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My Life With a Brother by Kayogi

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January 6th 2009 5:15 am
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Ohhhh Boy! Finallly my momma got some sense knocked into her!! She finally got me a FURMINATOR!!!!! it is so cool!! I am so shiny & smooth ... you'd think I was modeling for Pantein Pro-V!

These days I've been pretty lazy! it's so cold outside, and I love it, but when I have to deal with the snow &&& with Tookie running into me all the time, it gets old quick.

I got lots of presents for Christmas this year! Plus, a brand new giant bed that Baloo & Tookie are always on. Christmas was different this year though. We didn't have a tree, and we had Christmas BEFORE thanksgiving ... now I may be a beagle, but I am not dumb!!! AND trust me, I don't mind that I got presents early this year PLUS more on Christmas day!!!

My daddy had to go away again. Dang-It Dad ... I know that I'm in charge and all, and that is great ... but I'd much rather have YOU be home to keep mom in line and ensure that I get an appropriate amount of butt scratches!!!! Plus, I missss you so much!!!! Momma tells me that that we're going to go on cation again in the summer time ... REALLYY?? Well .. hurry up already and come back home!! I love you so muchh!!

Well ... my couch is calling me again, I must go back to sleep!!
later fools!



I Can't Take it Anymore ...

September 21st 2008 7:43 am
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Okay Diary, HELP ME!!

Chewbacca wants to play ALL the time!!!!!!! I mean, I teach him all the cool things ... like peeing with your leg up ... rolling around in stinky stuff (BTW, I rolled around in some reallllly stinky stuff the other day) and stuff like barking at people (well Baloo will TRY to take credit for that one) ... but I say I teach it all .. but he WON'T leave me alone!!!! I mean come on ... he bounces on me, bites me AND chases me ... yeah, so I LIKE to be chased ... but everybody know that I could eat him if I wanted to! I mean I am the king!

Diary, I have to tell you a secret. I had to go to the doctor for some surgery a few weeks ago. I am healthy alright ... but I had to have some "re-constructive surgery" on my gems!!!!! Yeah, I'd say they're even better now ... but it's just not something that I really want to talk about ... being the doctor had to see me naked and all. I'm all good now though ... prouder then ever!

I'm going on vacation tomorrow!! I'm going to go to Austria and chill in the hot-tub! ... might even request a massage! My mom and dad and brothers are going hiking ... but I think that I'll just stay back in the spa ...

Later fella'ss!!!



I am so very famous!!!

August 6th 2008 9:49 am
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Arrrroooo ... bring on the cookies!! Bring on the toys and bones and money!! I am famous today!! Well .. you all should know that I am famous everyday ... but today, the whole world knows it! Thank you to all my supporters, fans and friends!!! I'd say that making DOGSTER DIARY of the DAY is pretttttty groovin'! I mean come on ... it takes talent my friends!! I know that having a pretty crazy life makes diary writing easy ... but actually finding the time in between my online business with ebay ... working for hershey's chocolate in research and developement ... AND ... beinga big brother to two freaky little brothers ... I'd say I deserve it!!! AROOOOO!!!! Thanks again!! -Yogi ... the king of kings ...


Are you kidding me???

August 3rd 2008 3:46 am
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Dearest Diary ... you have to help and protect me. My momma told me that I have to go to the doctor later this month ... for you-know-what!!! SERIOUSLY??? I can't believe that daddy is letting mommy get away with this ... she keeps saying, "it's for health reason, it's for health reasons" ... but all's that I can think about is that they are what makes YOGI -- YOGI!! I need to stop this ... and stop it FAST!!!!!!!! How can I let this happen?? OMDOGGIENESS!!! On that day ... I'll just have to hide!!!!!

Things otherwise are going real good! Chewbacca is leaving me alone some now because Baloo is actually putting up with him!! But GUESS what ... I got to sit in the FRONT seat of the car the other day ... I had my head out the window, ate a few bugs, and looked pretty hot as the wind blew my ears around! Yeah, I got a few phone numbers from pretty ladies, but Imma not gonna call them! AroooooHA!

