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Have a Heart... for my Heart

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my daddy.... thank you for all your support

October 30th 2010 9:38 pm
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Dear friends
Thank you for all your support… this has been the toughest battle I have yet faced in my life.

I thought that my husband having cancer and literally living in the hospital day in and day out, from chemo therapy to radiation therapy and everything else in between was a lot. But never did I expect to face what I did on oct 19,2010.

My Husband was young and very strong, he had lung cancer stage four … but never did he let it knock him down, he would act like a normal person even though he was sick… his belief was to never let the cancer defeat him.. he was determined to defeat it, even the doctors where amazed by how normal he would act after all the intensive treatment he would have. And he almost did beat it, I strongly believe he would have beat it.

Since he was diagnosed there was a huge improvement, the tumor has shrunk by almost 3cm… it started at 5.6x6 so that was a huge improvement… he also had 2 other ones in the main arteries wrapped around his heart which have also been shrinking. He would have been due to get his whole left lung removed this week, but sadly he did not make it.

You see my husband was a chained smoker…. And that’s what killed him, he was a nicotine addict… even with cancer, he was fighting to quit smoking.. but he couldn’t… he has cut down from 4 packs to almost half of one a day… but still could not quit… the doctors tried all kinds of meds to make him quit, but his body just needed the nicotine…
(I will try to skip all the graphic details for those that are faint of heart)

He died in a matter of 4 minutes, he was having a normal day… and all was well there where no symptoms we had no idea what was awaiting us..

we were so happy and looking forward to his lung operation in the weeks to come, where he suddenly started to cough out blood… and then the blood started to pour out like tap water out of his nose and mouth… and he collapsed as the blood continued to pour and I was panicking and giving him cpr but could not stop the bleeding, the ambulance had already come…. And I swear I thought they were going to fix it….

They took him away, and kindly told me to take a shower because I was all bloody myself… so I ran in and out the shower and sped down to the hospital…. To find out as soon as i got there that he had bled to death… they said they tried everything they could, but there was too much blood and they could not get a pulse and the lungs where filled up with too much blood they couldn't do anything... they have tried it all to resuscitate him...

then the nurse told me that when I was already trying everything to stop the bleeding and giving him cpr that by then he was already unconscious and probably gone because when they got there he already had no pulse and his whole lips and mouth where blue

You see he blew a artery… one of the main ones that goes to our hearts…. It was also one of the arteries that he had cancer in … and his heavy smokers cough contributed… (it contributed because when u are a cancer patient your arteries become more elastic/flexible from the chemo... so any chronic cough can rupture it)

If you are a smoker reading this… please consider this… your life and loved ones life can change in 30 seconds… because when you have a aorta blow out like my husband did..there is no one in this world can save you… and you will go with God quicker than you like… you won’t even have a chance to look into your loved ones eyes to say good bye…

So next time you light a cigarette don’t think like my husband did “oh that will never happen to me” because cancer does not have a preference in age, or color…. Just always remember it can take your life in less than 4 minutes… and i am a living witness of it...
It took my husband, without me getting the chance to say goodbye…

Thank you for all your kind words, and pmails and rosettes… once again I truly apologize for not coming on dogster this whole year… I missed u all a bunch… thank u all for all your support

God bless you all
Lucky 5 MOM (caspers mom)


Update on my Daddy

April 19th 2010 6:50 am
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Hi everyone
thank you so much for all your support, you have all been so wonderful. Words can't describe how much it means to me and to mommy that you have all been so supporting. Thank you all for your prayers and all your rosette's it's nice to know that you all care so much.

Daddy is going through treatment, he has radiation everyday for the next 14 weeks and chemo therapy every week for the next 14 weeks.... if he does well with this treatment and they can shrink the tumor and remove the lymph nodes they may be able to do surgery and remove one lung... so let's hope that all will go well...
for now he is responding to the treatment and losing his hair, and radiation is making him really tired. But we are staying positive. And we are looking in to the future with Good hopes that this will all go well and that together with our faith in God we can win the battle.
Once again I would like to thank you all for all your kind words, i will keep you all up to date on how things are going.

