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A day in the life of Miles Louk

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Miles crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge today

January 20th 2016 4:20 pm
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He was my life....I will miss him dearly.



November 24th 2012 4:39 pm
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Humom just sitting here, going through old pictwures of me and the Salvage Crwew cats, Yikes! Remembering differwent times and events, enjwoying evewy moment. I am lounging arwound my 2 twoy buckets, enjwoying my momwent thwinking about when each twoy was purchased and the last memory I had plwaying with them. What a wonderful evening.


Good Morning Dogster

November 19th 2012 3:09 am
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Humom has to work today, but she is off for the next 3 days. Thwat means I get to twavel with humom and Kenny. Humom has been twelling me all weekewnd that I nweed to twry to get along with Gnawls, mwy doggy nephew. I don't have the patience cause he is hyper...bwut I will ignore him, so humom doesn't get anwgry at me. He bwarks and bwarks and bwarks, I am a mature boy and I just chwill, don't have time to get all worked up about anwythwing.


Back on Track! Just in another state, WV.

November 17th 2012 1:05 pm
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We have not been on Dwagster for a long time. Humom has bwen busy with her new job and new surroundings. I on the other hwand have bween enjoying the cooler weather. We are coming back to VA for Twanksgiving and back to my old house. Wow haven't seen it in a while, will have to remark my twees and bushes. :) Humom said thwat is not necessary, but I thwink it is. Miss all my dwagster friend and family.


People just don't want to understand that we have feelings- too.

March 2nd 2012 4:26 am
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I personally prefer to play with my dawg friends but I dwon't ever want to see something bad happen to any animal. I fweel horrible when I hear that my fellow animal is starving or abused. Humom gets mad and she gets busy on that dwarned compweter. Here in Virginia, the laws in Henrico are trwing to pass a law that you cannot put a bowl of food out for a hungry cat. What I want to know is why not? What is the harm in helping a hungry animal feed his belly? Humom says she pays the cost to be the boss in her home and she dares someone to tell her she can't put a bowl or two out for any hungwry animals. Heck, I got a new brother, last year, Roger Rwabbit cause humom seen him hopping in the yard and got to him befwore I did. So I guess he is not so bad...I don't bother him anymore, don't want humom to holler at me. Well I have to go humom is going to work.


I have not been on my dogster site in a while

March 3rd 2010 5:27 am
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Humom has been super busy, trying to prepare the house to sale. My humom has been sick and hudad went in the hospital with Pnemonia. We are all fine and back in action now. I miss all my friends.


It's get a bath day!

July 30th 2009 6:42 am
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I am at the vet clinic to get my bath. Humom says it's to be pampered, I fully disagree, she is not the one they have to do all the stuff to. They even are going to clean the inside of my ears and cut my nails. I hate that, I would luv to see Humom on a lead leash, standing on a small table for hours and have someone stick their icky fingers in her ears and wiggle it around. If that is what she calls pampering than I want no part of it, I call it torture.


Supposed to Rain and I don't like it

July 29th 2009 4:01 am
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It's supposed to rain today and I just don't like the rain. Humom told Kenny to make sure I don't get wet. I luv my humom, she knows me so well. She isn't mad at me anymore, she gave me 3 of my fishy puffs this morning, early. She told me that tomorrow I have to go get a bath and furminated, I like to be brushed but boy do I hate sitting for hours while someone takes my hair. They took so much last time that I was wondering if we could donate it a pup cancer center. One never knows when one of our own will need a wig, cause he/she is going thru ruff times. Well I guess it's time for an early morning nap.


Humom is mad again

July 28th 2009 11:55 am
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I just know that kitten was baiting me. He was he was he was, so I ran after his lil butt and he went up a tree. When I looked back humom was coming for me with that look. She told me she holered for me and gave that "Miles is after a cat" scream to Kenny but he paid her no attention either, so we are both in the dog house. Humom says that cats have rights too, we can't have the office cats come visit cause they wouldn't feel welcome. Well, there's no hard feelings about not having a cat over to visit with me but I don't like humom being upset with me. Oh what's a dog to do?????


Humom is upset with me over the catz

July 1st 2009 5:46 am
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Humom is really upset with me cause I caught one of the lil kittens she was feeding under the motorcycle shed. I just couldn't resist, plus humom thought someone had caught the catz and gave them homes, they haven't been around for a week. Humom couldn't catch up with me quick enough and Kenny hollered at me, when humom brought me back into the house. I don't know why Kenny thought he could holler at me, heck he doesn't even like catz. But he says he was mad because I wouldn't listen to humom, when she called me back. I just couldn't help myself and now humom says she has to prepare a burial and that I have to be there to say sowrry. Humom told me before she left for work, "from now on I will be on my cable until she ensures that there are no critters, cats, or anything walking around for me to be enticed by". Hope she gets over it soon, I really just couldn't help myself. I hate to see humom cry but she said it was just an innocent lil being and that I should have stopped when she called me.

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