Sleeping lately has been pretty awesome! I've been cuddling with my mommy every night ... maybe it will make her realize that I may stop cuddling if I don't have my neigh-neigh's!!!!!

Okay!! Later Fools! Arroooo Kayogi!


Just toooo cute!!!

July 6th 2008 5:00 am
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Dear Diary ... well ... where do I begin??? It's a lazy Sunday ... it's sunny and well ... I am totally pooped from being just way too cute! Yesterday we all piled into MY car and were headed to the zoo in Munich ... well ... because I am just so irresistable, people would not leave me (and well my brother too) alone. I got to see some flaminigo's (dummmmb) and some lazzzzy *proudly like me* turtles too!! So I pooped on A LOT of things ... and peed on like EVERYTHING ... and then we left the zoo!!! I can't blame people for thinking that I am the cutest to walk the earth!!! Then we went for another car ride to this reallllly cool place!! On our way there, I slept in CHEWBACCA's bed!!! Dang, that thing is small!! It was sure comfy though! Mommy and daddy thought it was real funny, I guess I don't get the humor in comfort, but I was happy, and in my world ... that is all that matters!!!

... then we got to this place with HUGGEEEEE mountains and waterfalls and OMPAWNESS ... sooooo many places for me to pee!! It was great! We went for a really nice walk in the middle of the pee-trees and waterfalls that was the BEST tasting water a beagle could EVER ask for ... I ask myself NOW why mommy and daddy don't get my everyday water from a waterfall ... instead it comes from the "culligan man" ... whatt???

All in all ... I'd have to say the BEST part was the drive home. Mommy and daddy were real hungry so they stopped at this german gas station and GOT GHOOOOODA CHEESE!!! yeah ... that's right, YOGI had some!!! It was delllicccccious!!!! Yummmmmmmmmmm ... then I sat on mommy's lap, scratched her back all up and ... well ... that concluded my yesterday.

The day before yesterday ... well .. it was the 4th of July! It was cool ... this strange guy who I had neverrrr seen before kept touching my feet and trying to dance with me ... all's that I wanted was some steak, but did I get any????? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Instead I got annoyed!! HAA HAA!!!!

Well ... back to my lazy sunday!!!

Arrooooooooooooo -- Kayogi! King of the Mountain!


How do I do it??

July 3rd 2008 12:34 am
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Dear Diary ... how I do remain so sane when I have so much to deal with?? Where do I begin?? last night, daddy was eating some reallllly yummy ribs, and he gave me a rib bone ... but ONLY ONE and he was supppppposed to bring me a soup bone too ... but he forgot ... tried to make up for it with rib bones ... but ONLY GAVE ME ONE!!! Good Grief!

Chewbacca, he's still a cool dude and all ... but come on ... he bites my toes! I let him cause he's cool ... but how much can I take??

I went for a really long car ride the other day ... but guess what ... I got to stick my head out the window! It was soooooooooo much fun!!! I got a few bugs in my mouth, but that's okay I was hungry! Mommy wouldn't let me sit on her lap (mean) ... but I found a way to sneak up from the backseat!!!!!!!!! It was so great! I am going to do it again tomorrow AND on Saturday too!!! Car rides rock!

Okay ... that's all for now! Arrooooo' -- Kayogi the king

P.S. ... I'm sexy ladies!


My Protege' Chewbacca!

June 30th 2008 10:46 pm
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Dearest Diary,

Well ... it's been a realllllly long time. I'll just blame that on Baloo and the fact that he's ALWAYS on!

Where do I begin???

We moved ... again ... this time though, it's way cooler then before! I have a yard to pee in, trees to pee on, flower pots to pee on, monkey's to pee on, a big house to pee on, and so much more ... to pee on. See, I get to come and go as I please. Mommy and daddy say it's cause I've got a "FENCED IN" yard ... but heck, that wouldn't stop me if I wanted to leave! See, this yard thing ... it's way better then before cause before, I had to fight other doggies. Like this one big ugly deformed rottweiler guy (or girl), yeah ... I kicked his butt!!! I have a battle wound to prove it! Yeah ... he bit me, yeah, but you should see the other guy!!!!!!!

