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A day in the life of Miles Louk

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October 28, 2008

October 28th 2008 5:39 am
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I want some extra love today, not sure why, maybe the weather. Mom has to go to work, so here I am just laying on my favorite rug on the deck and thinking about digging another hole. I know I'm not supposed to but what's a dog to do?



Just wanna enjoy the cooler weather by myself today.

October 29th 2008 3:35 am
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I wanted to play last night but noone wanted to play with me. howl! So today I just wanna enjoy the cooler weather by myself and I will not play with those humans tonight when they ask me to.... unless a big ole snack comes my way too.


It's raining and mom won't take me to work with her.

November 4th 2008 3:51 am
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I'm not happy today because it's raining. I tried to get mom to take me to work with her today but she said "not today". Mom also mentioned possibly adopting another Sib kid so I will have a companion, not so sure I want to share my toys, treats, or attention with anyone else. Owwwlllll, what's this world coming to?


Wishing I were back in WV

November 5th 2008 3:46 am
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I had such a wonderful time in WV, last weekend. Today is a dreary day and mom wouldn't take me to work with her again today. She said it's cause I don't know how to act around the cats at work, gosh there is about 11 of them there. I just want to play hard with them and it's in my instinct to do more, but I don't mean anyone any harm. A dog just wants to have fun...... So I'm lazily sitting here wondering what in the world to do all day. Daydreaming of my favorite place, WV, wondering how many more days before I get to go back again. Maybe mom will put my friend "Spot" on my web page so everyone can see him, he's so fun.


Lil Brother

November 6th 2008 3:31 am
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I am excited today because Mom and I had a heart to heart talk, last night. I may be getting a lil brother and Mom said I have to be patient and nice. I can do that, plus she said she was also going to continue to look for me a companion too. Wow! I don't know that I want to share my toys and treats, Mom said not to worry about that because everyone would have their own toys and she will give us all our own treats. Plus, Mom said when we move to WV in 3 years that she was going to see about opening up a Sib rescue. I'm really excited about that because I will be the big brother to alot of Sibs. WeeeeeAuuuuoooowwwlll.



Mom says I am a star! People like my thoughts!

November 7th 2008 3:29 am
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I'm excited about my diary being picked for the day! I have alot to be pawriffic about today. Ryanne and Nae Nee are coming over to spend the weekend with me and mom. Boy am I going to have fun, just sitting here wondering who is going to luv me first or maybe even both at the same time. I luv those kids and they luv me, always ready to play chase, pull the squeaky and even will run around the house with me all day. Boy what's a dog to do? Have fun I say.



It's Saturday

November 8th 2008 2:25 am
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Yup, it's Saturday and Mom is home today. Wundering what fun we will have today. Ry and Nae Nee are here with me too and Mom said one thing of business to do today is put up the xmas tree. Kenny is going to have surgery in a week and a half, so we have to do it now cause we won't beable to after that. I know I'm a working dog, but I am picky about the work I do do. I will watch and chuckle at them all putting up the tree, may help if there is a treat involved.



Cold Day

November 10th 2008 5:26 am
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I'm just sitting here thinking about the nice cold day. I'm trying to be quiet today because I know Mom is worried about Kenny. She took him to the ER last night cause she said his chest was hurting. I can tell when something is wrong, so I am just going to be low maintenance today, enjoy the cold weather and let things settle down. Hopefully, everyone will be better tonight.


Ho Hum

November 11th 2008 5:20 am
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Just a day in the cold sun. It feels good out here and no one to bother me. Just kindof want to have my own space today. Just one of those ho hum kindof days.



By golly it's wet out here!

November 13th 2008 11:52 am
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I howled at mom to let me out this morning and refused to come in when she wanted me to, so she said I could stay out while she is at work. I don't like the rain, would rather be up under the bed. Aaaaoooowwwwwllll, Mom said I am hard headed! Okay, okay so maybwe I am but it's in my nature. I sure hope mom feels bad and brings me some extra chewies. Bet she will, wanta bet?/???? Boy that mom can be stwern with me sometimes, I can't sike her owt anymore. Hmmm????

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