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May 8th 2008 1:46 pm
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gosh ! i am so glad today has been calm * that storm scared me & i didn't no where me, Mojo & mommy were going ! all i could hear was LOUD THUNDER and i don't like that stuff either, then mommy picked me & Mojo up and wrapped us in a quilt* there was all kinds of horns going off at our Fire Dept. , but there wasn't a fire, it was a BAD STORM COMING ! mommy couldn't risk running out in it,cause it was coming to FAST ! so she took us into the hallway in our house * it didn't really last long for it to move through, but it felt like a long time THO ! guess i better go potty ! later, Sierra



May 7th 2008 4:26 pm
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woof ! i got'ta go with Mojo & mommy, we got a TORNADO WARNING going off in our town ! later, Sierra



May 6th 2008 2:03 pm
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woof ! what a sad day * mommy has gave up on my page for a while * i guess she needs to take a break from it anyway * Got all the duties done before the storm rolled in and found me a stick that just fit my 'lil mouth, THEN ! mommy saw it * WELL ! i ain't got a stick no more, but i will find one later when she goes around the big tree* Mojo and i have stayed in the house a lot today 'cause of the rain and storms* i have to go potty, NOW ! , later, Sierra



May 5th 2008 8:31 am
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mommy it is going to be o.k. ! Today i have got to keep a close eye on my mommy, she is STIIL GOING CRAZY OVER MY PAGE ! i think if she wood dig her a nap up it might help ! BOL ! she has been working on it now, for DAYS ! got ' a go make sure she hasn't put the PLASTIC BAG over her head ! BOL ! later, Sierra



May 4th 2008 2:50 pm
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i have to help mommy with my page today ! a very special pal and his mom helped her get it right ! "THANK YOU GIZ & Giz's MOM"! for helping my mommy find her MIND , AGAIN ! BOL ! got ' ta go see how she is doing on my page, KEEP YOUR PAWS CROSSED ! , later, Sierra



May 3rd 2008 9:44 am
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poor mommy ! she can't help being BLONDE !! BOL !! she has been up late for nights , now, working on my page * she is 'bout to go CRAZY ! and on top of being a BLONDE TOO ! that can't be a GOOD THING ! BOL ! thats what daddy & Mojo say anyway ! BOL ! I didn't go out to potty this morn'n 'cause it is COLD ! at my house today * is it cold at your house TOO ? i no some of my Paw Pals are still getting some snow at their house and i am glad i don't have snow, 'cause it wood make all the pretty flowers go away * guess i will snuggle up with Mojo and watch mommy loose her mind over my page ! BOL ! later, Sierra * ( P. S. it got warmer lasterday and mommy gave me my bath , GOSH ! it was fun in the big sink ! BOL ! ) *



May 2nd 2008 8:18 am
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woof ! what a day ! it was HOT this morn'n when i went to potty, but by the time i had my barkfast i wanted my sweatshirt on ! HOT one minute & COLD the next* i don't no from one day to the next what to wear at this rate * mommy was just fixing to turn the air on and all of a sudden the wind went COLD ! i was ready for a fire instead of the air* but, now i don't think mommy is going to give me my bath , now * WELL ! that's one good thing 'bout falling degrees , if your bath is planned for the day just PRAY FOR A NORTHER ! BOL ! later, Sierra



May 1st 2008 3:25 am
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gosh ! this wind is TERRIBLE ! it is 'bout to blow me away ! i ran out early to potty and ran back in 'cause the wind is so high ! i hope it doesn't blow our trees down ! when it blows like this , i get SCARED ! TOO ! its not going to be a very active day , mommy goes into work & daddy is baby - sitting us ! POO ! all daddy does is take us to potty & NAP ! POO ! I WANT TO PLAY TODAY ! maybe daddy will play ball if i lick his face every time he falls a sleep ! BOL ! later, Sierra



April 30th 2008 10:07 am
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woof ! went out this morn'n to do my duties and the hole backyard was full of SQUIRRELS ! woof ! if it ain't the Red Tail Hawks , it's the CRAZY SQUIRRELS ! GOSH ! don't they no i am a 'lil CHI ! they tried to chase me and Mojo ran them up the tree and barked at them* They must think i am a SQUIRREL ! mommy just laughed at us and went back to watering her flowers * POO ! i wish they wood go across the road in the other trees and quit looking at me so funny , i can't even potty without a crazy squirrel running by me* they really can't decide what i am , BUT ! i can bark at them this, "I AIN' T NO SQUIRREL " !! all i need is to be carried up a tree and put in a hole, then mommy & Mojo couldn't find me ! i barked at them and all they did was go high up in the tree and then they started BARKING back at me ! mommy laughed even more, my 'lil bark wasn't even enough to scare them , then Mojo stepped in and barked and CHARGED at them and then they all ran up the trees * it sure is GOOD to have a BUBBA to take up for me ! I LV MY MOJO ! woof ! i am just going back inside till those crazy squirrels go home ! later, Sierra



April 29th 2008 7:05 am
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woof ! what another pretty day ! it is chilly outside , but is going to be a perfect Spring day again ! got my duties done and came back in 'cause it is chilly and even with my sweatshirt on i still get cold * i get to go back outside later when it warms up * i am going to watch mommy cook today and nap after i get to play outside for a while * daddy wants pork chops , so mommy is going to be in the kitchen a lot and she is going to bake brownies TOO ! guess i will snuggle up with Mojo and watch a movie * later, Sierra

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