As For me i'm doing well... so far my little heart is healing.... and i'm still taking yucky meds... yuck i run away from mom everyday and hide under the table but sadly she catches me



March 24th 2010 9:05 pm
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Hey Everyone,
I'm so sorry that i have not been around lately... hope that you are all doing well... i wish i can say i'm ok... i'm not... i'm so stressed out and kind of wish that this was a bad dream and not reality

i really need as many prayers as i can get from all of you as my Husband has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung) grade 3-4 it has gotten so out of hand that surgery is completely out of the question, he was admitted in the ER over a week ago when he started to cough out blood and has been kept here in the hospital ever since....

all week has been so overwhelming for me... as i watch him go through tests and see what kind of help they can give him... he had pneumonia when he walked in but from then on all the information that has been shared with us changed us forever...

His left lung has completely collapsed as the mass/tumor grew so large that it swelled the lung and the lung no longer produces any oxygen.
with that said his heart does not act normal... he gets high heart rate spurs randomly.... and gets winded rather fast.... lymph nodes have also spread all over his blood vessels all over his chest area (both sides) that is also why surgery is out of the question right now.
Thank God that has not spread to the brain or kidneys....

tomorrow is a huge day as they have decided to surgically put a port to automatically start (same day) chemo therapy and radiation back to back since it's staged so high and it is a aggressive cancer.

i beg you all to please pray for him as this is going to be a LONG up hill battle for him.... please pray for my husband... he needs all the prayers that he can get... please pray so he may over come this and respond well on treatment and so down the road the tumor can reduce and the lymph nodes can go away, and so if all goes well the tumor/mass can be removed....

thank you all for being such loyal pals....

if you smoke please quit
it's because of cigarettes that he ended up this way...

may god be with you all



what's new my friends?

December 11th 2009 9:43 pm
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Hi pals
What’s been new in your world?
Seems as though everyone has been so busy and no one has had any time to be in touch anymore… that makes my pommie heart sad…. Because I miss u all so much
I’ve tried to keep the group going in have a heart but no one has had time for the group either….
I wanted you all to know that I’m doing ok…. So far…. Mommy will be taking me to the dogtor soon so I will have more updates for everyone of you…
For the last month or so mommy has been so busy and had no time to let us come out and play here either…. So I am to blame too for not being in touch… :’(
My daddy got really sick, he has a mass in his upper respiratory that is cancerous… and he’s been under the weather a lot, so mommy has been kept busy helping daddy… and between us and him and her job her hands are full… and no one can type for us… BOL… (do you think we can hire a new person to type for us?? Other then mom?)
I sure hope that everyone is on their best behavior for SANTA PAWS this year…. Because “he know’s when you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake” that was a quote from my favorite Christmas song….

Please keep in touch when you can
Lots of pommie kisses

Your pal


Can you believe it's september?

September 2nd 2009 6:47 pm
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Wow times fly's by so quick nowadays, everyone has been so busy and off of dogster this summer.... hopefully you all got to play in the summer sun... and enjoyed some hot dogs off of mom's grill ...

my summer has been good... mom has kept busy with work... but took us everywhere with her... so we've got to travel a little in the car ...yeaii i love that...

other than that mom says that i look great!
after i got neutered... i got this new burst of energy in me

i'm more active and play more now ... with Lucky(my fur daddy) and Cobi, they are my ball partners.... *but i don't share my ball... lol... i only steal theirs*
i wrestle with Nala (my fur mama) and Cosmo... and that's how i spend most of my days...

mom says that i have to go back to see the heart dogtor soon... probably the first few weeks of October... so they can re examine me ... and give mommy a update...

i still have to take that yucky medication, i've tried to run from it and show my teeth.. but that does not work well.... Mom still makes me take it... because the heart dogtor said it controls the pressure of the blood going to the heart.... what ever that means it does not matter as long as i can run and play...

i hope that all of you that are reading this are doing ok... i miss u all....
see you all in have a heart

your pal




June 18th 2009 9:57 am
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HI Pals it’s good to finally post on dogster!!!
I’ve been away for quite some time… so I have lot’s to tell u all!!!
First off I’m so sorry if I missed any burfdays, or any important events…
if I missed something important please P mail me a quick update, I would love to be updated!!!