I got a new car! Yeah!! It's way cooler then my last one! This one, I can do anything I want pretty much! Mommy tries to tell me that I have to stay in the back ... but pretty soon, I'll be in the front seat with my ears flapping around outside the window.

... OH YEAH, I almost forgot to tell you, I got another BROTHER!!!!!!!! I know it's for keeps this time cause it's actually karma rollin' on in on Baloo! Rememeber how I told you Baloo came in and overtook my life, my toys, my mommy, my daddy AND got into my treats too?? Well ... the same thing is happening to Baloo (and it's so funny), so I know he's for keepers!! I kinda like the little worm though! I feel as if I have to keep the little guy safe from all the deformed rottweilers that are in our world! If you got something to say to him ... OR Baloo ... you gotta say it to me first!!

Well ... Baloo is bugging me to go back on ... so I'll bow'-wow' out for now!!!!

Until next time ... arooooooo'''



I'm a Brand New Beagle!!!

October 26th 2006 4:43 am
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Where O' Where does a beagle that is brand new start??? Well ... lets first start by making something clear -- I MAY BE BRAND NEW, BUT I STILL HOLD THE TITLE OF COOLEST BEAGLE ALIVE -- now that we have that out of the way, let me apologize for not writing in sooooooooo long!!! Wait until I tell you about what I have been through in my life, and then you'll understand!!

First of all ... I GOT MY DADDY BACK!!! Arrrooo ... it's just so great!! It was the worst time of my whole life actually getting to the place where my daddy is ... but it was so worth it!! ... Let me tell you about my worst experience of my life!!! ... so ... my mommy and brother all had to go onto this big metal thing that flew like a bird (Loo did try to chase it) ... what made it so terrible is that my mommy had to STUFF me into this terrible smelling blue plastic box that I had to be in for like 15 hours ... ohhhh it was so terrible. I have to admit, I have never in my life admitted something like this before, but I was so very scared. I think that it was that day that changed my life ... I cried and cried and cried in this big blue box. WHERE WAS I GOING I kept wondering to myself. Was mommy shipping me away forever?? I knew that I could smell Baloo near, but well ... Loo has been naughty a few times too, so maybe she was sending us both away ...
Then, that is when I saw my mommy again -- I was very embarrassed by my appearance, but I was so very happy.
Then, I was really just plain ol' confused ... I could not understand ANYBODY where my blue box took me. Was mommy and Loo having the same problem as me??? I could tell that mommy was nervous, so I tried to make her feel better by being a little naughty, you know, arrrooo'ing and being real wild like!! Then, this guy who I know that I remember giving me some chocolate milk one day many many years ago was at this place where I couldn't understand anybody. WHAT WAS GOING ON?? .... that is when I met my cousins for the very first time!!! Yes ... Yes ... my auntie too -- but we'll get to her later ... let's talk about my cousins ... They are so cool because they're SO naughty!!!! I had a lot of fun with them, humping them, giving Cooper an eye infection because I kept cleaning it, running around, pooping wherever I wanted outside ... and my auntie ... well ... I remember her ... my mommy calls her Auntie Newt. Funny name huh?? Well ... I don't understand a lot of what my mommy and Auntie Newt say to each other!!

