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A week in

March 17th 2008 10:51 pm
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It's been a little over a week and boy have I had my share of adventures already!

This week I got to meet my doctor... she is very nice but kind of strict I think. She also thinks I'm going to be a lot bigger when I grow up than my guardians thought. This is very good, but I don't care if I'm big or small, because I am a very brave and curious puppy, and I'll be a very brave and curious grownup dog too.

I'm getting used to the potty thing... which is kind of confusing right now. When I have to go (and I don't always know when that is), I try to tell my guardians, (my "mom" and "dad" and littermate Rebecca) but I don't always get it right. I'm doing better however, and have found where they like me to do my thing outdoors. This is a work in progress, according to my new family.

I'm having fun inventing new games to share with my new family. One game I like is when we are in the garden I'll find a leaf or a twig or a rock and put it in my mouth and run run run fast as my little legs will take me away from everybody... so that they'll chase me and say all sorts of things "Haley stop" "Haley come" "Haley give."

It's great fun to train my family to play this game. And it makes us all laugh.

Another game is chewing furniture that has ikky yuk spray on it. My mom sprays the iron leg of the kitchen table, and I lick the spray off, and chew on the leg. Then my mom gets that funny look and says my name a special way "Haaaayyyleeee" and then she gets down on her hands and knees and sprays the table leg again, and then I wait til she puts away the spray, and I repeat the process.... lick, lick, then bite.

This is so much fun to train her to play this game with me. She used to laugh a bit more when we played it at first. I think I need to invent some new games.

On Friday, my sister/littermate Rebecca (see me kissing her in the photos) had her seventh birthday party. I'm not sure what that is, but we had a bunch of visitors over to the house, and of course they came to look at, hold, pet and basically fawn over me. Rebecca had some boxes with colorful paper and ribbons, which these visitors brought exclusively for me. I had so much fun chewing the ribbon and ripping the papers and rolling in the mess. I think Rebecca got something inside of the boxes, but who cares. I got the best part of the fun. They lit a fire on a big cake, sang some fun songs. I can't sing yet but I am beginning to feel my little voice, and I bark bravely even at big tall people--and especially at toys I don't understand... anyway, they put out the fire, and ate their cake. I got to chew one of the candles until someone noticed that I had found it. Bummer. But I did get some cool new chew toys and squeaky things. There are a lot of dogsters in my new family.... and I think my cousin dogs gave them hints about what puppies would want to get as a gift. I can't wait to share my toys with my cousin dogs.

We stayed up until 10 o'clock which I am told is very late for a little puppy, as well as for my littermate Rebecca and her cousins. We slept in late on Saturday.

My littermate had a softball game in the midst of her many birthday celebrations... and while I'm not sure what that was all about, one of my guardians, the one I call "mom" carried me out to the ball park (I can't really go out on walks yet because I don't have all my shots).... I don't know what shots are but the don't sound as much fun as chewing things. It was a spectacular day to be out and my mom let me walk around just a little bit. I found a half of an empty sunflower seed, a rock and some good dirt. I got to go back into the car and came home shortly thereafter. Those green softballs look like they would taste pretty good. Rebecca has several, and if I could only figure out how to get to them....

When my littermate had another party far away in Cupertino... wherever that is... I got to go two doors down to visit my good friends Thomas, Charlie and Linda. You can see me in Linda's arms in the photos. They have two big cats, and I made friends with them. They are very brave, just like me. We played in the back yard, and Thomas also played with us. He is 2, and likes trains and cars, both of which taste very good. I played and then it was time to go back home. Thomas came with me and the grownups and Thomas ate more cake, and I got to run around some more.

Then it was nap time.

I have a little rash and my mom and dad put me in the tub to wash my tummy with some cream that stung a little bit, but I'm OK now.

The biggest thing was that my mom took me in the car with my travel crate (which is one of those cool canvas and net things) and I got to go to her office! Wow! But it was so quiet. I got to hang out with her and had my very own cube and everything. What a fun place. Except that I did not get to run around as much as I would have liked. I got lots of visitors however, and my mom said she was not as "productive" as she would have liked, whatever that means. Oh well, at least I got to meet some new humans, and I also got some more toys. I like meeting new people.

We played when we got home and then I took another bath to get rid of my rash, and I got all wet and everybody got all wet and we had fun... well not that much fun... I would have rather chewed on something... but we were all together and that was fun enough...

I am sleepy now and in my upstairs crate..... tomorrow is another exciting day. I wonder who I'll meet and what things I'll discover!

Nite nite


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