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Uh oh...guess what happened today?

April 6th 2008 7:20 am
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My Mommy is upset today...and now I'm working hard to butter her up. She's just ignoring me, but she didn't scold me after....


Yeah, buds, I'm not kidding you! I'm laying in my front yard under my own tree and this big red dog (about my size) comes walking by (on a leash). My Mom was sitting at the computer (beside a window where she always watches me when I'm outside) and suddenly heard all the "grrrrrrring and roaring" she pushed back her computer chair and almost broke her leg getting up to come outside (it was over by the time she got there).

See, the deal is....Mom doesn't know who started it as her head was turned away from the window while she was on the computer...she just heard it (and it scared her so bad)..she thought I was getting hurt (yeah, that'll happen NOT!!). Mom has never seen any real agression from me (except running my mouth at passerbys or vehicles), but THIS time it was a rumble in MY jungle!!

OK, I can understand Mom being upset....but HE started it (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it)!

Mom ran outside, but she wasn't fast enough, because the lady and her big, red dog had already walked up past the next house (the lady pulled her dog off me before I really did HIM any damage...I'd a kicked his you know what!!)

Mommy doesn't understand why I'm becoming so territorial, as I've only just started this in the past month or so. I love all people, even tho I sometimes bark when they go by (I'm so friendly if they stop and say hi and pet me)....but there's a limit to what a guy can take from other dogs on MY turf!
Dad always walks me (because Mom's not in real great health) and Dad has told Mom that I really go after cats, but usually either ignore or just bark back at other doggies (I mean, all they're doing is defending their territory).
I wish Mommy had seen it start so I'd either be off the hook or my parents would know I need some help with aggression.

Well, Mom's still upset and in shock, so I better get off now and calm her down.

Thank God neither dog was hurt (I hope....geeze, what if that woman comes back here and says I started it, or hurt her dog, or reports us, or........????).
It happened before, ya know, with another dog Mom & Dad adopted...he bit the UPS man and Mom and Dad had to return that dog to the shelter or face a really upset them to have to give that dog back and it can't happen again!!!

Mom's just GOTTA calm down!!!

Check you guys later~
Gangsta Sully


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