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June 13th 2008 8:57 pm
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I just wonder if the BAD STORMS are going to come today * We were suppose to have some, but all it's been today is HOT & a 'lil cloudy TOO ! I went outside to potty and I got so - ooooo SCARED ! i was sniffing 'round the tree and all of a sudden there was this BIG BUG ON MY NOSE ! woof ! I tried to shake it off , but it just STUCK to my 'lil NOSE ! I ran 'round in circles trying to get it off , then I just DOVE to the ground and smeard my 'lil face in the dirt ! THEN ! it came off ! mommy was laughing so hard she was cry'n ! I was scared out of my 'lil Fur ! That thing was HUGE ! and it was sticky TOO ! mommy called it a BIG JUNE BUG ! I called it the " FRIDAY THE 13 th , DAY OF THE GIANT JUNE BUG INVASION " ! Just talking 'Bout it makes me want to root my face in the dirt ! I got'ta go to bed now ! I hope I don't dream of GIANT JUNE BUGS ! If I do , I hope I PEE on Mojo ! BOL ! Maybe that will stop his SNORING ! BOL ! later, Sierra



June 12th 2008 7:19 pm
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O ! MY ! it is so hot today ! i am so sad 'cause mommy is at work * i don't like it when shes not home * Daddy & Mojo take good care of me , but they are BOYZ ! they just do their thing and think i should just be HAPPY with that and i think they are acting SILLY ! woof ! whats a 'LIL GRRRL to do all day with a Daddy who is mowing an cutting tree limbs & a Bubba who naps all the time * i tried to get Mojo to run and chase the ball with me , but he just looks at me like i am from MARS or something * i guess i will just play with my tiny rabbit and chew on my bone * BOYZ ! POO ! later, Sierra



June 11th 2008 10:29 am
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woof ! i finally found my OWN FROGGIE ! YAY ! he was the CUTEST 'lil tree frog i ever seen ! mommy let me sniff him and then he hopped up the tree near our bird bathes & swimming pool * he lv's me , i could tell 'cause he let me sniff him , but just a 'lil THO ! mommy said we have to be very careful not to hurt him 'cause he is so small and we want him to live with us as long as he can * i really am glad mommy helped me find my FROGGIE * Mojo wood have not told me 'bout him and i wood still be hunting my 'lil head off for me my own FROG * Mojo tried to sniff him TOO, but he was already high up the tree an Mojo's legs are REALLY SHORT TOO ! So he missed out on sniffing MY FROG ! BOL ! got ' ta go play ball NOW ! Mojo is ready to play , so i have to play while he is in the MOOD ! BOL ! in 60 seconds he will be out of the PLAY MOOD ! BOL ! OH ! WELL ! get it while it LASTS ! BOL ! BOL ! later, Sierra



June 10th 2008 1:01 pm
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woof ! i am so glad all the storms are gone * i went out to potty and i got to meet a Paw Pal of Mojo's that i have heard so much 'bout ! His name is PAWSOME and he is a TOM - Cat from down the road * Mojo calls all of those KITTIES down the road "TWISTED KITTY'S" ! BOL ! i have no idea why ! but he does ! he says they have to much DRAMA in their life and that wood get on his nerves if he had to live like that * He said POOR PAWSOME was always in fights over all those Grrrl - Kitties at his house and never gets any sleep * i think Mojo is just to laid - back for any type of excitement in life ! BOL ! i think it will be most interesting to get to no ALL the Kitties more that live in that house down the road ! us GRRRL' S LOVE a GOOD DRAMA STORY ! BOL ! Got'ta go POTTY ! NOW ! later, Sierra



June 9th 2008 1:27 pm
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GOSH ! mommy put my 'lil sun dress on for us to go to the Post Office and when we came out the clouds were DARK & MEAN looking ! the wind got cool and was blowing in every which ah 'way TOO ! mommy had Mojo in one arm and as she picked me up the wind blew my dress skirt right over my head ! woof ! i didn't no what to do ! mommy started laughing and Mojo started BARKING at my dress 'cause he couldn't see my face either ! i was just 'bout to PEE on them 'cause i got SCARED ! i couldn't see a thing & the wind was really getting MEAN TOO ! i could smell rain and i didn't want to get my dress wet, but we got home before it started ! TMD ! i was so embareassed 'cause having my dress blow over my head was not very LADY - LIKE and Mojo just BARKED ! i no he thought it was so - oooo FUNNY TOO ! i am going to hide all his balls if he barks this to any of our Paw Pals 'cause 'LIL GRRRLS don't think stuff like this is very FUNNY ! EITHER ! BOYZ ! POO ! they think they 'er so CUTE TOO ! the storm is coming and mommy has got to un - plug us , what ever that is ! later, Sierra



