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Age: 14 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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Natty, Miss Gann

Doggie Dynamics:
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Quick Bio:
-dog rescue

January 15th 2003

Playing the "get Storm" game, chew toys and bones, running around in general, all water (except the bath) --- she loves to sit outside in puddles WHILE it rains.

Grooming, people who think she's all cuddles and cuteness and approach too suddenly, big dogs who think she's all cuddles and cuteness, too (whoops!)

Favorite Toy:
Anything her sister, Storm, is playing with.

Favorite Food:
Anything her sisters are eating.

Favorite Walk:
Lake Ponchartrain is probably her favorite spot in the world, and she also loved going to the French Quarter in New Orleans with her daddy. She loves to go anywhere she can pull us to on the leash, which now include whirl-wind trips thru Ramsay.

Best Tricks:
Being the most powerful medium sized dog ever.

Arrival Story:
Natty Gann was born in Mid-City New Orleans. She spent the first several months of her life with a family that didn't really have time for her. Friends of ours asked if they could find her a new home, then could she go? The answer was "yes". They brought her that afternoon to the park in our neighborhood to hang out with the 9th ward dogs, and we fell in love with the little fuzzy puppy. It was a foster arrangement at first, but she fit into the family so well, she never left.

When we got Natty, we didn't know much about her breed, except that she's part chow. We wondered daily about what else was hiding under that long black fur, straight tail, and fuzzy ears. A friend joked about her size, and said maybe part corgi! We thought it was a funny joke until almost 6 months later, when we realized that she had seemed to have stopped growing, and we found some pictures on the internet that looked remarkably similar. Chow-corgi it is!

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Is a Napoleon complex a BAD thing?!?

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Alberta Prey-Model, BARF or Raw feeders, Holistixperience!, Homeopathic Pets, Nerdster, Raw Fed, Raw Fed Dogs, Southern Calgary pups, The Freckle-Tongued Pups

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Too Much Bone?

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September 19th 2004 More than 12 years!

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Little Dog, Big Attitude : The Natty Perspective

So THAT'S it!

May 21st 2007 11:41 pm
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I just decided to catch me a little snack, and mom was watching my technique. Lots of people have heard of the "Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver". I am now officially going by "Southern Louisiana Fly Tolling Consumer"!!!


New dog, a hawk attack, a hurricaine, and a vacation

September 2nd 2005 10:07 am
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Dang, finally! I've been trying to get mom to let ME type a journal entry for a while now, but she keeps letting Storm or Meridian go first. She says she feels bad and hadn't relized I hadn't gotten a turn in well over 6 months!

Well, I guess the newest thing is that there's a new dog next door. Her name is Xena. Kevin and Mandy moved in, too. I've met Kevin a bunch before, but I haven't gotten to hang out with Xena or Mandy before. The wierdest thing is that from the sniffing I've been able to do at the fence, I noticed that our house used to smell like her when we first moved in. Her smell is old now, but every once in a while I get a whiff. Wierd. Mom says she used to live here. I like Xena OK, but she's kinda making me and Storm look bad. She likes to bark at the fence for no aparent reason. When she does this, Storm and I like to shout back at her, but then we get yelled at! We are trying to be better, and haven't torn down that little chicken wire barricade in a while. Boy did mom get mad about that! I think she is finally understanding that Xena starts it, and she even went so far as to tell us we're good when she watched Xena start barking, then us running up to the fence but staying quiet. I guess I can live with that. I like being told I'm good.

