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Senior Lab Daily... Antics from 14.9 years Elsa

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Thank You All, From Elsa's Family

August 9th 2008 8:56 am
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We wanted to thank each and every one of you special dogster family friends for all of your notes and gifts to our Elsa.
It means so much. You have no idea.
Just logging on to her page today, her birthday, brought us so many tears seeing all of her gifts adorning her page.
The kind words and sympathies expressed to us are so very comforting.
In memory of our most special beloved girl we are in the process of composing a memorial which will be put on her dogster pages.
We have 15 years of pictures and memories to compose and each one brings a new "remember this" story.
Our family would love to share this with all of you.
We are more sad then you could imagine but then again most of you have been where we are today.
She is gone, the house feels so empty yet at the same time I see her and feel her in every room I go in.
Our hearts are heavy and at the same time fullof love for this special girl who was the sweetest friend we ever had.
Thank you all so very much. She was an angel on earth and now a
most cherished angel in heaven.
Family of Angel Elsa


Happy Birthday To Me Elsa ! Newest Angel Girl

August 9th 2008 8:50 am
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Hey Mom, Dad and Melissa,
There is the biggest BEACH here you have ever seen. part......GUESS WHAT?????
Remember all of my frisbees that went out in the ocean and we could not retrieve??? THEY ARE HERE! They have been waiting for me all of this time. Remember how upset I got when the waves took them away and I could not swim fast enough to bring them back?
I just sat and sat and stared as the water took them away?
How relieved I am. God has a plan that is for sure.
Don't worry about me mom, I see you have been crying. I am OK.
I will send you love today to comfort you. Listen closely Mom
you will hear me saying everything is ok now. Close your eyes mom, I will be there.

Happy Birthday Girl - Happy At The Bridge,
Elsa 15 Years Young


Mom It's Beautiful At The Bridge

August 8th 2008 4:01 pm
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Hello Friends,
This afternoon I passed over the Rainbow Bridge. My family was around me holding me and whispering they loved me and Dr.
Andrew was very patient with me and brought me a green check blanket to be comfortable.
I love Dr. Andrew. He really helped me live a long happy life.

I am here at the Bridge and though my family are back at home missing me I am watching over them from here.
You would love it Mom. You love flowers and there are so many beautiful blooms. I am greeting all of my buddies. Chelsea is here and Oliver and so many more of our old friends.

Thanks for releasing me from my pain and anguish. I really did not want to leave you but the battle just plain wore me down.
All of your love and concern kept my spirit strong but my body was weak.

Please don't cry for me too much Mom, Dad and Melissa, I am free now and I can run, spin and jump like I used to do.

I am forever watching over you and if you listen very closely you can hear me saying "it's alright now mom, dad and melissa" its just fine.

Love Your Forever Buddy,
August 9th 1993 - August 8th, 2008


Vigil For Elsa

August 7th 2008 7:54 pm
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Hi Friends,
I am standing vigil for my dear friend and loyal companion Elsa tonight. It will be a long night.
Today Elsa became very ill. She would not eat, she did drink a little, and she spent the entire day asleep on her bed. She did not wake up as usual to see what I was doing, to eat her lunch, to check out the window or wake when it was time to wait for dad at the window.
This UTI she had on tuesday has either become very much worse though she is not showing any symptom of it or it has triggered something else, possibly in her kidneys.
As of tonight she has not gotten up, will not raise her head and a little while ago scared us all when she threw up some paleish pink liquid with blood streaks in it.
First thing in the am we are off to Dr. Andrew. I have a very bad feeling. I have had a bad feeling for weeks about her making it to her birthday. We mistakenly thought it was today and it is saturday the 9th. I think I have known for awhile that she was probably failing again. The decreased mobility, the reluctance to want to go out,
the night time wakenings, all pointed to a decline.
Please send your wishes to our dearest buddy Elsa. We will be by her side tonight and what is meant to be will be.
15 years of living life to the fullest, enjoying family, friends, food and outings, our lives will not be the same without her sweetness in it.
For her strength in overcoming and persevering every shortcoming and ailment she experienced over the last year I commend her spirit and never give up attitude.
And it is this strong will and spirit that will be a part of me forever.
We love you Elsa and I hope tomorrow brings you a new day.


