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Senior Lab Daily... Antics from 14.9 years Elsa

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Hey Mom - Your Making A Mess!

November 1st 2008 3:07 pm
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Hi Mom, What did you do to my kitchen? I thought I would check in and boy what a mess I saw.
Stuff everywhere, floor, counters, table, stuff, stuff, stuff.
I do not know why you keep all of that mom. Just make sure you keep the beautiful mug with me and Doc's picture on it that we gave Dad. I look stunning on it.
I guess you are getting ready for the guys to do the cabinets and the counter tops, huh? Um, Mom, wasn't dad supposed to do that LAST fall? Seems to me. ......anyway. Looking at all of those bowls made me think. Remember when I was a tiny puppy mom? I used to take my food bowl and run through the house with it. Some times it was empty and some times not. ha ha ha, I had a good time playing keep away with that stainless dog bowl.
I see you are putting a nice heavy ceramic one aside for the new puppy. Good idea. I'm working hard on sending her mom.
All of my angel magic has to work for her to come live with you.
We will see.
Well, get back to your organizing mom. From the looks of things you may be in there awhile. I'll check back later.
Guardian Angel Elsa


Happy Halloween Family & Friends and Thanks for my Treats!

October 31st 2008 11:38 am
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Happy Halloween Mom!!! Dad and Melissa, Pumpkin and Pavorotti,

How is my gang doing?

I wish I was able to be there with you to help with all of the trick or treaters mom. I miss my black and orange halloween bandana.
But guess what, mom? Here I have glitter wings tonight. I am going to the guardian angels forever loved and missed halloween ball as a fairy princess. Watch me shining brightly mom. Look up tonight.

I saw you walking last night mom. You thought you were all by yourself, didn't you. Remember how we walked the neighborhood at night near halloween and looked at all of the decorations?
Remember that time you laughed and laughed because I refused to walk by the house with the animated creatures. You made me go up and smell them and see they were not real. Remember, Mom?

Well last night, I was with you mom. Did you know this? I was the angel on your shoulder. I was so happy to go round and round the neighborhood. It had been such a long time since I was physically able to do this. I felt great mom, like a new puppy.

Doc can wear my halloween bandana mom if he comes by.
But tell him not to eat it. I want the new baby pup to wear it next year.

Thanks all my dogster buddies for all of my halloween cards and gifts.
They are all lovely. My page looks so festive.

Trick or Treat!!!!

Love, Elsa


Thank you Elsa and your Guardian Angels Forever Loved &- Missed Pals

October 27th 2008 11:30 am
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Hello Elsa,
What a wonderful job you and your fellow guardian angels in your angel group did this weekend.
You sent us some lovely people and we heard some very touching stories. I know you and your angel buddies were there with us doing your best to work your angel miracles.
Thank you.
Several people commented on your picture and said how lovely you were. We worked along side of a kiosk manager who was from another county. He had a rottweiler at home who he missed very much. Looking at your picture made him think of his dog at home.
You always seem to bring out a story from people girl.
All of the reps did a great job at the mall. Thanks for sending your wishes and helping make us strong. We spent some long hours in that mall this weekend but it was well worth it.
We wished we could have raised more funds but money is tight for people so it was hard. On a positive note we did give out lots of
breast cancer awareness literature and hopefully these will help someone in need.
Thanks Elsa


Send Your Angel Magic Elsa

October 24th 2008 3:53 am
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Good Morning Sweet Girl,

Today I need you to send me your special angel wishes.
Remember how you always worked in the community with me.
We had wonderful results. That is because everyone loved you.
That happy tail wagging, that sweet grin of yours. You won over everyone.
I am taking your picture with me today girl. I know you will be with me in your special way.
For 3 days we will be out at the mall raising funds for Lorena's family. In an economy such as this I am not sure what type of reception we will get.
Send your angel wishes.
Your Guardian Angels Forever Loved and Missed Group are
banding together to accompany me in spirit. I will certainly feel
those little angels on my shoulder. Okay, ready to go, girl?
Come on .....calling all angels....


