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New Beginnings

A scary start!

March 19th 2008 8:28 pm
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Jada was adopted on March 15, 2008. We adopted her from a shelter that rescues strays. Jada was the quietest one in the box, with the sweetest face. Our 5 year old son said he knew in his heart that she was the one. After adopting her we were told that she was a sato. A stray from Puerto Rico. This shelter was working with a rescue shelter to help stray dogs in Puerto Rico. We were really happy to be helping a good cause.

After we brought Jada home we were all so happy to have her, and to see our son laughing and playing with his new puppy. She was chasing him around everywhere and running to each of us for hugs and kisses.

The following day was a little different. Jada did not have the energy she appeared to have the first day she came home. All she wanted to do was sleep. She wouldn't eat and had no interest in any of the food that we tried offering her. We knew Charley (our 5 year old) did his job and wore her out. After all she is a puppy. She had some diarrhea, which we figured was due to the change in food and environment.

We began looking over the papers that were given to us when we adopted Jada. We found there was some information from Puerto Rico as well as some vaccinations records that she had there. We realized that Jada had flown here only 3 days prior to her adoption. Her health certificate was dated March 12. After doing some research on the internet we found that a plane ride was extremely traumatic and stressful for a young puppy.

Jada's third day was identical to her second. She had no desire to eat. Only sleep. She was not interested in play. We would wake her and try and entyce her to eat and she only looked at us and went back in her bed. A little concerned we decided to call our own vet. Who wanted to see her immediately. We brought here in and she was tested for some diseases as well as anemia and worms, which all came back negative. We were told to keep a close eye on her because it doesn't mean she is in the clear. We were given a nutrient supplement to help prevent dehydration.

A little troubled we began searching the internet again about these sato dogs. When we came across an article in a local newspaper printed a month ago in a local newspaper. A family purchased two sato puppies from the same shelter. The puppies were adopted the same day they were flown in from Puerto Rico, and a week later both puppies were hospitalized for Parvo. One puppy died and the other was recovering in the hospital.
I began searching Parvo and found all the symptoms of the deadly disease to be the same Jada had. It also stated that a puppy can test negative for parvo and still have the disease. Sometimes it takes 7-10 days for the disease to incubate. The survival rate was 50-50. My heart sank! We just lost our 12 year old lab a few weeks prior and the only reason we choose to adopt a puppy was because our 5 year old son was taking it hard and wanted a puppy. If anything ever happened I don't know what I would do.

We are now more hopeful. Jada is much more energetic. She has eaten almost two cans of food and is chewing on whatever she can. She still has diarrhea and we are still giving her the dietary supplement. She's not out of the woods yet, but were thinking it was all stress induced from the trauma she had just gone through. Our vet prescribed some medicine for her diarrhea. We should see some improvement soon. This is Jada's fourth day with us and we are already attached.


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