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May 18th 2008 6:46 am
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woof ! it is another pretty day here and i went out for my duties and chased a squirrel up the tree* Mojo saw him first , but he just looked at Mojo Then i ran up to him and up the tree he went ! I chased him 'cause he always tries to chase me when i was 'lil 'er ! I didn't find ANY frogs lasterday , BUT ! when we went in the house they all started singing again ! GOSH ! all I want to do is see one * guess i will eat my barkfast and dig me up a nap* mommy is going to do some house work 'cause Daddy is at work and she says thats the best time to get some of it done * later, Sierra



May 17th 2008 8:00 am
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YAY !!!! the sun is back and it is going to be a pretty day TODAY !!! i am going outside and play with Mojo in mommys flower garden * Mojo says he is going to help me look for FROGS ! i sure hope i get to see them * i wish i could bring one in the house and put it in my bed, BUT ! mommy won't let us bring FROGS in * if i get one Mojo says i will be in BIG POO ! ' cause mommy says DON"T BITE THEM ! i ain't going to bite them , i just want to play with them * Mojo says they will PEE in my face if i try to catch one, so i think i will just leave it up to him to find me one* they are singing all over the yard and mommy says they are called TREE FROGS and they are her favorite frogs* i like them too ! and thats why i want one for my bed in the house! Mojo says we have to look for one that is DEAD ! i don't why we have to find a dead one, 'cause they can't jump anymore if their DEAD ! i like to chase them when they jump* i think he is just barking up my tail, 'cause he wants to be the one to find a frog and then he won't let me have it ! BOYZ ! i'm going to look on my own, but i won't bark that to him ! BOL ! later, Sierra



May 16th 2008 4:45 am
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gosh ! i sure hope it gets warm today ! it is cold this morn'n ! got my duty done and got back in my bed and covered up ! woof ! it is a bit CHILLY & wet outside * Mojo didn't PEE on my 'lil rabbit THO ! what ever he & Daddy had planned lasterday got "CRASHED" ! 'cause when he went to my bed to look for something MOMMY came home ! BOL ! GOT ' CHA ! i new when mommy got home those BOYZ wood be in DEEP - POO if they weren't behave'n * BOYZ ! why do they always have to be such TRICKZTERS ! i find a lot to do , & i don't play trickz on Mojo , but i guess its his way to get me to cry 'cause i can out run him ! BOL ! got 'ta go run circles around Mojo ! later, Sierra



May 15th 2008 6:31 pm
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woof ! i can't find my 'lil bone ANYWHERE ! mommy's at work & Daddy ain't no help , hes on the computer* i have looked all over the house and i just can't see it* i better go look in Mojo's bed, he hides a lot of my stuff in his bed to make me cry to mommy & when mommy gets home he will be in BIG trouble if i find it in his bed * she says we have to share and not hide things from each other either * BUT ! he sometimes don't listen to mommy,'cause Daddy says when mommy ain't here hes the BOSS* WELL ! BOSS ! i just found my 'lil bone in Mojo's bed ! Mojo ! just wait till mommy gets HOME ! i got'ta go potty ! later, Sierra



May 14th 2008 2:31 pm
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GOSH ! it is so messy outside & i ain't going out and get 'n my paws all wet either! i will be glad when this rains stops so i can go outside & play * i have just been napping and watching movies with Mojo 'cause we both are kind'a bored * he keeps going to my toys in my bed and looking for something * i kind'a think he's got a trick up his leg THO * i bet he is going to PEE on my tiny rabbit again if i don't watch him* he & daddy have been whispering and i think Mojo is jealous 'cause i can out run him* my legs aren't much longer than his, BUT ! i am slim and he is , well, CHUNKY ! BOL ! He doesn't need to be jealous ' cause doing some running wood be good for him * i try to get him to run with me, but he just barks back at me and says , "RUN SIERRA RUN" ! "RUN LIKE THE WIND" !!! AND !! SO I DO !!! i run like the wind , float like a butterfly, AND STING LIKE A BEE !!!!! BOL ! BOL ! i got 'ta GO RUN !! later , Sierra



May 13th 2008 11:27 am
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woof ! we had to go to the neighbors house to let her no her CHI - baby was down our road at our house * she is always getting out of her yard and coming down to our house* it is raining today and i am just going to snuggle in and nap with Mojo* mommy has got us some movies out to watch and the first one is going to be the new "KING KONG" movie* mommy likes it and me & Mojo will sleep through most of it and when it is over we get to watch "CUJO" and that will probably make me have nightmares 'cause i'm scared of BIG FUR - Babies ! got 'ta go get in my spot with mommy & Mojo ! later, Sierra



May 12th 2008 8:38 pm
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GOSH ! mommy has done our pages again ! woof ! i sure hope it all works o.k. this time * i thought for sure i was going to have to bark at Mojo to Paw 911 there for a while ! BOL ! mommy got so BLONDE that i thought she was going to turn into a Red Head ! BOL ! i had a fun day today, i played chase with Mojo and drug my blankie all over the house* i lv to drag stuff around the house * it has been nice & cool today and i took some naps too* i got to have some baked chicken with Mojo, and he tried to get some of mine, but mommy woodn't let him * he was kind'a upset with me, but soon we were back to lick ' n ears together* got'ta go NITE ! NITE ! later, Sierra



May 11th 2008 8:43 am
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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ! To ALL you Fur - baby MOMS ! I LV MY MOMMY & YOUR FUR - Babies LV YOU TOO ! "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY " ! Lots of LV & babee kissies TO ALL OF YOU ! Sierra



May 10th 2008 4:49 pm
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gosh ! i have been so busy today ! i helped Daddy & Mojo pick out flowers for Mommy 'cause toomorrow is Mommy's Day ! Daddy cut them and put them all in a vase , then we all gave them to Mommy * She started almost to cry 'cause they were from us and out of her Flower Garden TOO ! They are so pretty and i lv the pinkish white rose the best, i picked those out for her and Mojo picked out her red roses* got' ta go on a potty run ! i am so tired , my 'lil legs can't hardly run anymore today ! woof ! i no i will sleep good tonight ! later, Sierra



May 9th 2008 4:02 pm
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woof ! Me & Mojo have been playing outside a lot today ! it is a very nice day and the breeze is so nice too ! i went looking for me a frog again and found me a really neat stick instead* BUT ! as usual mommy took it away again and so i just took a nap on the deck* got'ta go eat my supper ! later, Sierra

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