I guess I have much reading to do… P mails to answer, blogs to read, and posts to catch up on… *I hope mom does not kick me off the computer*

Before I left on my long trip with mom I went to see my heart surgeon… they claim that so far all is well, but not enough months passed since the operation for them to give mom a good answer, they do not know yet how much of a success my operation was…

For now things looked okay, but they will not have a concrete answer for me and mom for the next few months… as things have to heal better, and the scar tissue has to stay the way it is now *crosses paws*, for all to be well…

So fur now I will say my prayers that this time all will be furever well… and that my Pulmonic Stenosis can stay Mild to Moderate, and it never becomes severe again….

As far as the mild to moderate triscuspid regurgitation that was discovered (during my EKG/ULTRASOUND right after my last operation), that has not gone anywhere. They do not currently think that that will become a problem, but mom like always is concerned, and doing her homework on my heart.
She’s always asking questions, to every Vet, specialist, and person that she knows that can answer questions on heart issues…

She has had one specialist tell her (since the heart surgeon answered the question in a “nuteral” manner, the specialist was more honest…. He simply told mom that a triscuspid regurgitation occurs when a instrument may have pierced a hole in a valve… he didn’t want to say that they were responsible but he told mom this …..


Well they suspect that it may close… but that’s not a 100% guarantee… but they don’t suspect for it to cause me any problems…. At least that’s the best part of it….

On another NOTE ….i got some GOOD NEWS, I have finally been cleared to get neutered … so mom is looking to schedule a appointment for that…. *I’m scared*

The trip to Wisconsin took furever… it took 3 days to get there and 3 days to get back… I do have to say that I was a bit cranky in the car…. while everyone else slept, Lucky and i were More cranky than everyone else but mom managed…. (mom said traveling with 5 pommies in the car is not a easy task... what ever that means)...

Plus the heart vet gave mom med’s for my traveling purpose…. To keep me calm… even though I don’t think those yucky meds worked….

My favorite part was the drive… I got to stop every few hours and go for walks in new places.. that was the best part about it….

I actually didn’t like Wisconsin at all… it was cold… in the 30’s and 40’s … and there was Ticks everywhere..

Mom has us on revolution… and even that was not strong enough, then she bought frontline tick spray and that was not strong enough either…. We were in a cabin by the woods…. So the ticks were a HUGE issue … even though we got checked like 6 times a day… it was not enough….
I felt really bad for Lucky…. They loved him.. mom would always find some on him….
I think that by the time we left mom became a expert on taking them out….

Mom cut the trip short… and came home sooner… because my autie got diagnosed with breast cancer… so mommie has to help her out… But we do have to go back there for mom’s job… I sure hope it’s not anytime soon… I didn’t like it … all those ticks were hard to deal with! I think I rather deal with the Florida Flea’s … BOL…

That’s a brief update on my life lately…. It’s good to be back here…
Hope that u are all well… I missed u all so much

Your pal




May 15th 2009 7:47 pm
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it's MAY 11th and here's my latest update :)

May 11th 2009 7:39 am
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hope everyone was good to their mommies this weekend.. as we all know mommies have a big responsibility with us... we sometimes do things that we are not suppose to like brake stuff... or have accidents were we are not suppose to... throw up... get sick.... ect.. but our MOM's always know how to fix things... that's why i sure hope you were nice to your mommies this weekend... *and daddy's on fathers day*

I am progressing MOM says, she says i look good but does not want to comment too much on how i look until she get's a definite answer from the Heart surgeon on FRIDAY ... *grr* i got to be there like 5 hours ALONE .... i don't like that part... i'm really not liking that place much... i always get left alone.... *WOOF*

so MOM SAY'S she will write more on friday night letting you all know what's new, and what all the tests results say so far about the progress of my heart recovery....

also for all of you that have not seen much of us lately please forgive us.... our mama has been dealing with some tough things lately and work has her busy for about 16 hours a day... lucky that she works from home... so at least i get to sit there next to her while she works... otherwise I WOULD BE VERY UPSET...