Silly Mommy from Elsa

August 7th 2008 5:23 pm
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Geez everyone, mommy goofed. My birthday is saturday, August 9th not today the 7th.
I said MOM you are so anxious for me to have my big birthday that you pushed it up two days. lol

Actually we are glad now that the day is here it is not my birthday today. I am very sick. I got up early this morning and could not stand properly. I leaned into everything for support and when I walked my feet were crossing in front of the other.
I did not eat my morning cereal and I was just generally upset.

I laid down at 8:30 and I am still resting. Mom is concerned as is everyone cause I have not been up all day. No eating or drinking.

Mom called my vet and he is seeing me tomorrow.
I feel pretty weak.
My family is holding a vigil around me and it will be what it will be.
I know they love me and I love them. If it is meant for me to get better I will. I am not in any pain I am just lying here quietly at the moment. Mom tells me I am dreaming alot.

It stormed and a big rainbow formed in the sky over our yard.
Mom said it was my rainbow.
When Moms previous dog went to the bridge a big rainbow formed.
Her name was Chelsea and she was moms good friend until I came along. Maybe she sent the rainbow for me.? Time will tell.



Bad Night for Elsa

August 6th 2008 6:05 am
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Good Morning,
I had a pretty bad night. Seems like this urinary issue did not want to let up and I was in some pain causing me to pant and pace.
Mom gave the meds but they were not doing the trick.
I was up at 2 am, 3 am, and finally settled at 4 am until 6 am.
Mom gave me more medicine at that time and I am now settling down.
All of the extra pacing and walking is taking a toll on my bad legs and it is taking me about 5 minutes to lie down in my bed comfortably.
I start to lower myself and I hike up quickly and circle.
Mom feels so bad for me cause there is nothing more they can do.
I have antibiotic and bladder spasm meds lets hope they do the trick soon.
Mom may have to call Dr. Andrew if I do not appear better this evening.
My birthday is tomorrow. I am trying to hard to make it and have a good day.


My Birthday is in TWO Days, 15 Years Young

August 5th 2008 12:01 pm
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Hi Buddies,
I am counting down the days. Two more days to my BIG 15.

I have been napping alot the last two days. Probably due to the increased meds I am getting now. Mom just had to give me UTI meds because I was so busy sleeping I did not go pee too much and now got that nasty old infection. I am prone to these. At my age if it isn't one thing it is another. I compensate for everything according to mom and dad.
Mom has the pills to fix everything. Dr. Andrew is so good to me.

Today is kind of a cloudy day so it is a good day to sleep. Mom has the curtains drawn closed and the fan on for me and I feel cool and cozy. I love my new bed from REI. Mom puts soft blankets on it and a sheet and nighty night night and away I go.

I will let you know how I am feeling tomorrow. This urgent pee pee stuff is not for me. Up and down, up and down. My legs get tired.
Hopefully my meds kick in soon. Mom is trying to get me to drink water to help hydrate me and flush the infection and irritation.

Good thing mom is here today to let me out multiple times.

I feel a sleepy coming on. Night night. I want to feel terrific on my birthday.



New Pictures of ME, Elsa, For All Of My Buddies

August 3rd 2008 5:05 am
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Hello To Everyone,

Mom had some time yesterday to update my photos. I have been asking her to do this for me. I want everyone to see how good I look.

I have bandanas for every occasion. Once mom counted them. I had over 50 scarves. When it is time to go out, mom brushes me and puts on a fresh scarf. I always know when it is a special outing or a holiday or just mom wanting me to look cool. A new bandana for Elsa.

I gave a few to Doc, Melissa's friend Phil's Lab. He had no
scarves. He had to learn not to eat them. He is just a baby still.
He's working on it. Silly boy.

My new pictures are of me in my two favorite places to visit.
My Beach Condo in S. Carolina and Max, my Lab cousin's beach place in Fenwick, DE. Max was in my old pics.

