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On My Terms! The diary of a single-minded dog.

They've made me Dog of the Day!

April 25th 2010 2:10 am
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It's official; Woo-hooh!


Wishes for Barney

September 9th 2007 11:14 am
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We wish we could have told you
In words you'd understand
We wanted you to stay with us
This wasn't what we planned

We wish somehow to tell you
How empty we now feel
A part of us went with you
A part that time can't heal

We wish once more to hear you
Just give out one of your barks
Or to hold you in our arms again
Or take you round your parks

We wish we had you back again
To fill this empty space
But one day we'll be together
In a far far better place


Barney - On His Own Terms - RIP

September 6th 2007 1:03 pm
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Barney, our wonderful little man, is gone.

We took him tonight to a new vet for a second opinion about his immediate diagnosis of diabetes, the way he has been since treatment began, and a general prognosis in the context of his overall condition.

The news was not good. In addition to the diabetes, he almost certainly had Cushings disease which, in all likelihood, was interfering with the insulin, rendering it ineffective. The vet was very honest and straight with us. She said that to continue trying to establish his full condition and determine what was needed to control the diabetes, would have involved many tests over a two month period (possibly more), at the end of which there was no guarantee of an accurate diagnosis.

Even then, assuming a course of treatment could be found that would work against all of his ailments, we would have been looking at most at a few more months, during which his quality of life would not have been good. In short, it was too little, too late.

In the end, the decision was not a hard one to make for him, just a painful one for us. Barney is now at peace, and reunited with Shannon - his one true love - at Rainbow Ridge with all the other dogs.

Goodnight, and God Bless you, Barney Rubble. You were our one and only, loved and never to be forgotten.

Thursday 6 September 2007.


To everyone

August 26th 2007 1:13 pm
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Our sincere thanks to everyone who has sent messages of love and support to Barney. We really have been overwhelmed by them. We've tried to reply to each one personally, but there were so many, it's been an impossible task, especially when we're still finding our way with his illness, and building a regime to deal with it.

So this message is a big THANK YOU for all of you who we haven't been able to reply to personally.


Latest Update on Barney

August 25th 2007 7:29 am
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Ok, we went back to the vet this morning, first thing. This morning’s tests gave us a crumb of good news, in that the glucose level had fallen from last night’s crisis level of 30, to 17, and the Ketone reading has tailed off slightly. So at least the insulin he was given last night brought him back from the critical situation he was in at the time. But that is the only good news on offer.

There is no doubt that he is a severe diabetic. Aside from the immediate symptoms, he has lost 10% of his body weight in four weeks, his eyes are showing early signs of clouding, and one of them is beginning to appear slightly sunken. He will now need daily (possibly twice daily) injections of insulin for the rest of his life, just to stabilize the glucose level, and establish a degree of control over the diabetes.

But this cannot, in any sense, be sustained in the long term. Aside from the diabetes, Barney already has arthritis in most of his joints, and troublesome skin that causes him a great deal of discomfort. A regime of daily injections will only add to his physical distress. Also, there are suggestions his pancreas is starting to fail, which will limit the effectiveness of the insulin anyway.

We also have to consider the effect it will have on us, as well. I worked a lot of years as a veterinary nurse, and I am more than capable of administering injections. But when it is your own dog, it’s different. I honestly do not know if I will be able to deal with it on an emotional level.

My OH and I have talked this over, and we have reconciled ourselves to the fact that this may very well not last long before we have to make a call. It will rip us up when we do, but we will not prolong matters to Barney’s detriment, simply to avoid making the decision that his time with us is done.

Thank you to everyone for the kind wishes and thoughts you have sent us.


Lastest news about BaRnEy*!

August 24th 2007 1:06 pm
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We have had it confirmed tonight that Barney is very ill. The blood-sugar level in his urine is sky high and we’re one positive test away from a definite diagnosis of diabetes. He’s been unwell now for sometime with an enlarged liver and suspected cushings disease, the list is endless.

The vet wanted him to be kept there tonight but we weren’t having that. He would have stressed out even more. It’s better that he be in his own home with us. Back to the vets first thing tomorrow for more tests and a serious talk about what next.

He’s already been suffering in silence, it would appear. He’s always been the same, so stoic. He never ever allows you to know just how he really is! We don’t think there’s a great lot more to be said only he will not be kept going just because it’s what’s expected.

That’s all we can tell you for now. Update tomorrow.


First up, I'm tagging seven pup-pals with seven facts about- me.

May 23rd 2007 11:57 am
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1. I love life!

2. I’m known to all in my district, recognised by everyone as the little white dog.

3. I’m very cute indeed; I’m all the way there and half way back!

4. I do it when it suits me, on my own terms.

5. I should have been a actor or into agility (but my rubbish back legs would never have allowed it)

6. I’ve advertised dog coats on line!

7. I took part in a Dogathon, in spite of those legs .

Dogs I am tagging:

Furby: 176578

Lacey: 500070

Caffrey: 318707

Sherman: 500018

Bocci: 491483

Max: 519238

Liam Erin: 221049

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