THEN CAME THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE ... after another long boring car ride, my mommy took me and my brother into this really really tiny little room. I was a little tired from the car ride, so I was just chilling when all of a sudden ... all of a SUDDEN ... MY DADDY CAME INTO THE ROOM ... Ohhhh I was soooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!! I attacked my daddy, but I didn't hurt him, and I kissed him and OHHHHH it was so wonderful!!! My daddy said that I smelled like a garbage dump, but that's okay, I take that as a compliment!!! I was with my daddy again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had to stay in this weirdo place for a few weeks ... and then my daddy got me my own home!!! Oh it's so great!!!
I have my DADDY!! and I have a YARD with a gate and grass to poop on. Sometimes I don't want to poop on the grass so I just poop on the cement, mommy and daddy don't like that ... but oh well huh!!!
I have my OWN BEDROOM (well, I share with Baloo and that's okay except for that he hogs the blankets sometimes)... and I have STAIRS and I love to run up and down them, and I have a dungeon ... once I peed on the wall down there... WOOPS ...
It's real funny because I am so cute all these weirdo people that I don't know always stop and talk to me when I'm outside ... but I can't understand a word that they say ... so I just wag my tail and hope that they'll give me some food ... they never do though!!
Daddy is going to buy me a new bed too ... I'm so excited for that!! Like a REAL BED!!!

Sometimes daddy will have his friends come over ... and guess what -- I have NOT tried to eat anybody ... I am considered the NICE ONE!!! Get that ... the NICE ONE!!! ... yeah ... and I'm also the one that people sneak food to because I'm the NICE ONE!!!

Life is just really really great now because I have my daddy back!! I promise you that I will NEVER let him go away from me again!!! He chases me around the house and up the stairs!! I love my daddy so very much!!!



Dad is it time YET?

July 19th 2006 3:56 pm
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Hi Daddy ... sorry that it's been so very long since I wrote to you. But the computer roomis really hot and I am a beagle, and you know that heat and beagles don't mix really well ... BUT ... that is sort of an excuse, becuase truthfully daddy, I am always in the computer rooom becasue I have so much finacial business to take care of!!! basically daddy ... I am just trying to say that I am sorry, but I have been a really lazy boy lately daddy! I don't have anybody to chase me around and run into the washing machine with! ...

So dad, mom's got these two blue boxes just sitting in the living room. She throws all of my cookies into them and makes me go inside to get them. What does she think that I am going to bite her like I try to bite annoying little girls and boys??? I'm not going to bite mommy! She get's real happy when I get the cookie out though!
DAD ~ are those boxes going to be taking me to GERMANY????
Daddy, I miss you so much!
When do I get to come and see all the really well behaved german ladies. I mean german doggies ... I mean ... I mean ... yeah daddy, I mean all the german doggie ladies! I think that I am going to get me a girlfriend while I am there! Don't tell mommy though because she says that I am not allowed to have a girlfriend!

Daddy, are you going to make sure that I have a Germany fence when I live in Germany? Are you going to make sure that I get to eat a lot of bratwurst too? Please make sure of that daddy! I think that I need some brats in my tummy!

I can't wait to come be with you daddy! Mommy's a good mommy and all ... but she's really not that fun! We dont do much at home daddy! Tonight she is going to take us to play with Marlie for a little while ...but daddy ...Marlie sort of annoys me (I hope that Marlie's mommy doesn't read this)!!! I really think it's funny what she does to Baloo though!

Daddy, do you miss me? I bet that you do, because I have to assume that ANYBODY that meets me misses me when they're not with me! I'm just such a likeable guy!
Well daddy, I miss you!
Mommy says and tells me that we're going to be going to GERM-TOWN soon to be with you! Is that true daddy? She always is telling me to keep you in my heart! Well DUH daddy, you're my daddy and I love you, so I'll always be thinking about you!
Daddy, do they have frosty paws in Germany??? Sorry that I Changed the subject on you so fast, but I really like frosty paws!
Anyways, back to me loving my daddy! I love it when my daddy gives me cookies and frosty paws too!

Daddy -- I give you permission to bite anybody that makes it take any longer for me to get there!
I mean it daddy when I say that I'm excited to ride on the airplane in the blue box because I will be coming to be with you!!!!!!
~~AROOOOOOooooo --- Kayogi the man!