NOT SURE if i told you all me and the rest of the GANG are going away with mom to Wisconsin for 6 weeks... mom has to go there for work...
we are so fortunate that her job let US POMMIES come... so at least we can see mom and not miss her like crazy.... NOT ONLY THAT mom says "i can't leave you guys..... I have to make them let you come..."

and she did.... *yeaiiiiii* .... so since we are going to be in a remote area, we are not sure if there will be internet access there... so if we don't come out to play much on DOGSTER and CATSTER that is why....

thank you all for keeping posted.... i will let u know what's new on FIRDAY ...

wags and licks

your pal



UPDATE ( Mon April 13th)

April 13th 2009 8:01 pm
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Hi everyone

i sure hope that everyone had a Happy Easter and a good spring break... it was a super long week for me... we had guest here from out of town so i spent most of my days upset and Barking that i didn't get to roam my house....

but mom says that I'm doing well and that i seem to be recovering rather well, but we will not know everything for sure just based on speculations.... i will let u know what the heart surgeon says once i see him. That should be in a few weeks .... so please keep posted.... other then that i want to be back to normal to run and chase my brothers around... but mom yells at me to stay still as much as she can get me to be still... she says "Casper I rather be safe than sorry".... *Oh what ever that means mom!!* .... shh don't tell her i said that..
i don't like being told what to do.... because i try to be like my fur daddy Lucky, he does what ever he wants...why can't i do that?



Few days later (after the 2nd operation)

March 30th 2009 7:50 am
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it's my first few days home... i got to sleep home in my bed last night... it was the best night of sleep i had got in days... worry free of being with out mommy and the rest of my family...
I'm still very sore, my neck is a bit swollen, mom is watching it so it does not get really swollen or bruised... that will be not good ...

it's really hard to keep me calm and quiet ... i'm a yapper when i hear something that i don't like... and that's not good mom said... because the doctor said i need to rest and be quiet... in as little stress as possible... what ever that means....

but mom wants to share with you what her and the doctor talked about


Hi everyone

thank you all for checking up on how Casper is doing...

it has been a really LONG LAST few days for me... when i got home yesterday i was so beat tired with a HUGE migraine from lack of sleep that i just fell asleep with Casper...

On the first day that Casper got to the hospital his heart rate was 130bpm and a grade IV/VI do the operation reduced his heart rate by half and pressure by half... the pressure prior to his operation across the pulmonic valve was 105-110mmHg and now it has been reduced to 45-50mmHg,
which is a 50% reduction from the pre operation gradient...

So far everything seems to be smooth, the operation procedure was successful in reducing the pulmonary pressure across the valve by 50%, allowing blood to flow more smoothly from the right ventricle into the pulmonary artery. Following the surgery, a mild to moderate triscuspid regurgitation was discovered during his EKG/ULTRASOUND/Echocardiogram, in small words they discovered a small hole in the triscuspid valve.

The heart surgeon said he's has not noticed that there before so they do not know how it had got there, it could be that since there were so many instruments that have gone through that valve to rip open the pulmonary valve that it could have developed that way. They do not expect that to give Casper any problems....

So far Casper seems to be recovering fast, he is still swollen and tired .... but seems to be doing rather well... he is just so happy to be here... he was crying when he saw me yesterday... it broke my heart to see him but it also made me happy...

we now have to wait for him to heal in the neck for the next 10 days since the operation was done through his jugular veins....
and monitor him tightly ... as he can not play or run or do anything for the next 10 days... and Good God knows that it's hard to keep him calm...

i will be going back in the next month to find out how Casper is progressing... and of course i'll keep you all posted on his progress...
thank you for being so kind and supportive

thank you for all the prayers
p mails
and rosettes

dogster/caster people rule!!!
the POWER OF PAW is a real blessing!!!!

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