My cousin Max Has A New Home

October 21st 2008 6:34 am
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Hello Friends,
You all know my cousin Max, he is in some of my pics. You know the big handsome guy???
Max is in a new home. His Kristen had some awlful allergies develop and the doctor recommended a new place for my Max.
Mommy was worried. But she is not anymore. Max is in a terrific new home. He could not be happier. Max is living the life.
He is going to all kinds of dog parks and dog groups and he even gets to have a job. He goes to work now. I guess I better send him a new brief case. So, don't worry about my Max anymore friends, he is FINE!
Max's family misses him very much but they are comforted by knowing he is in very good hands.
His new family had a lab named Duncan. He is an angel now with me.
Duncan and I have become friends. We talk about how much we miss our families and are VERY busy looking out for them.
Just wanted to take a moment to wish Max the very best in his new place. Lucky man.!!!
I have been dusting him with my angel dustings to help him make the transition. And it is working. He is going to have a wonderful life.
Just like I did.
HI MOM!! I'm being good here at the bridge, helping others.
Love, Guardian Angel Elsa & new friend, Duncan


Good Morning Pretty Girl

October 21st 2008 6:04 am
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Thanks Elsa for supporting me with my events the last few days.
I know you are right by my side rooting for me and helping me to do well. I can feel your presence girl. You know I keep your picture right there with me in my booth for good luck. If I can take anything with me each day after spending 15 years with you girl, it is the never say never attitude. Your willingness to try hard to be happy no matter how bad you felt will always remain with me. You taught me so much. I also learned that to remain positive you must always look for the bright part of every day and every body. The glory you took in the nice days, the warm breeze, the small creatures, birds, squirrels, bunnies and chipmunks you watched running around, all of it gave you joy. They knew you had a sweet heart and went about their business without worry that you would want to harm them.
You have taught me well Elsa and I try to take the time to notice the beauty in the world every day that is so visible if you take the time to notice it.
Life is so short.
Thank you in advance Elsa for the angel dustings and magic you will use to help us organize a successful fundraiser for Lorena.
Lorena's family needs us now and we will be working hard to help them. Do you see Lorena now in heaven girl? If there ever was an angel it is certainly this young mom.
Thank you Elsa for everything you taught me. I miss you girl.
Love, Mom


Hello Beautiful Girl

October 11th 2008 6:44 am
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Good Morning, Elsa,
It certainly is a beautiful morning here at home. Today is Kathy's wedding and the entire family is together. From San Diego and Tennessee, Pennsylvania we are all home. Just like we were for my birthday in January, everyone is here now. Everyone is asking how we are doing without you. We are all reminiscing and sharing Elsa stories. Afterall for 15 years you were a big part of all family get togethers and you so enjoyed that. Your last family get together was my birthday and so many of the pictures on your page are from your last celebration with everyone. How well you did that weekend.
Walking the beach with us, sitting around the lake, putting your head down for everyone to pet. I knew in my heart that this would be the last time you would be able to share this special time.
Today we will celebrate without you but you are in our hearts and minds.
Thank you for being such a big part of our lives and the lives of all of those dear to us, Elsa.
Watch over us today girl. You have sent us beautiful weather for this special event. All of the angels above are watching. Stay close to grandmother and pop pop and Uncle Bill as they will certainly be watching over us today as well. We will feel your spirits and presence as we celebrate this wonderful day.
Love, Mom


Hi Everyone, My Cousin Pal has arrived at the bridge

October 9th 2008 6:40 am
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Hi Friends,

Please welcome my cousin from pennsylvania, Pal. He is a sweet old guy. Pal came to the bridge the other night.
Welcome Pal. We are sorry you had to leave your family and join us here at the bridge.
We will be sure to send hugs to your family helping them with the loss of Pal.
Pal, can be a member of our guardian angel group and watch over everyone from here at the bridge. We need a lot of help for that because there are so many people and animals that need our help.
Pal is not a dogster pup yet but please welcome him warmly everyone and send hugs to his family.


