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My fight with Wobblers


March 9th 2008 11:44 am
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I got to go for my first walk today since my being diagnosed with Wobblers!! I was SO excited when daddy grabbed my harness and leash! It was AWESOME!!! I feel absolutely wonderful!!!



February 28th 2008 5:18 am
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Whew! I thought this day would never come! Mom and dad unwrapped my leg last night and is completely healed now. NO MORE WRAPPINGS!!! It feels soooooo good!!!
Also, they took my crate I get to sleep on the couch again at night!!! I loved my crate, but I love the couch even more!


food switch

February 25th 2008 9:51 am
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Well, my mom switched my food from Science Diet (I HATED that crap) to Solid Gold WolfKing - and I LOVE it! It is very tasty food...and I eat it a lot better than any other food that I have ever eaten! Yummy!!! She mixed the first couple of cups of the Solid Gold with some Nutro that she had, and I picked out all the pieces of Solid Gold and left all the Nutro - which I had liked to begin with...but I prefer the Solid Gold now!


a sad day!

February 20th 2008 7:35 am
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I just found out that my 'doggy cousin' passed away this morning. He was 10 years old and he got sick suddenly yesterday evening. There was nothing the dr. could do for him...and he passed away about an hour ago. He will be missed!!! RIP Homer...


ho hum...

February 19th 2008 11:53 am
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I am wanting to run so bad. I miss 'the zoomies'....but Mommy says that it isn't good for me just yet! I have to go out on a harness and she waits for me to 'potty' in my kennel in the back yard...then shuffles me back inside! Will I ever run again??


Oh geez!

February 18th 2008 12:42 pm
[ Leave A Comment ], I was on meds. for my infection in my leg. Well, my parents noticed that there was a rather large wound where the swelling had been. It didn't seem to be healing either. SO..they took me BACK to VT and they said that maybe we should keep it wrapped and they gave me MORE antibiotics. Mommy and Daddy have been wrapping my leg every other night for 2 weeks is feeling MUCH better and it is getting smaller!
I feel bad for my parents - they are up to $5800 now on their charge card...but I heard mommy tell daddy...that I am SO worth it! Daddy also told mommy that it never entered his mind NOT to try to save me...he would go in debt for me all over again!!!


NOT again!!!

February 18th 2008 12:38 pm
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Everything was going fine...until my mommy noticed that my leg didn't smell so nice one morning...and it was swollen. She called my daddy and he rushed home from work and they carted me off to 'the nice people' again! They told my mommy and daddy that I had an infection from the IV and that they hoped it hadn't gone to my blood - if so, there was nothing they could do for me. But, they thought my parents had caught it in time. And, guess what??? Yep, you guessed it...mommy cried again! They kept me for 3 more nights on IV antibiotics. My parents came and picked me up on a Friday night and brought me home. They told me that they didn't care how much money they had to spend on me...they just wanted me better - and then they gave me some pills - stuffed in cheese! Do they think I don't know those things are in there!? I eat them just to make them happy!!!


Finding out...

February 18th 2008 12:33 pm
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My mommy and daddy left me on the couch one night to go to my 'human sister's' Christmas concert and when they came back home, I was walking on the tops of my paws! They were VERY worried about me! Mommy cried all did my 'human sisters'.
The next morning, daddy woke me up early and put my leash on me. I thought I was going for a walk! Next thing I know, I am at the drs. office! They kept me all day and then I heard the dr. call my mommy and daddy and tell them that the x-ray had shown that I had Wobblers. Luckily though, she made me an appt. with Virginia Tech Veterinary Teaching Hospital. I had my initial visit the next week. They were very nice to me there. Mommy cried some more! Then, they took me home. I thought everything was fine. Two weeks later, Daddy woke me up early again and put me in the car. He took me back to the nice people at Virginia Tech and they kept me. I was scared! They took me to the 'people hospital' for an MRI - because I was too big for the MRI machine at VT. It showed that my Wobblers was worse than everyone had thought. On Jan. 1o, my mommy and daddy took me BACK to VT and dropped me off. Mommy cried AGAIN! The next morning, the nice people gave me some meds. and that's all I remember! I woke up the next day and I couldn't move! I was very scared! They reassured me that I would be fine. The next morning, I was up walking with help from 'the nice people'. Five days later, mommy and daddy came and picked me up and took me home. They explained to me that I would have to stay in my crate ALL the time except for when I had to potty and eat! I haven't really ever been a big eater, so I didn't care about that! I couldn't have my toys, I couldn't sleep on the couch, I couldn't play tug-o-war...I was very sad! They would feed me and give me my pain meds. 2 times a day...and pet me a lot to reassure me that they loved me. I knew I would be out of the crate soon!

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