April 17th 2006 7:36 pm
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HI DADDY!!!! ... I am so sorry that it's been so long since I've been able to write you some beagle mail ... don't think that I've forgotten ... actually daddy, I've been really sad alot lately ... BUT BUT BUT Mommy tells me that you're almost all done being a CAV SCOUT ... and you'll be home soon to scratch my butt!!! ... As for my slacking on my beagle-mail, I'm proud to say that many of my online business's are really taking off!!!! Maybe one day I can actually buy myself a little MR KEEBLER man or something!!!

Daddy, is it okay that sometimes I get really sad and I just mope around?? I try to tell mommy that I am just sad cause I miss my daddy ... but she just gives me hugs and kisses and whispers things into my ear!! Doesn't she know that if she wants to help in any way ... she needs to give me some cookies!!! ... doesn't she know anything daddy??
Daddy ... is it true ... is it really true that you'll be home NEXT MONTH?? Daddy ... you coming home will be the best birf-day present a beagle could ask for!! .. Well ... can you please come prepared with some cookies too!

Where do I begin?? I've been a really busy beagle! I've been fighting, I've been sun-tanning ... MOMMY ALMOST COOKED ME!!! ... and let's just say that I don't think that I would have tasted like a cookie!!
Let me begin with my adventure at Marlie's house!!

... well ... it started out okay ... for the first HOUR or so! ... Then daddy, it all went down-hill. She kept started FIGHTS with me ... and you know that she's a girl, so I can't really bite her that hard ... but daddy ... COOKIES were involved!! "What am I to do" I kept asking myself ... so I did what any beagle would do when cookies are involved ... I FOUGHT DADDY!! ... I even did something that I am NOT proud of ... I BIT Marlie's mommy!! I think that I hurt her too daddy!! ... I tried to expalain that cookies were involved ... but I'm not sure that she understood!
Daddy ... know what the best part was being at Marlie's house??? I got SOOOOO many more cookies then what mommy gives to me!!! ... That was great daddy!! ... Can I train mommy to give me more???

Well .. .when mommy came to pick me up from Marlie's house she wasn't very happy!! Her eyes were all puffy, and she kept crying ... but she did smell WONDERFUL daddy!! ... She smelled like YOU YOU YOU!!!! I miss you daddy sosososososososo very much!!!
Next month right!!! I'm not even focusing on the fact that May 8th is my 6th COOKIE day ... I am ONLY focusing on how you'll BE HOME!!!

I've been working on my sun-tan a little ... but daddy ... it hasn't been very nice weather ... wet stuff has been falling from the sky so much these days ... so I'm a little pale! Today though was really nice outside, so mommy took me and LOO for a walk and I got all dirty and I PEED sososososo much!!!! I love to pee daddy!
Will you take me for a walk next month too PLEASE???

It was Easter-Beagle day yesterday daddy! Did you know that??? Well you must know that because mommy got this really crazy looking purse thing that she says is from you ... ARE YOU CRAZY DAD ... do you even have the slightest idea of how many COOKIES you could have gotten me for the price of that purse thing???? ... geez daddy ... do I not teach you anything?? That's okay ... I know that I'm going to be gaining ownership to some funds soon!!! :)

Daddy ... I think that something might be wrong with me. I've been being REALLY nice to mommy lately!! I think it's only because I miss you so much ... but why be nice to mommy for that reason ... I think it was because yesterday was the Easter Beagle Day ... and I wanted to make sure that mommy didn't give a bad report to the easter beagle!!!! ... I did o'tay daddy on my easter basket ... I sort of thing that the Easter Beagle ripped me off this year ... but that may just be because LOO got a GREG stuffed animal and I DIDN'T .... I know what you're thinking ... but daddy, Greg is really neat!! ...

Will you get me one of those guys too please????

Daddy, I better go now, Loo keeps bugging me that he wants it to be his turn to write ...
Daddy ... I soooooooooooooooooooooo CANNOT wait until you come home!! I'll just keep on ROOFING around and eating cookies to keep my beagle figure for when you come home!
(Don't forget to bring me a cookie)

I love you daddy so much!!
ARRRrrrrrOOOOOooooo ~~~ KAYOGI

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