Two Month Angel Anniversary Today, Elsa

October 8th 2008 6:12 am
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Hello My Sweet Girl,
Today marks your two month angel anniversary. To me it feels like you have been gone forever. And your 15 long years with us feels like it was over in a blink of an eye. We are missing you so girl.
The house is not the same that is for sure. It is no different than losing a human family member to us. The place you held here in this home is so visibly empty to us without you. I can't really explain it but it definitely feels like one of us is missing. And that somebody is you, girl.
We are doing well, life goes on doesn't it? But the entire feel of the house has changed. You were such a life force here. Even when you were so weakened and unable to manage much mobility there was still that life force, that beautiful face and that glimmer in your eyes that was your sparkle. That is so missing here.
We really feel you here with us Elsa but we so miss your physical presence. I can't count the times I do things that I would have done had you still been with us. It is so automatic and without conscious thought. I was unwrapping a piece of cheese last night and I automatically grabbed two, one for you, one for me. This was a favorite treat of yours. I always look for you in your spot even though I know of course it is empty. I feel the need to fill your bowl at dinner times and check your water bowl. I still have the three little treats that I left for you the day you began to get very sick. You never got up again. And these treats remained sitting on your placemat in the kitchen. Your last treats. Did you take them with you girl? It is amazing to me that you are really gone. All of our mental preparation our logic, our talks about your condition. All mean nothing to me now because it was one thing to talk about losing you and it is another to have really lost you. I think because you have been gone for two months your physical decline and discomfort is erased from my mind and I only remember the good times.
I know you are at peace now Elsa. You did not deserve the pain you were feeling and the inability to walk and enjoy your day. But you so tried to be strong for us. Even to the end, you tried to stand that afternoon we had to take you to Dr. Andrew. You looked at me with those eyes and tried, you really did. I miss you so much Elsa.
Time has not yet taken away that jolt I feel in my heart when I
suddenly realize that you are gone. My heart is full of you girl.
Happy Angel Anniversary Elsa


Hello To My Sweet Girl

October 1st 2008 2:17 pm
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Hi Buddy,
You have been gone now almost two months. It feels like an enternity to me since I got to see your soft face. I know you are doing well on the bridge because you send me signs. Your new Guardian Angel Group on Dogster is doing well. New angels joining every day.
I know it is because they see that sweet Elsa face on your page and want to be your friend.
You were and continue to be such a sweet heart.
Thanks for helping me in my search for a new puppy to love.
I am hoping that things go well with Cary and Zeke and I will have a new baby lab to love by early new year. An Elsa relative.
Who would have known this would be available to me.
Thank you girl. I know you had a hand in this.
Good luck with all of your hard work at the bridge. I know you are busy sharing your long life of love with others who never knew the love of a good family. You have plenty of love to go around that is for certain.
I miss you everyday. Today I went down the doggie aisle in the grocery. Something I had not done since you left. I saw your favorite treats and I remembered every week I would buy you a box and how you would rush to the kitchen after I arrived home and stick your nose into the bags until you found the ones with the treats.
Some times you would wake up from a sound sleep to do this.
Thanks for being my girl for all of those years Elsa. I hope I did not let you down ever. I hope you forgive me for those times my fuse got short when I was rushing and you had no "rush" left in you anymore.
And my impatience some days with the frequent accidents that greeted me each morning. I hope you understand girl. I was frustrated and very, very sad that this meant you were losing your ability to be the old Elsa we knew. I never wanted you to age and leave me.
I miss you every day Elsa and the house is not the same without your sweetness in it. I have never been without a dog in my life for the last 28 years so this is quite a change for all of us.
Spread your love Elsa and know that we are receiving your angel kisses from above. Thanks girl.

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