Let's see.... Oh yeah, how could I have forgotten? Mom and I were on a walk and went up to Scotsman's Hill. I was having a good time, and mom told me that since I was being really good and there weren't any other dogs or people around that she was gonna let me off the leash to go run and sniff. I don't understand why I don't get let off the leash there more often. Lots of 0ther dogs do, but mom says it's illegal, what ever that means, so we only do it when no one's looking. Illegal must be like when no one's home and something in that metal container with the plastic bag full of stuff that gets put outside once a week and taken away in a loud truck smells really really good, and since no one's watching you take it out and eat it. You don't get in trouble as long as it's on top, and you don't have to go digging around. You get yelled at and put in time out when you make a mess. That must be like 'illegal'. So anyway, we were walking and mom was just about to let me off the leash, when a bunch of giant birds started flying in circles above us. Mom said, "Oooohhhh look, Natty, hawks! They must be riding the thermals just off the bluff. We'll go over here and you can run around". I was looking forward to being let off the leash, but then those stupid birds started following us over to the other part of the park. "Oh s**t, Natty, I think they may be interested in you!", Mom said. "I don't think it's a very good idea for you to go run now. I think you're too big, but they might try to hurt you, anyway. Lets get you brushed, then we'll go home". So instead of getting to run free, I got tied to a pole, and mom started brushing me. I had gotten my first little ear hair dreadlock in Kelowna, and mom didn't like that too much. I don't get it, because dad used to have a whole head of them. She didn't cut them out of his head, and wonder out loud what got stuck in there! So I'm tied to this pole getting my long flowing ear fuzz brushed and those darn birds were getting even closer! Mom was mesmerized by them, but I could tell she was kinda freaked out, too. They were really close. They would fly overhead, then swoop down only about 4 or 5 feet above her head, and then go higher again. She kept talking to herself or me (I have a hard time telling the difference sometimes) about how they couldn't possibly be interested in us, could they, and how I was too big to carry off for food, but how they were obviousy intersted in us. Well, we started walking really fast for the house, and guess what? They followed us! They were being really loud, too. We got home, and mom grabbed her camera and went back out without taking one of us, but when she came back a little while later, she said that they must have been protecting something against me, or something, because only two had gone back to the hill, and they just stayed perched on the telephone poles. Since then mom and Kevin have developed a theory that they have a nest on the roof of the rich person's house on the corner. They patrol the hill and the park, and mom's scared to take me to either place, which sucks, because I'd rather be at the park than just take boring old walks.

Mom and dad have been talking about New Orleans, where we used to live, a lot. They keep saying the names of some people I haven't even thought about since we moved, and talking about a hurricaine and flooding and chaos in our old city. They talk about how glad we live up here now. I couldn't agree more, although I did like it down there. I happen to like the rain, and during the tropical storm that hit when we lived there, they had to force me to come inside from the back yard. I wanted to ride out the storm in my bush-cave, but they wouldn't let me. They say this storm was a lot worse than that one, and that now a lot of the city is destroyed and lots of people and dogs and stuff don't have houses to live in, or worse.

So we went to Kelowna a couple weeks ago! That was fun. I've never been to BC before. I've never met aunt Robin, great-uncle Jimmy or my cousins Devon or Kayley before, either. We had a big back yard to run around in, but we weren't allowed inside, and had to sleep in the truck. I didn't mind that too much, but I really wanted to check out the house. Near the end of our trip mom and dad left for the day and I snuck inside the house! Hah! Showed them! I didn't go after the cats, because I noticed mom and dad's stuff in the living room just sitting there in that strange place with no one guarding it! Someone had to do it, so I took a shift and sat by the stuff. When they caught me inside, they tried to shoo me back out, but I tried to carefully explain to them that it was my job to protect our stuff, and if they took one step closer I would have no choice but to hurt them. They left me alone. We went to the lake with Sarah and Ryan and Hobo and Lukiah and another guy and a human kid, which was fun. I'd never met them before, either. I hope we can take another vacation soon.

Well, I've written to my heart's content. Hopefully mom will let me write again soon.



January 28th 2005 8:19 pm
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So, I've been hearing little noises in the wall, but when I run over to where the TV is, I can't find anything! I go to the TV, because there were mice in our house in New Orleans, and they liked to run behind the TV into a hole by the fireplace and go under the house. The mice are different here. I just figured out that they are in a space probabaly under the kitchen sink, but I made my mom think that they were getting into our computer room/laundry room by freaking out in the corner. OK, so I'm not perfect. They are right around there, though! I think they are living in the basement here, which is kinda like them being under the house in N.O. I will catch one eventually, and they will be so proud of me! I killed 2 of those little monsters when we lived in Readymade, and I used to love to chase things in New Orleans. I miss living there because of all the critters I could catch. I always ate roaches, and I killed a couple mice, but the best was that day I caught that lizard and really freaked out my dad!

I remember it like yesterday. It was shortly after Mike and Anika took me to live at their house with Meridian and Storm. They loved it when I caught bugs, and this one day I was out in the back yard minding my own business when I saw this scaly-skinned, long-bodied, meaty-lookin' green bug! I snatched him right up, and went to show my dad how good I was, but when he saw me, he wanted to take it! F**k that, I thought to myself, and I ran under the house. Just to show him, I ate it! He was trying to coax me out from under the house the whole time. First he was nice, then he yelled, then he pleaded, but I just sat under there out of reach and chewed on that big (but bitter) bug. He got my mom, and she told him not to worry about it. He was afraid I would get sick, but it was only a little one, and I felt fine. Later I figured I owed him an apology, so when I finished that thing, I came out and said "I'm sorry". He probably wanted some of it, and I hogged it all sitting under the house. That's why when I see those fuzzy grey bugs with the naked tails and funny teeth, I just kill them and leave them for him. He likes it better that way. I gotta' keep 'em happy!

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