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July 7th 2008 1:27 pm
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WHEW ! Its HOTTER that a DAWGGIE BISKIT straight out of the oven ! BOL ! i wanted to go swimming today , but mommy said we wood have to wait till this evening * it is just to HOT to be outside ,expect to POTTY of course ! BOL ! i have to pick out my evening swim suit and Mojo is trying to help me * He says my white one will be good for the evening swim, but i like my yellow one better * He keeps going to my closet and getting my white one and mommy keeps taking it back * the last time she got it from him , she put it up on her bed so he couldn't reach it again ! BOL ! then he got mad and just barked to me not to wear a swim suit at ALL ! WELL ! GOSH ! i don't want to go swimming in my NUDEY ! i do like to look nice in the water and you never no what DAWGGIE might pass through our yard and see me * ! DANG ! i got'ta go ! Mojo has my PINK swim suit NOW ! later, Sierra **** NO ! MOJO ! i'm not swimming in my NUDEY ! ****



July 6th 2008 5:48 pm
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YUKKY ! HOT ! and i'm getting tired of SWEATING every time i go outside ! i haven't seen my FROGGIES in a while, but i sure do hear them in the evening ! i can't be outside to long 'cause of the heat, so i don't have a lot of time to look for'em * i guess i will go and watch the movie with Mojo , its just to HOT to do anything else ! later, Sierra



July 5th 2008 9:25 am
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GOSH ! More FOOD ? I have to watch my FIGURE ! WHEW ! How much more food is there going to be ??? i'm going with Mojo, mommy & daddy to Friends house for a cook - out and i'm still stuffed after lasterday ! BOL ! Got ' ta go help Mojo get in the car ! BOL ! later, Sierra



July 4th 2008 4:29 pm
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gosh ! it is so STORMY TODAY ! It has been raining ,THUNDERING & LIGHTNING TOO ! the wind was blowing hard when the first storm came rushing through, but it is just THUNDERING NOW ! i get really scared of that stuff * Me & Mojo are going to watch movies ALL night ! He said there were a LOT of HORROR MOVIES on for the July 4th Holiday Weekend so i guess that is what we are going to watch * i no i will have NIGHTMARES THO ! maybe this time i will "KICK" him in his "APPLE - HEAD " ! BOL ! BOL ! later Sierra **** "HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY TO ALL MY PAW GRRRL - PALS & to ALL the PAW BOYZ TOO ! ****



July 3rd 2008 2:23 pm
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OMD ! it's HOT ! i can't be out for very long in this HEAT ! it just takes my breath away ! Mojo has been Babysitting me today while Daddy & Mommy are at work * i sure will be glad when i can babysit Mojo ! He always makes me do stuff for him when mommy is gone * i went to get a kibble to eat and as i just got laid down, He looked at me so sad and WHINED that he wished he had a bite , but he was just so tired from all that barking at that Tractor that went down the road, he just didn't feel like going and getting a kibble to eat * YEP ! I DID ! i jumped down and ran in the kitchen to get him a bite and brought it to him in his bed * WELL ! Not a bark was made ! NOT a THANK YOU ! or anything ! BOYZ ! They just want us GRRRLS to wait on them Paws & Leg ! as if they don't have any ! EITHER ! BOL ! Just wait till mommy gets home and i bark to her who really did the Babysitting TODAY ! BOL ! later, Sierra



July 2nd 2008 1:32 pm
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GOSH ! mommy missed my Diary Entry lasterday 'cause we were in the Garden so late and even later in our kitchen * She was canning a lot of Garden stuff * Today she made a Homemade Blackberry Cobbler for Daddy and he is going to be so HAPPY ! BOL ! Hes been waiting for days for her to make this for him, so now he will be HAPPY ! I been outside a lot helping mommy repot her plants TOO ! WOOF ! she has a lot of PLANTS ! I LV to lay in the shade in the grass and watch her * Once she squirted me with the water hose and I thought it was RAINING ! BOL ! Got'ta go! Mojo is sniffing in my bowl for SOMETHING ! He nose he's on a DIET ! BOL ! later, Sierra



June 30th 2008 9:36 am
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WHEW ! i'm so sleepy ! went out to do my duties & did a LOT of running 'round in my yard ! i go so fast it just amazes me ! BOL ! Mojo won't run long with me , he's lazy and just likes to sit and watch me run * i just LV to run circles 'round him ! BOL ! i'm going to go take me a nap in my cubby bed , Mojo's bed is so big i get lost in it and its really smelling like a BOYZ bed TOO ! i'm so sleepy my 'lil eyes are barely staying open ! later, Sierra



June 29th 2008 4:32 am
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YUKKIE ! mommy put one of my cute sun dresses on me this morn'n , but when we went out to potty its still rainy & now it kind'a muddy TOO ! YUKKIE ! MY DRESS ! OH ! WELL ! it can be washed ! i got my duty done and Mojo ran by me just to splash me in the mud puddle ! BOYZ ! They just don't no what a GRRRL goes through to look PURRTY ! Well ! i got him back THO ! When mommy said we had to come in, i ran up to him and gave him a big HUG 'round his neck with my MUDDY PAWS ! BOL ! NOW ! His purrty white fur is spotted with my muddy paw prints ! BOL ! its fur 'sure going to be a Baby - wipes DAY ! later, Sierra



June 28th 2008 6:51 pm
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woof ! i got storms at my house TODAY ! i just lv it when it rains, but i don't like the THUNDER or LIGHTING THO ! It was 100' and it is down to 78' NOW ! WOW ! that feels like a NORTHER has come through ! BOL ! i have been visiting with my human Sissy today* She came over and she always has LOTS of BABEE KISSEZS to give to me ! She Lv's me & Mojo so much TOO ! got'ta go potty on the PAD ! later, Sierra



June 27th 2008 8:07 pm
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GOSH ! You could bake a cake on our deck today ! Its HOTTER THAN HOT ! Mommy gave me my bath today and the water felt GREAT ! It also was bath day for my bedding too * I Lv water ! We played a 'lil first before she got to the real bath part * I like to snap at the dripping water and then I try to swim in ankle deep water ! mommy just laughs up a storm at me and says what a silly 'lil GRRRL I am ! BOL ! mommy gave me my PEDICURE TOO ! I'm so good when it comes to my bath and stuff mommy always gives me a snack * Today Me & Mojo got a 'lil wennie snack, 'cause its been forever since Mojo has had a wennie * It was alright by me ! I LV wennies TOO ! guess its nite - nite time, bath days just wear me out ! later, Sierra

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