2008 7:44 pm
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woof ! i am so wore out ! i have been outside ALL day ! Me & Mojo have had so much fun playing and running around in the yard TOO ! i didn't find me a frog yet, mommy said it is suppose to rain tonight and so maybe they will be out twomorrow * i sure hope it rains a lot so they will come out so i can see them * i can't hardly keep my 'lil eyes open, i got'ta go to nightie ! later, Sierra



April 24th 2008 12:35 pm
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woof ! i wish all this mean weather wood leave our house ! i was up a lot last night 'cause of all the thundering and lighting TOO ! that stuff really SCARES ME ! mommy kept me close to her neck and wrapped me in my 'lil lite blankie so i wood feel safe* i got my duties done this morn'n , but have just been inside most of the day* the mean weather won't leave us alone, so mommy won't let me out in it* GOSH ! these storms come up fast and they are LOUD TOO ! mommy says there is going to be more of them tonight, so i am sure i am going to be SCARED AGAIN ! going to go potty before another one comes ! later, Sierra



April 23rd 2008 5:16 am
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woof ! it is a very YUKKIE DAY ! there was a lot of fog this morn'n and it is very humid TOO ! i got my 'lil duty done and watched Mojo try to catch a bird, but the bird just flew away and Mojo was left with air in his mouth ! BOL ! i told him the bird was faster than him, but he tries all the time and misses all the time TOO ! BOL ! i am going to watch movies today, i can't play outside in all of this messed up weather, BUT ! those tiny 'lil birds like it a lot ! mommy calls them HUMMERS * i think the reason she calls them that is 'cause the must sing a lot ! i really dun'no THO, but they are so cute TOO ! i got'ta go potty before my barkfast is ready ! later, Sierra



April 22nd 2008 5:27 pm
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woof ! Today is a pretty day ! it got to 86' and the HUMIDITY is AWFUL ! mommy turned on the air and woof ! that felt so GOOD ! just a few days ago we had a fire going, BUT ! not today ! the AC feels really GREAT ! i went outside today a lot off & on , and i sun bathed some TOO ! this is the first time i have been HOT outside, all i ever new is COLD, BUT ! now that i am growing up the weather is getting warmer, and i really like it too, i'm not so cold all the time and i don't always have to wear my sweatshirt NOW ! i can go outside in my nudie ! YAY ! got'ta go potty ! Sierra * HOPE ALL YOU PAWS ARE ENJOYING OUR MOTHER EARTH TODAY ! * TODAY IS HER DAY ! * LOVE & PEACE TO ALL OF YOU * LOVE OUR WORLD ! *



April 21st 2008 8:44 pm
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woof ! mommy has been running all over this country picking up daddy 'cause he had a broke - down and he had to be toed TOO ! i guess that means his toes are sore from the 3 mile walk he made from his broke - down ! Yep ! i bet that is what that means, 'cause when he got home , he said he was already sore from all the walking and then mommy said "I THINK YOU NEED A NAP ! NOW ! " woof ! so he went and took one ! TOO ! got 'ta go potty before bedtime ! later, Sierra


" HEY ! CAT ! I'M NOT A RAT " !!

April 20th 2008 10:55 am
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well ! i got all my duties done, and was going to sniff some till Mojo barked and i got scared and ran to mommy* woof ! he does this to me all the time ! i am still trying to find me a frog, but every time i think i have found the scent, mojo barks at me ! POO ! i wish he wood take a nap ! the weather is not so good today, but lasterday it was nice* i really hope i find me a frog today, there are a lot of them at my house, do you have frogs at your house ? well ! we do, and some of them are bigger than me and some are real smaller than me TOO ! mommy says i can't play with her 'lil tree frogs, but they scream at me and they are wanting to play TOO ! she says a family of them live here by the cast iron water pot, and we have to leave them alone or the will move away* The squirrels drink water from this pot and the birds do TOO ! They don't mind sharing the water with them, but if i get to close they will get scared and leave* i was digging in a pile of leaves mommy had raked up and in the back yard there was a stray cat looking at me * mommy was on the deck watching us and the cat started stalking me in the leaves* mommy started down the steps 'cause the cat just kept coming towards me , as tho to pounce on me like she wood a RAT ! and we have RATS in the pasture TOO ! mommy finally said "SCAT" ! to the cat 'cause it WAS going to pounce on me ! woof ! i was so scared TOO! i ran to mojo on the deck* mommy felt sorry for the cat, but didn't want it to bite or scratch me, 'cause she did not no this cat at all* after me & mojo came back in the house, mommy took some scraps out past the fence in the pasture where the cat ran to and put them out there so it could eat it without getting in the yard* mommy posted a note at the post office to see if it belonged to anyone, so maybe if it is lost we can help it get back to its home or find it a home if it doesn't have one* i never got a chance to sniff me up a frog, i was right in the middle of hunting one up when the cat came up, so maybe later this evening i can try again * got'ta go POTTY ! later, Sierra



April 19th 2008 6:58 am
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woof ! it is a pretty day ! and i am going out with mommy & mojo to work in the Flower Garden today ! i lv to go to the Flower Garden, there are so many places to play hide & seek with mojo * i lv it when mommy rakes up grass & leaves, i just lv to jump in the piles and find me a BIG leaf to crunch* i like to be hiding in the Irises and jump out at mojo TOO ! BOL ! got'ta go eat my barkfast and take my vitamin ! later, Sierra * OH ! P.S. * i almost forgot to bark this, last night late , Me & mojo was playing with his stuff turtle & he took it away from me and i got really mad at him and all of a SUDDEN ! BARK ! BARK ! BARK ! came out of my mouth ! GOSH ! i didn't no i could do that ! i don't no where it came from and it SURPRISED me so, that i jumped straight up like a cat ! BOL ! i really can't tell you how i do it, it just came up & out ! mommy says i found my BARK and NOW ! i can really tell mojo what i think ! i can BARK NOW ! TOO ! YAY ! i'm almost all GROWED UP ! NOW i'm BOL ! ALOT TOO *

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