June 8th 2008 5:11 am
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woof ! is my mommy behind on my DIARY or WHAT !!!! i have to not bark too loud 'cause she has been SO - OOOO busy helping her Friend with her Grandma & Wednesday she passed away * mommy is now back home and getting me back on track so i will stop BARKING ! BOL ! daddy has been baby - sitting me and we have had a lot of fun * he & Mojo have been real sweet & Loving to me 'cause they no i missed mommy not being here * daddy has made sure he keeps our meals on time , BUT ! i think he has let Mojo slip on his DIET ! BOL ! when it comes to the scales at our Dr. Vet mommy is going to FAINT ! BOL ! i have been watching daddy and he has slipped me & Mojo LOTS of snacks* i no my mommie and she counted the wennies in the frig and when she gets around to it, i think she is going to no something is NOT adding up on her grocery list ! BOL ! i am not going to BARK a word , 'cause i enjoyed the snacks TOO ! and besides i'm just a BABY ! BOL ! got'ta go potty ! later, Sierra



June 4th 2008 7:37 am
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woof ! i think i just saw my first WOLF ! he was HUGE & BLACK TOO ! mommy said it was a German Shepard, i think it was a WOLF ! me & Mojo were in the house, BUT ! we had just came in and mommy didn't even have the door shut when he came running by ! he was running like he had been shot at an me & Mojo barked at him as he ran through our yard ! GOSH ! that was close ! i'm glad we weren't outside when he came through ! got 'ta go find the ball so i can play with Mojo* he needs the exercise 'cause we have to go walking this evening and my job is to warm him up ! BOL ! later, Sierra


" HOT ! HOT ! HOT ! " !!!!!!

June 3rd 2008 5:35 pm
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woof ! it is SO - oooooo HOT ! i don't like it THIS HOT ! mommy won't let me stay out very long in the heat and i want to hunt for FROGS ! i guess i'm going to go dig up a nap with Mojo 'cause i am always sleepy after i eat and i just had supper * i sure hope it is cloudy toomorrow so i can go outside longer & hunt for me a FROG ! BOL ! later, Sierra



May 31st 2008 9:27 am
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woof ! the heat is on ! i went walking with Mojo and the more we walked the HOTTER it got ! when we got back to our yard Mojo started barking and running to the back yard at a squirrel * it scared me to the color of WHITE ! GOSH ! i heard this loud BARKING and i didn't no what kind of dawggie it was ! it was the STUPID SQUIRREL !!!! him & Mojo was just a BARK 'in and i just ran to mommy * it just goes to show you Mojo will BARK to anything ! i never knew SQUIRRELS could BARK ! THO ! i'm going in and getting my chew bone and think 'bout this one ! later, Sierra



May 30th 2008 6:25 pm
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woof ! YEP ! 'Lil Mister Man got to be MASTER today ! AGAIN ! Gosh ! i wanted to Babysit Mojo this time, But when mommy had to go , she told Mojo to keep a watch on me & be sweet TOO ! WELL ! NOW ! how many paws on a DIET do you no that are in SWEET - MOODS ! Mojo is so GRIPPY, that he takes my chew bone away from me and chews on it and gets it all YUKKIE and he doesn't even like to chew on them ! i no this is not easy to do ,'cause mommy said it wasn't, but he doesn't have to be so GRIPPY 'bout it ! POO ! i'm eating GREEN BEANS with him and i don't even have TOO ! that's the THANKS i get for being nice ! all day he has been bossy & had my clean 'lil bone in a heck of a mess * when mommy got home, she threw it in the trash and gave me a fresh one * i'm hiding this one where he won't find it ! BOL ! Then he will just have to bit his nails ! BOL ! later, Sierra

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