The first few are me in January at Mom's 5oth birthday get together.
I promised to keep this quiet. Shhhhhhh. (mom's 50!) Don't tell her I barked it on here for everyone to read.

You can see my close up. Mom says my eyes can tell you many stories. I have seen a lot of living in my almost 15 years.

See my beautiful family. These are the most special people in the world to me. Me, my Melissa and Mom and Dad.
The cats are okay too but they are not allowed to travel with us. ha ha

The next pics are me at my beach place. You can see me watching over the pool on the balcony. I am the life guard! lol,
Mom says it is funny to see my nose peaking out from the railing from down at the pool. I smell the air to see if I can find where my family is.
Sometimes I smell the air for the Ocean breezes too and I always point right in the direction of the beach.

The next picture is of me saying " let me in" I have had enough of this
life guard job, I want a nap". See my boo boo on my eye. I did this
on the kitchen island. When Mom cooks, I help. I get so excited I circle and some times I am not careful and bang into the kitchen island on my way around. This is not good. Mom and Dad are wondering if my eye sight is failing a bit.

The last picture is me waiting for the elevator at my condo.
My elevator is my "dad". He carries me up 3 flights of stairs every time I go outside at my beach. Dad is so nice to me. All of my beach
neighbors tell dad how great it is for me to have such a devoted family.

We will add more pictures later.

Have a nice sunday. I am feeling okay today. I slept until 2:30 am and only had to go out once. Then I slept in until 6:45. That is pretty late for me. I am normally up at 4 am. Dad taught me that.
For years we would get up together and go play frisbee before he went to work. I could catch it in the dark. Now I just get up and sit beside him while he eats his cereal. Then I get some. Yummy.

Remember, thursday is my birthday!



Latest Update from Elsa

August 1st 2008 8:57 pm
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Hello Friends, Thanks for my beautiful febreeze collar from Josie and Faith, Faith and Lexy. I love it. A girl can't have too many accessories you know. And Mom said the sweet smell can't hurt either. Very funny mom.

I am feeling pretty good. My nights have not been too great. I have been waking up several times to go out and it is wearing me and my family down. My pain meds are increased and that helps my pain but it may be bothering my stomach - hence the night time outdoor visits.
I have been wanting to eat grass. Mom gives me some biscuits to help my achey tummy.

Thursday is my birthday. I am excited it is near. I will have doggie ice cream and mom is going to the pup boutique to get me some fancy dog bakery items. Yummy.

Get this my cousin Rocco, a german sheperd is on his way to Colorodo to be part of the bridal party in his Tony's wedding. I can't wait to see the pictures of Rocco in his tux. Mom is going to put him on my page.
He is so handsome I know he is going to look fine and dandy.
The wedding is at the hotel where the movie the Shining was filmed.
This has got to be a very cool place. I forgot the name. The Stanley.
Mom just reminded me.
Rocco is being driven all the way from Maryland. I hope he does not get car sick.

Everyone have a good weekend. I will be in touch. We are all hoping I sleep all night tonight. We are all sleepy and some are crabby around here. Not mentioning any

Talk to you later. Thanks for my gifts.

Love, Elsa


Elsa Update

July 25th 2008 6:29 am
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Hi Friends,
Thanks so much for all of my gift goodies. I am lovin it. I feel so special.
I had a good night last night. My lst day on the 3x a day pain meds helped me sleep. I even slept in this morning. Mom could not believe it. She woke up and realized I had not wakened first.
She went downstairs and there I was still snoozin in my bed.
Mom made tea and fed the cats and then here I come round the corner. Standing fully upright too, no slouching down in the rear. I ate my breakfast and had my pills, lst round of the day.
Mom thought I looked "chipper".
Good for me. I hope I can catch up on my rest this weekend.
All of that pacing was wearing me down.

I know all of your well wishes are helping me gain strength.
Keep your fingers crossed. My 15th birthday is a day nearer now.

Stay tuned. I have a life story to tell. I have been dictating to mom and when she has time she is going to fill you in on my glorious life.

Love, Elsa

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